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  1. Trenches

    Trenches/foxholes have been suggested before, the problem is that the terrain deformation required would be very resource intensive.
  2. I definitely would like to see the weapons/equipment stay on the player model when not equipped.
  3. Weapons ineffective

    Really, what I want for the marksman is for it to be a much longer ranged rifleman. I believe that the m110 will get an 8x optic (i may be wrong), but that effectively means that there will be 3 different effective engagement ranges, one dominated by the unmagnified weapons, one for the 4x optics, and finally the farthest range, for the marksman rifles. What I am saying is that each of these groups should work as well as each other, but in their own effective ranges. Thus, the marksman rifle should be only as good at its optimal range as the other weapons are at their own. I believe that allowing marksman rifles to ohk would upset that balance, and make marksman rifles too good at ranges they aren't meant for, and even better than they should be at the ranges they are designed to be used at. If this happens, then there is no longer a reason for the marksman to stay with his squad and rely upon them for help at distances that the marksman rifle isn't meant for, and it makes it too easy for a player to lone wolf and still feel successful. I definitely agree, I think the reason that the marksman rifles are underpowered (and thus why people want to make them ohk) is because a lot of the peripheral effects that would make them more effective for their intended use are not yet implemented. Weapon resting is a great example, and I mentioned before I would like to see stamina reductions as well as any other effects the devs add. I think having a marksman per squad is fine, as long as the marksman is balanced so that it actually works properly alongside the rest of the squad, and not effectively on its own. As for what I mean by lonewolfing, I simply mean any situation in which a player acts unilaterally, without any cooperation or coordination from his squad. My primary point is that no kit should be effective with this mentality.
  4. Camouflage and non movement.

    Well, if they plan on fighting here: Maybe neon is the way to go
  5. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    Part of the reason that Multicam suffers on the Eastern European maps is simply because the type of forest that is represented in those maps is one of the environments that Multicam struggles in. As you can see from the examples Yuri posted, Multicam works whenever there is a significant amount of tan in the environment. On the Eastern European maps, there is a significant amount of undergrowth not seen in many forests. Take these two photos of forests in Ukraine for example: In this forest, the amount of undergrowth is limited, meaning that the dominant colors are brown/tan/grey, with the only green coming from the trees themselves. Multicam would work effectively (although not as well as specialized camouflages) here. \ Now look at this forest: Here, the dominant color is overwhelmingly light green. Multicam would suffer here, because the darker tones of multicam would show up against the bright green background. Finally, Multicam suffers in game because of the lack of darker shadowy areas under the trees. Multicam is designed to work with the shadows and light spots present in real life, however Squad lacks these distinct lighting features. Shadows play a huge role in making camouflage effective, and is why flat colors work far worse in real life than they do in Squad. Multicam is designed to take advantage of shadows, which are not represented as well as they should be in Squad's woodland maps. This is most observable in the 7th pic that Yuri posted. The multicam shows up as bright white in the sun, as it should, and is darker in the shadows. This phenomenon does not happen in Squad, since while the coloring of objects has contrast (the dark tree trunks vs light leaves) but the lighting doesn't impart this same contrast on the players themselves. Thus, the players do not blend into the terrain, unless their uniforms were already close to the color of the terrain.
  6. Weapons ineffective

    I agree KCIV, the method of thought I generally follow in regards to lone wolfing is how the game can be changed to make lone wolfing unattractive to the individual player. Your example of suppression is a great way that a feature can be implemented in a way that prevents players from playing in a non helpful way. My suggestion over damage, I think, ties into this. If the marksman cannot count on simply hitting someone to score a kill, they are less likely to take the risk of lone wolfing, and are forced to rely on their teammates to be effective.
  7. Weapons ineffective

    A strong 2 hit kill anywhere on the body is far from a peashooter. If a marksman wants to get a ohk, they should be subject to the same skill requirements as a regular rifleman, which is getting a headshot. Allowing for a ohk would overpower the marksman, by making it much stronger than the rifleman on its own. The downsides of the marksman rifle are offset by its higher accuracy, magnified optic (remember, the m110 will not have the acog later on) and stronger hit (one hit leaves the victim closer to bleedout than an assault rifle round would). By that argument, anything is up to the squad leader. Don't want teamkilling? oh, just let the squad leader deal with it. Don't want vehicles being stolen? oh, just have the squad leader kick the player. There needs to be a way to not just prevent lonewolfing, but also to disincentivize it, so that players don't want to play that way to begin with, and so that Squad leaders don't have to keep kicking people. There should be no difference in terms of effectiveness between a normal rifleman lone wolfing, or a marksman doing so, since both should be equally ineffective on their own. Allowing the marksman to ohk would make the class much more effective on its own, and thus make lonewolfing easier and more rewarding.
  8. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    They said personal ethical reasons. Your ethical beliefs may differ, but that has no bearing on what the devs themselves believe. You may also notice that there is no gore or "sawing people in half with bullets and explosions". That is also because of what the devs thought was reasonable in the game they are developing. Last I checked I am not stealing crude oil or murdering people when I boot up Squad, rather I am playing a teamwork focused tactical FPS. The game doesn't leave it up to "chance" that a medic will revive a player, which I think is fairly obvious unless you seriously believe people just get revived randomly. You don't need to babysit a downed body, rather what you should be doing is actively engaging other targets. It's not like the downed guy is going to get up and run away, a medic has to move to him, and go through a fairly lengthy process to bring him back. I mainly play medic, and its not like I can just teleport over to a downed player an instantly bring him back to life. The ability to revive players is also important because it extends the longevity of the squad. As for getting knocked over, as I said before, I don't think it the most efficient way to model the effects of getting hit, however I am not opposed to it. That said, even if it takes skill to actually hit someone, that skill should be rewarded consistently, not based upon RNG. If there is an RNG factor to falling, then it IS random, even if it required first getting shot.
  9. months now. finding

    jap here, but I live in the US.
  10. I'm fairly sure that the "where did you hear about squad" part doesn't show up (at least I've never seen it on anyone else's profile), but the location does show up.
  11. Most ridiculous deaths in Squad

    My squad was doing the classic indian technical, where everyone who can't fit in just lays atop the hood, or in the bed. One by one we all fall off, but the driver doesn't stop. Finally, after driving for a full minute since we all fell off, he realizes we're missing, and comes back. Just when we all get back on, we get hit by a LAW and all die.
  12. Weapons ineffective

    I don't think the marksman rifles should be 1 hit incaps (except in the head and neck). Instead, i think they should be 2 hit incaps anywhere on the body other than the head and neck, and instead the difference between an arm, leg, or chest shot should be the amount of damage (quicker bleed out if not bandaged to stop blood loss). For example, the SVD would be a one hit incap headshot, and deal much more damage (enough for a two hit incap, but not for a ohk) than the AKM or AK74 to any other bodypart. Thus, although the same amount of shots would be required, the injured player would be much closer to incap from bleeding out after being hit once than from being hit once by an assault rifle. That means that a player caught in the open would not be able to run as far to cover, making it easier for the marksman to hit a second shot. If the devs decide to add a stamina penalty for being shot, or other effects, I would suggest that the effects should intensify when hit by any larger caliber weapon. The reason that I would rather have other alternatives to the marksman rifles being one hit incaps is that having ranged weapons that can down a player in one hit tends to result in players playing as lone wolves, which is already a problem with the marksman kit. The marksman's job is to lengthen the engagement distance of his squad, not be a killing machine on his own. Therefore, the marksman rifle should really be a longer ranged version of the rifleman's weapon. The SVD and M110 should allow a marksman to act as a rifleman but at longer ranges, not turn the marksman into a sniper. That being said, the SVD and M110 also need to have advantages besides just accuracy to compensate for their smaller magazines, higher recoil and lack of automatic fire. The traits I suggested above are meant to accentuate their roles as an extension of a squads range, and avoid turning them into sniper rifles.
  13. So are you selling your current rig, then using that money to buy an Alienware? Because that is more of a sale than a trade, you can do whatever you like with that money such as saving to build a much better pc. How much are you being offered, and do you think that money is fair for your pc? Even if you traded to get your current rig if you trade down now you will have lost compared to before, since you didn't get the value you could have. I'm not very knowledgeable on computers, but I would suggest you list out the components of your current build and the components of the Alienware computer to make it easier for the people who do know enough to tell you. Lastly, the devs are continuously working on improving AMD performance. It will take time, but you should see significant improvements for AMD as the game progresses.
  14. Squad Pls

    I M M E R S I V E
  15. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    I too would like to see some kind of additional effect beyond just taking damage when shot. Being knocked down by larger caliber weapons would be interesting, but it would take much more animating than simply adding a "flinch" effect, or draining stamina when hit. The devs and community generally dislike RNG, (which I agree with) since it mitigates the skill factor. I don't see there being an exception for RNG armor penetration, since again that places the power in the hands of chance and not the players themselves. They also have said they will not allow killing incapacitated players. Dev response to killing incapacitated soldiers: