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  1. Returned and left again

    I'm just gonna ignore the comments witch try to find a relation between FPS drops and internet connections and the comment posters who obviously didn't read the full text and still decided to post something "very clever". I'm running Win10 on full gaming optimized settings. I did a fresh install of Squad, verified the chache and cleared the game chache user date, before starting to test the game. I know i'm gonna regret this.. but: can you show me any evidence of that? a video for example? I would really like to see a video where a player with my PC Specs (or lower) runs Squad on 1920x1080 Reso, medium (or higher) settings, on a full 70 slot server, getting a CONSTANT framerate of 60 or higher (visible in the video). I would also really like to see that you don't get any mouse in-put lags, flickering or hit desyncs (aka broken netcode). If you show me this video (preferably about 10mins long and active fights in it), i will donate you 100$. I'm not joking. --- Oh. And "Hi"to Arcapse and the rest i know!
  2. Hey there SQUAD devs and/or community management, i thought that i should give my feedback to the developers on this game, since i'm a backer and did put about 700hours into it, right after launch. I stopped playing Squad about 6 or more months ago because of the poor game performance and the lack of improvement in that area. Yesterday i came back to see how this game developed over the past months and if it's worth putting my everyday afternoon gaming time into it. Today i decided: It is not. Warning: This isn't supposed to be a hate thread and i also don't want to trigger the overly attached hardcode fan bunnies (is BLITZA still here?), but i feel like giving you - the devs - my opinion on the games current state. First off: i really like that vehicles are now in the game and i've also tested some of the new weapons. Both looked and worked better then expected (still having arma2 flashbacks, when i think about vehicles). Effects and sound design improved as well. However, all of this i couldn't really enjoy, because of the - still - poor performance of this game. Don't get me wrong, this is much better compared to the first few months after the game release, but it's still not even close to where a multiplayer FPS title should be - not even in alpha. I experienced FPS drops, i experienced low average FPS, i experienced mouse input lags and i experienced hit-reg desyncs. For me, as a longterm FPS fan, these are things which make a game fun and playable, or not fun and not playable to me. Squad went a long way already with its performance topic when i was still playing. But where are you guys now? It's over a year since release now and this game is still nothing to take really serious on the multiplayer FPS market. If you can't expect a first person shooter, where you rely on reflexes, aim, fast decision making (and alot more), to run at least on a stable frame rate of - let's say - 60 FPS, you did something wrong. If you can't expect the game to always register your fired bullets correctly and with (almost) no time lag, you did something wrong. If you can't expect the game to not let you randomly drop to 20 fps, even while you are in a building with almost no players on the server, you did something wrong. Squad is the most atmospheric shooter i've ever played. I've played tourney matches with my old team, i've played hundreds of public matches with new and veteran players and i was a active community member for a quite long time. I just really hope that you guys gonna start changing priorities in your product management team. Why would you add more performance hungry features, when even the base game is still not running how it is supposed to be? Yea, i know.. "That's how alphas work. First: add all features, then you improve performance". No! That's not how it works. You can't take this as an excuse for a whole year, while still working on new performance hungry features. Who will be left in the end? If this game will ever be "totally finished", with working FPS performance coming with the last update, i'm asking: who will be left? This early access phase IS your published content. It IS what the people are playing and talking about. It IS what players will stop recommend or give a bad rating. You guys already know that it's simply not possible with the current engine state, to give a stable performance, while still trying to reach your "100 vs 100 players on a map big like half the Iraq" vision. The questions are: will you guys still trying to push out content and hope that there will be some players left who don't care about a stable game performance in the end? Or will you guys change your vision and adjust your game goals to reach the standard of modern shooters game performance? Only you guys know, but i will not be around to find out. --- To whoever feels triggered right now (in the months i was active at the forums, there was alot of easily triggered people here): - Game was played on a i7 5820K, 32GB RAM, GeForce GTX 980Ti, Win10 - average FPS were 40. - Yes, i tried every in-game setting combination to try improve the performance - Yes, i could have turned my resolution down to 640x480 with everything on low, to get stable and high fps. I would have chosen this option if this game isn't about spotting players on long distances and long to med range fithing. - Yes, i know how to tweak stuff in the game config files to try to improve the performance (is it still possible to turn off shadows and foliage? ;-)) - Yes, i get it, "Squad isn't made for me" and "i am an ******". I "should really go play CoD or CS", since those are the only games where performance matters. - Yes, i know, you guys get "good FPS, game feels totally smooth to me" - even if most of you guys don't even know how to turn on a fps display. As an addition here: it still doesn't count when you get 60+ FPS ONCE at firing range, while looking at a wall. It only matters what your average FPS line is, while you are in a live game with the max possible - by the devs recommended - amount of players on a server. - Yes, i know. Netcode isn't something which matters in this game, since it's not about hitting moving targets, it's about just spraying bullets all around, so we can all feel like real life soldiers. --- Thanks for reading. Goodbye. Endgame
  3. Brahhs Afghan Map

    Sweet! Keep it up
  4. Halp

    I opened up my game settings menu on v6 yesterday, where all the skins were turned off. i clicked everyone of them to "on". then the whole option dissappeared. no skins were activated and i dont get the option in the game settings anymore.
  5. V.6 community feedback

    Performance: i7 5820k, 16GB RAM, GTX980Ti Everything in-game on low or off, except RAM texture on 4GB (epic) and reso scale on 150%. - getting mostly 25-30 FPS on Gordok map - getting fps drops on older maps like fools road, from 60 down to 40/30 (i'm using vsync on a 60hz, so im capped at 60) - getting a lag when zooming in with the "focus" button Gameplay / Bugs: - switching to fullscreen mode and then tabbing out lets my game (and the video driver) crash - mouse sensivity switches back to default sometimes, after tabbing out with borderless mode - game looks very blurry in the distance, even with sweetfx enabled and a high reso-scale - placing a .50 cal BUNKER as militia on Gordok didnt spawn an MG on the bunker. It dropped a normal bunker (which was a pretty annoying waste of 500 FOB points). Wasn't able to test it again on the map with that faction. - Don't know if that's supposed to be iike this but: the game changed my shadows always back to "HIGH" by itself at some point, after i tried to set them to "LOW" - my own RPG rockets did explode 10 meters in front of me in an open wide field serveral times. I didnt hit a tree, leaf or whatever. Happened randomly. Looked like i was hitting some kind of an invisible barrier. - fools road is too dark now. I had to put my gamma up to maximum to be able to see everything. - the sound and screen animation after you got hit (and started bleeding) is too unremarkable right now in my opinion. In the heat of the battle you could even miss that you got hit, until your screen gets (very) dark, because you are about to bleed out. Guess you wouldn't miss that in rl ;P - had several sound cut offs on almost every map i played and ghost-sounds (a weapon firing at a location where noone actually is present) as well - pressing the "focus" button wouldn't zoom in sometimes, even if you have full stamina and haven't zoomed in for a minute (which was really annoying during fire fights on chora..). Pressing the button -again- will let you zoom in
  6. When do you get a kill?

    Incapacitated people don't cause ticket losses. Dead-dead people do.
  7. Worst Squad Gameplay Videos

    heared one of them saying "i wish this was call of duty". turned it off. burned it.
  8. Looks painfull

    the question is.. did he enjoy it?
  9. Map Project - Jala

    Very cool setting! Did you think of adding a 'underground' system in/at some of the mountains? Tunnels are possible as Fool's road shows and i think adding some caves/tunnels would be even more realistic and fun. Just a thought. Keep it up!
  10. ENDGAME4K - Competitive Gameplays & Tactics

    LONEWOLFING TIPS. Even if Squad is a tactical teamwork shooter, there's sometimes situations where one person can make a very big difference. If you see that opportunity, you should take it. The end-win is what matters. Effective lonewolfing with commentary:
  11. Hey guys, if you are interested in Squad gameplays and tactics focused on individual- and team performance, feel free to check out my Youtube channel. No theories. No basics. No bullshit. I will just show how to play and set up the game in it's most effective way: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ENDGAME4K I'm currently working on 4K videos regarding: effective settings guideline (which will be re-done with every sq. version update) advanced tactics to improve your individual gameplay advanced tactics to improve your teams gameplay as squad leader I will also constantly upload POV's of full public and competitive rounds. Best, ENDGAME
  12. How Many Hours Do you Spend on This Game?

    About 600h on Steam since release. About 300h before Steam release. Squad's a time-demon.
  13. M4A1 Rifle Desert Paint - Steam Inventory Typo

    not yet. they will (hopefully) come with the next patch.