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  1. Unspielbar seit Update

    haben schon einige von berichtet dass sie seit v10 performance probleme haben. allerdings nicht so massiv wie bei dir... evt. mittels steam dateien auf fehler überprüfen? reshade/sweet fx deinstalieren falls vorhanden. ich denke dafür wird es wahrscheinlich einen hotfix geben, ist nun mal leider Alpha da kommt sowas vor, tut mir leid für dich.
  2. As an SL, I hate the new radial menu

    +1 i also think just a bit training with that new system and you don't missklick anymore.
  3. Reading the map

    whats you're point then?
  4. Good and fast instructions. I miss the part where you say: "Check the map as many times as possible to see what the team is doing, if they do not tell you, and get a good sense of what's going on in your path." something like this, i'm sure you can pack it in more beautiful than me
  5. New to the site! 450+H

    Welcome to the Forums.
  6. Rally Point

    Rally Points are fine. But about the enemy radar thing there is something that can be finetuned with time of development. My suggestions for the future are: -Radius with enemy's close preventing putting a rp depends on mapsize -if you try to put a rally and enemy is in range the old rp has to dissappear -also different radius when the rally goes away when a enemy is passing it (depending on mapsize to)
  7. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    i guess this means still 3 weeks to go. personally im fine with it if the devs make it bugfree as possible.
  8. Zulu Xray Delta Squad Clan!

    Couldn't your mom pay us for being your friend :-P
  9. server map rotation

    I saw servers where the fixed rotation is like that... The idea could go to both ways make or prevent boring rotations.
  10. Stuck and flipped vehicles

    Maneuver the car carefully, especially in turns and OFF-ROAD and the most important Thing: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!! Happened to me couple of times but with the Time i've learned to deal with it.
  11. Marker restriction is absurd

    As SL, I take this time in most cases. As SL, I am able to pick up the guy from the map who said "about 200m to the east of me" and in case of doubt I ask again who said that report. Certainly it is not possible in every situation, but in this hot situation you can not mark anything anyway.
  12. Run speed control

    i can understand that for vehicles, but for infantry you already have that 3 options, its a game at all, not a simulator.
  13. Run speed control

    but its a problem when you ADS and start sprinting.
  14. Non-zeroed sights for insurgents

    Do us a favor and throw away the tape and paint the crosshairs with permanent markers on the monitor.
  15. In PR name tags also worked differently before 1.0.(btw i think it was just turned off to be fair to everyone. because it worked only for 64 ppl on a server, limited by the BF2 engine) The players have learned to deal with it, but there were also a lot of TK with excuses "Oh, I shot you ... sry, I did not see a name tag" keep in mind, the player base in Squad is more fluent changing, unlike in PR. I learned it in PR years ago, and even in squad, i'm checking the map before i shoot on at a longer range. Well, except in case of returning fire With this procedure I'm probably one of the few who do it that way. may be one day we can turn it off but i think for now it's the wrong turn.