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  1. Normandy Map

    Great job so far!
  2. cant link steam account for tags or anything

    lol OK it was the April 30 email thing, activating the code on steam, and I had to do it from my steam app not on the steam web app. And so hooray, thanks.
  3. cant link steam account for tags or anything

    I get this same thing. Want to add mah name to the creds...
  4. No wonder numbers are so low tonight lol. Making a new game isn't easy. Well hey, peaks and valleys man... the dude abides.
  5. Incapacitated / Dead Screen

    Yep the problem is seeing more than you should in that situation. Death-cams oppose realism. As it is, we get the cam of a wounded incapacitated soldier... it's enough.
  6. On the overdone genre "World War Two"

    It was the biggest thing to ever happen in human history, by a huge margin. I don't think it will get old for a long time yet.

    A few repeated instances of pain as a result of not paying attention to a backblast call will teach people to react faster.
  8. What gets you pumped in Squad?

    Heh, this is what I was gonna say too. Hilltop ammo crate and a distant enemy Super-FOB. That moment when I know I've got the RPG range dialed in... mmm :) Next best thing to having a mortar.
  9. "Can I have a rally?"

    I prefer to hide FOBs but put rallies as close to the action as safely possible. Meaning nearby and concealed. The risk/reward ratio for rallies is much more favorable. And really, of all the things a SL needs to do, keeping a relevant spawn nearby is one of his (if not THE) most important duties. I want there always to be a rally that they want to use more than a FOB. I don't blame players for asking for a rally, because I want to keep on top of it. Don't let a hero-level SL ego get the better of you.
  10. Saturday Night No BS Fights

    Well we have plenty of servers active at the moment, and nothing to lose by staging these. We'll see how it works out over a few events.
  11. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    I think it's unethical to lock out noobs and people you don't know. It is your duty to the community to train noobs and be an example to people you don't know. As such, I can't espouse squad-level favoritism like kicking a player I don't know out of the squad to make room for one I do know (even for my 2.FJg comrades). If he isn't doing anything wrong, I won't kick him. It's the principalities involved. Plus, communicating this request and reluctance often helps your squad-mates decide not to be stragglers out doing their own thing - they know someone is waiting to take their place in the squad. Same with preserving the squad you had the last match - it SHOULD be subject to change every match. Share the love. As for vehicles, mortar teams, different sizes, whatever - those should be regulated at the Squad Creation event.
  12. No to suppressors IMO. Yes it would be a game-changer. But it would change the game in a direction I wouldn't want it to go.
  13. I'm afraid this is something you see in most games where you go prone and your feet stick out of a rear wall or something. Once you're aware of it, it stops being a problem because you don't prone and back up to perimeter walls, that sort of thing. I mean, if your legs are sticking *through* the wall and you get shot in the toe and killed, that's the effect I'm talking about. If your legs are sticking *out* from your hidey hole and you get shot in the toe, well that's your own fault. And getting shot in the gun barrel doesn't seem to do anything, in my experience of trying to clear murder-holes. You have to get hit in the body somewhere.
  14. Should they be able to hear you ?

    Well you are correct there. But it could in fact not just be a trivial troll tool. It could incorporate an entirely new dimension to the game: the taking of prisoners... should the game go that way. The thing is, this defeats the only real reason NOT to have proximity chat that the enemy can hear - the language barrier. In this case, it's like using some practiced lines of a foreign language to get an enemy to surrender. ;) Maybe have one guy in the squad, e.g. the 9th to join, who can hear enemy proximity chat (he speaks the language).
  15. Should they be able to hear you ?

    How about an additional fourth comm option to use proximity-chat which CAN be heard? Universal Proximity Chat or something. For s***-talking.