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  1. Here we go ^_^ Founded in 2003, located in germany, frankfurt g-portal.com is one of the leading german game-hosting labels. We are glad to be a part of the "official server provider" program for squad! your advantage: squad servers starting at 80ct / slot squad servers from 30 to 100 slotsunique gamecloud control-panel, which allows admins to edit slots/serverdays/gameservers in realtime100% prepaid - instant payments with paypal, creditcard, paysafecards, live wiretransferyou can activate your squad servers by yourself40g DDOS protection by corero smart-wallprofessional server hardware by DELLcomplex support system (phone, wiki, board, tickets)For more informations: RENT YOUR OWN SQUAD SERVER HERE Need a ddos-protected TS3 as well? CLICK HERE For further questions feel free and send us an email: support@g-portal.com. OORAH soldiers!
  2. Squad Server Hosting - Reviews

    thanks for the review, especially in the last 10-14 days we had massiv floods (layer7, udp) up to 70 gbps, we increase the bandwith of our smart-wall (corero, firewall) upcoming week to 40 gbps and gonna optimaze the pre-filtering at our core-equipment. hope that will improve a lot, hope you have an eye on that and check the uptime on the upcoming weeks. :)
  3. Lower prices for Brazil

    definitely uk
  4. [RedCoats] Public Server

    and lot of ppl waiting in the queue :ph34r:
  5. No pings in server browser?

    for a closer look try http://squad.rocks/(to find the server location you want to play)
  6. Where i can buy a server?

    hello grunt, what locations are you interessted in?
  7. Server hosting rental

    hello guys, if you are interessted in host your own squad server, feel free to contact us. :-) warm welcome to the squad community! hooah, basti