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  1. Camoflague nets

    Camo nets are ridiculously effective if sett up correctly. Just Google Baracuda camouflage systems. I'm guessing the US has forgotten how to camouflage their stuff since they started fighting insurgents. Just recently the US started getting back into camo net systems I believe. Any fighting position or other structure should be camouflaged. Even if the colour is off a little, there are other parts of camouflage that can be done. Shape, shade and silhouette mostly.
  2. Unassigned player classes

    Put unassigned players in a headquarters squad under the command of the team commander if there is one. Could give them general guidance while they wait to join a squad. Allow them only riflemen and medic kits. A good commander could put them to good use.
  3. Don't need a system to tell you if you're going to hit a object and not your target. In reality you shot into the ground a lot more than you think. As for number of mags and stuff like that you don't usually have to look to check. You run you hand on the outside of pouches to guesstimate what you have. Same with what position your selector is in. It's done by feel so a icon on the screen is the best solution I can figure.

    One thing i am missing from SL's so far is communication about what our target is. One should be more accurate in telling the squad what they are attacking so that everyone is effecting the same objective. This could be a house, hill or anything where the SL needs concentrated fire or observation. Keywords are manageable and identifiable. Like splitting up a route into shorter legs you can splitt up your attack by identifying new targets as you take one. This also makes using formations easy as you have identified the centre of the target. From there you can get your squad into line formation. Perhaps one half moving while the other covers. When you get close you order a final push and all advance through the target, hold it and either find a new target or organize a defence. This tactic is used when assaulting over ground, assaulting buildings is slightly different as you keep one group as security while the other enters the building. So 1. identify and communicate target 2. Organize and advance to target 3. Assault and secure target You can make this as big or small a operation you want. Same basics at all levels in a assault, from fireteam to battalion.
  5. A few good suggestions.

    It would be nice to have a animation for wounded players so medics could tell the difference faster between the dead and wounded. As for the crying and calling for help I would argue that it would be unrealistic to have all the wounded cry for help. Many might have a hard enough time breathing, be in shock or not notice their wounds due to adrenaline. Having such a simple system to show a complex problem as combat first aid does create issues.
  6. Bandage doesn't completely stop bleeding

    Tourniquets are also what you would apply first in treatment of severe bleeding in the extremities, several steps ahead of bandages. It would make sense to me if grunts applied tourniquets while medics gave other treatment. That's how I was trained anyway.
  7. Utility items

    I know this thread has been unanswered for a while. But i really would like to see some of this stuff in the game. I am serving in the Norwegian at the moment and we actually do carry some off this stuff. We carry personal camo nets that is about 2 by 3 meters that can be snapped together to cover bigger stuff, i use this almost every mission i go on. We also carry sandbags to build positions and OPs. Our bayonettes can be used to cut wire, we have folding saws and sami knives to cut brush and small trees. it must be said though that the loadout changes according to the mission. Camo nets for vehicles are essential in my opinion. With the constant danger for enemy drones we camouflage our vehicles if were stopped for more than 15 minuets.
  8. Swedish Armed Forces

    How could you say something like that? I wouldnt mind with the danes, but the swedes?! If the Swedish Army were to come to Squad they NEED to have a circle(snusbox size) worn on one of their pockets!
  9. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Amaroq An amarok, or amaroq, is a gigantic gray wolf in Inuit mythology, said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night. Unlike real wolves who hunt in packs, amaroks hunt alone. Nice name that has the theme of teamwork, especially if it were a night-map. If you don't want to be eaten
  10. 75th Ranger Regiment

    If Squad is anything near the thing i hope i will be, the "regular" army is what we'll be playing as. There are many games that do SF-stuff, even if the 75th isnt special forces by the normal description, focusing on single battalions would be outside the goal i imagine the DEVs have for the game. Would be coo though, but waaaaayyy down the road.
  11. 75th Ranger Regiment

    Would be far down the list since we already have the US army inn(mostly). We need other factions to fight against or as. Would be sad it Squad turned out to be a "US forces vs the world" simulator.
  12. bigger maps

    Larger maps would be cooler to see. Would make artillery and longer range stuff more relevant. Long walking distances are fixed with FOBs and transport i would guess
  13. Engineering

    It would be fun to see mines playing a bigger role in Squad than it did in PR. I don't remember how many you could put down, but i don't think it represents the true number of mines used in real life. At least not for minefields. Making mines hidden would also be a great improvement over PR. We would of course need ways to find and eliminate mines. Would also be cool if the squadleader could "paint" an area for mines, like you see when placing stuff in Squad, making that the only area where mines could be placed. It should show up on team maps, maybe even on the ground after the mines are put down for team-mates. Might lessen accidental teamkill.
  14. Infantry transport trucks normally have rows of seats i believe, i don't know how easy they are to take out but if they were there i would guess they would stay. You could bring smaler crates of ammunition or other light supplies i guess. The seats might even be welded inn, they probably were built so that you could have a little crash at least.
  15. tear gas

    Would be nice to include CBRN warfare in Squad.