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  1. Did the in-game text change with recent update?

    Text was changed as of A9.0 to allow better HUD layering, we are still looking to do some upgrades on this such as better text scaling and anti-aliasing (Also what you are seeing is Aliasing, not anti aliasing (since that is what fixes it)).
  2. New change - map marker icon

    I'll take the responsibility for this one, somehow our marker menu got offset by 250+ pixels so I recentered it back to what I remembered it to be (which was coincidentially 1 cm or so left of the old position), so this regression is entirely because my memory is bad and I thought that I had fixed it properly. We are aware and we will push a fix in the next release.
  3. Mortar Calculator

    We already know how to do proper topographic maps, we just haven't gotten around to it yet since we want a pipeline that doesn't require us to spend 20 hours each release cycle to update them, and we have bigger fish to fry atm.
  4. Keybind for coloured smoke?

    With the new coreinventory we will be able to cancel animations, which allows us to cycle through the weapons quickly (to get to the item we want), this will fix the current inventory navigation issues.
  5. SLI Configuration Trick

    It looks like Epic has written a sli implementation for 4.15, so hopefully we will see some improvements in this area in A10 (sadly writing a sli implementation is too much work for an indie team)
  6. I7-6700 16GB of RAM 980TI

    You can delete that folder through the clear data cache in the game settings menu
  7. Help with controller support.

    Go to the defaultinput.ini in the app config folder/ game folder and find everything with the gamepad tag and delete it manually, our binding system is very basic atm and isn't slated for updating for a while sadly.
  8. Why does everything look low res?

    I believe the view distance governs what lods you see, increase you view distance to get better lods up close.
  9. Still low FPS after V8, Bugs Crash log

    I would recommend using the clear game cache in our game user settings, this should restart your graphics settings, which (from what we have seen) is the largest reason that people have bad performance by far.
  10. In all your pictures where you are hitting the wall you are colliding with it, if any part of your barrel is going through the wall (which your receiver is) then the shot will fail to stop people being able to shoot through walls (we do a check from the muzzle to the should). I can't tell you what features that we have finished internally but we have addressed quite a few of your issues already, but the release of this is not ready yet and is slated for q1-q2 next year, all dependent on how quickly our progress is. We are still early access, and all features just won't be there from the start, we have had other issues to worry about for the last few months like performance and vehicles, but features are coming out at the pace that we intend them to atm.
  11. Mini-map

    nope, we do not want players to have map level awareness of that level while still being 100% combat effective, if you want your map you will have to have it open.
  12. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    This will be added as experimental in the next version of UE4, however with a high cost so we will need to evaluate it when it comes to that point in time.
  13. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    This is the same, but much more accessible
  14. Player Model look

    It is one of the things that we have the chance to polish when we are nearing release and if performance allows it.