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  1. November 2017 Recap

    Recap sounds great. But the change to the AAS... means this also that there is no doule-cap anymore.(2 white flags at same time)
  2. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    I think it's okay to take vehicles just for the first deployment in a game. But SL have to simply destroy the "cheap" cars if they don't want to use it further. It's better to loose that 10tickets or whatever it's cost than either loose an important flag because you have no vehicles left in main. But sometimes, this happens to me, you're plan is to use this vehicle the whole round as transport but you're squad got whipped out, only spawn is at mainbase and you have no chance to get the car back. But yes OP is most wright with his post.
  3. Release after v10? Maybe

    Me. I've investet ~50bucks i Think some month before the Steam-Release happend. In any Case If this Game get finished or not, i'm happy about the Purchase, and i even dont matter of the Date when V10, V11...... comes out. My one and only condition: make it playable with little Bugs than possible. I have and will spend more Time to play this Game like in anyhing else fully release-(80Buck's + 100s Bucks of microtransfer)-AAA-Title the last Years. Even in this seemingly neverending Alphastage the Game fully worth the Payment!
  4. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    ...has nothing to do with the modders. Looks good, nice Recap.
  5. If insurged had an average civilian car

    I want to see this
  6. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Good to see this little hotfix. But keep working on V10 dudes.
  7. Stat indicator for when game is cpu vs gpu capped

    Is there still need for that stuff since 9.9??? *statunit and look to the colors of GPU and Game Green=evrything is fine Yellow=something is bad Red=you're in real trouble
  8. Extreme lag spikes. The game is unplayable.

    I bet a pound on this :-D
  9. FPS Issues

    Even with 16GB it says after a while "out of memory" I was trying it out when this option was introduced since the first error message I leave it to off.
  10. FPS Issues

    Did you deleted your custom settings after the update? Just to be sure :-)
  11. Let's celebrate!

    Gratulation old spammer :-P
  12. Ask google for "instructions per cycle"
  13. At the moment, and I think in the future to, cpu is much more important than a good gpu. IPC is what counts. Seems you're cpu is not a bad one but a bit outdated. Use the search function to learn more about. Maybe oc will help a bit,but don't except to much.
  14. Flaggen rushen?

    Ja rushen gehört mittlerweile zum Spiel und ist eine moderate Taktik dem Gegnerteam Zeit zu nehmen und Kräfte zu Binden. Dennoch finde ich es mieß wenn ein "eingespieltes" Team das wieder und wieder macht. Das Problem ist das ein Team zusammen auf dem Server Bleibt und das Gegnerteam meist zur nächsten Runde mit einem schlechtem Spielerverhältniss (meist 2:3 oder schlimmer) startet. Das machtb es für das Team schwer Kräfte richtig aufzuteilen weil dann einfach Manpower fehlt um a) einem Rush entgegenzuwirken und gleichzeitig b) auch rechtzeitig an der "mittleren" Flagge zu sein. Ich habe zwei Vorschläge um solchen Situationen weitestgehend vorzubeugen: 1. stellt der Serveradmin fest "okay jetzt wurde ein Team 2 oder mehr Runden in Folge weggerusht" dann sollte er die Teams durchmischen(können). evt. einen Clan bitten die Seite zu wechseln (haben wir auf unserem PR-Server häufig so gemacht und es hat sich nie ein Clan beschwert wenn er switchen musste) 2. stellt der Serveradmin fest "ups jetz haben wir hier zum Anfang der Runde 20 vs. 30 Spieler" hartes Autobalance anmachen(wenn es so etwas möglich ist) das sind meine 50pfennig zum Thema Rush
  15. They get airships Gesendet von meinem C6603 mit Tapatalk