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  1. HEY,i'd like to know your opinion...

    Its a NIKE game.........Just do it !
  2. Awesome read about the real side of war

    Hypocrisy, THOSE WHO PROFIT FROM WAR Through what dread lense of obscene inhumanity do they see their hoarded treasures, those who profit from war? Through what diminished beat of human heart do they feel love only for gold, those who profit from war? Do you think you will be saved from justice if your walls are high enough? Do you think you will be saved from truth if your bank account is fat enough? Through what foul darkness of soul do they deny their own humanity, those who profit from war? Through what twisted trap of deceived mind are they blinded to human suffering, those who profit from war? For each particle of profit they reap from their cynical greeds and vanities and lusts, their ugliness increases I do not envy them their treasure nor power nor their mindless pleasure. The very rotted and deformed senses they must employ for their foul deceptions are theirs to keep, those who profit from war.
  3. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    OHHHHH FFS I CAN SEE AGAIN !!! THANK F 4 THAT WHoever you are I LURVE YOU !!!!!!! Can I have a pm for smiley please ?
  4. -

    Making judgements about others to shame them is not how you encourage performance increase Please do not launch a mob rule attack against a poor player that course of actions is FOR PUSSIES and should be stomped on hard in these forums.............. Its a CRAP idea give it up
  5. New forum

    To me its like a tab trip in the 70@s
  6. New forum

    A sad sad day :( seems like the forums have become less personal .....personally not liking it at all
  7. New forum

    my eyes are on FIRE WTF !!!!
  8. Want to say thanks to the Dev team sound guys.

    If ANDERS was a sound you could create it here :) http://soundwithpower.mercedes-benz.co.uk/
  9. Squad Shirt

    https://teespring.com/ will accept most designs :)
  10. Rank up system

    NO NO NO NO NO ! anyone can play ANY role show up with shiny boots and get them dirty !!!
  11. IRL Question: Shooting injured people

    If you're a serving soldier and in the heat of moment you think its best to empty a full mag into someone... from the comfort of the chair that your actions allow me to sit my fat arse on I WILL NEVER JUDGE YOU ! I think,.... were it me i would never assume the enemy was dead I would make sure,... so call me Dead "doubltap" Duck all you like long as you don't call me Dead ! To all the real soldiers out there Thank you and stay safe !
  12. Pornolands" down (sic) assumes I know who you are ? so that cant be better,? I think that is against what you were saying :P - Well if you're gonna inspect the dots on the map it would be good to know which dot was talking, innit? If a dot is not moving it doesnt automatically mean the player is dead. Maybe he's just taking a shit? Or camping... or both? Oh dear time to give up trying to be helpful here :( ah well I tried.
  13. Ermmmm I do play on pubs "Prolands" down (sic) assumes I know who you are ? so that cant be better,? I think that is against what you were saying :P The inspection of the dots is Precisely what a medic should do ...and that's the point If you play Medic, as a Medic it is better to be at the rear "observing" that's why the Dev Gods gave you Binos !.... :) If you play it as a Medic situational awareness is everything Bleed out is long enough for you to find a downed player and make a decision over viability The key here IMO is the use of the phrase "Play as Medic" Too many players (once again IMO) pick up the kit so that they have a chance of healing themselves, I have heard Medics on servers refuse to go to a downed player "as they might get shot" :rolleyes: The ability of a good Medic is to forsake all playing glories and play ONLY for his squad... This is one of the most simple strategies and yet the most difficult to pull off..... The mind set that is required to do this is (at the moment) used by the few as a sacrifice to the many I would rather have a SL go down than the Medic and when you play with a "ninja" medic ....one that appears from nowhere in the middle of a fire fight and whispers in your ear "I got you m8" Thats a hero ! (in real life or in the game) to forsake everything to get that man up.....just needs a shout MEDIC! a map...... LOADS of skill.... a smidge of luck and balls of Steel the little red and orange compass dots are a bonus:)