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  1. I heard the same thing about it being released sometime in April/May. I'm by no means rushing them or telling them " yall are late maaa". However i wonder if there has been anything that has been hindering progress. Also there is really no hype train compared to previous updates, and for whatever reason that bugs me. I know they are working on minor fixes in v9.5-9.? but i'm sure its just tiny things that wont change much in terms of gameplay. I guess i just need my quick dose of leeks.
  2. yeaaaaahh...no
  3. I don't think it should be here anymore considering that its a separate project from squad, and if i heard correctly there is a small WW2 "MOD" in the works rightnow. So i don't really understand why they don't get their own site and stop feeding off of the squad website.
  4. i wish i spent $70
  5. I hope this games doesn't get more "realistic" than it already is. I don't want this because its a nice step down from Arma 3 while staying wwwaayyy above BF4 and Red Orchestra. As a person that enjoys this game and enjoys playing as medic, features like this will turn me and many others away. If i want a nice in depth medical system ill just play Arma 3
  6. well first, be patient and wait for the "Commander" role to be added for this to actually be useful ingame
  7. got the itch? lmao good work guys, cant wait to see the Germans ingame
  8. i think were good on vehicles at the moment
  9. how about i slide $14 in your direction and you try to show us some good stuff....
  10. Am i the only one to notice the Marpat camo used when the guy was shooting the SKS. Possible US Marines faction? nvm that is Russian camo
  11. Exactly what you said Infantry, armor, helicopter, mortar and supply
  12. That's what i had in mind, only use some of the markers and not all of the ones listed. I only chose that image just so people can get an idea of what im talking about.
  13. there could be a small section to the side of the map screen that has each Nato marker. It would tell the player what each icon means when the cursor hovers over each icon
  14. Not every of these markers have to be used. maybe just the infantry, armor, helicopter, mortars and support could be used. 1- well i was thinking more towards the SL to choose the appropriate icon. Although have some system to Automatically choose would be nice. For instance if there were more people in logistic vehicles it would assign the Supply icon, or if there were more Players in a Armored vehicle, it would assign an armor marker to that Squad. 2. It would display over every squad lead no matter what. A number could be placed to the side of the fire team icon that could be used to tell others how many are in the squad (i know that's not how it really is) 3. Again it wont matter the number of people in the squad, but it would just represent what kind of equipment the squad has etc...