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  1. Suddenly experiencing Bad FPS? Try this!

    so it may be an advantage to screenshot some of your important settings before deleting that folder.
  2. Looking for a place to Call home

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to see if anyone is looking for a recruit. I'm not overlay fussy (I don't think). I'd love a place where ego is out the door, and no racist/religious filthy language as far as major turn offs go. I'm looking to find a team to roll with where we can become one in battle. I'm a 39 year old male from Canada. Been fps gaming pretty much since Sof2 and MOH. Or you can go back to the first doom on pc or 007 on nintendo lol.
  3. "Fatal Error"

    So far either can't join a server because i'm not a member, a join a server then it goes back to server browser saying i lost connection, and now i get fatal error. I haven't yet played the update. I may delete my profile and see what happens from there so that i have like new settings and do an integrity check of my files on steam.... see where that leads me....
  4. V6 update not smooth

    All i know is that with the way people crap about a game that is a work in progress with good intentions, if i were a Dev and these complainers were with in arms reach, i'd probably smack the taste out whining mouths. you know what you bought. If you haven't figured it out yet you should read up. I can't ever get emotional about this game because it's not yet a game. It's an incomplete project....
  5. Battlefield 1

    For me Bf3/4 plays nothing like COD. It is similar with all the unlocks and customization of weapons like COD. f it was like cod, i'd never play it. What i wanted to post though is that here they come with another pretty video. Since they left what was so successful in BF2, my love for fps gaming has pretty much diminished. Each year EA/Dice come out with this bs eye candy but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, we are going to get overpriced junk like every other time. 3 months into the game, we'll get a patch that caters to whoever this community is they speak to... It's hard for me to get excited or want to fork that money out based off of what they've done over the years.
  6. How Many Hours Do you Spend on This Game?

    69 hours. barely play it because gaming sucks these days. Pardon me, people suck. This game is great for where it is at.
  7. Anyone else experiencing FPS-drops as of 5.0?

    on a german server i played on epic settings getting 40-60 fps. Can't recall the map. THen i play on a closer server and i get 20fps (can't recall name of the map). Overall i don't even bother trying to play this as much as i did when i first bought it. I can tolerate it as being alpha but if it's going to become another arma, i'll look at another wasted 40 bucks.

    I tried many times looking for this and it wasn't as simple as one would think to find. i've tried many times on these forums to search and i'd never get the result. I'm not sure why this one didn't show up as it was posted well before i searched. Thank you for the steam link but this should be post on these forums here in a sticky. not sure if it is already and i'm just blind but whatevs.
  9. Forum Upgrade to IPB4

    is there an option for different themes and user's be able to pick one in this content management system? this it way too bright for me. I know you probably don't have any now but is the functionality there for that option?
  10. Controlled Crouch

    Not sure if possible or if people would want this but i'd like to be able to choose how low or high i'm crouching depending on what i'm using for cover and where. I hope what i'm saying is to the point and understood.
  11. Tips for new pc gamers

    good to start off with Squad. He isn't tainted by all the other garbage of the past 10 years.
  12. Xbox 360 controller - Xpadder profile

    ya 1st post, and links to whatever and the name malware. Let me jump right on that.
  13. It's Friday!

    I retired the lungs, liver, and nose so Friday is just another day above ground. PBTA.
  14. Fall Damage Is Too Much?

    I agree. you should be able to drop from your height of player at least...