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  1. Idea - Backup/CQC Sights

    I understand your issue of "Using a 12x power scope and having backup irons". I assume if you utilize a scope with such a magnifier, that you're more than likely a sniper, an individual who DOES NOT deal with room clearing/building entry. I am talking about Scopes the average infantry soldier would use such as the standard Russian INF scope (most of which sit above the iron sights, so backups would be below), the ACOG for M4/M16 and the SUSAT for the L85A2/LSW. These scopes DO have back up irons in real combat. Most of them actually utilize a backup red dot (Reflex sight). I will provide images below.
  2. As i am a player from Project Reality, i am really anxious to find out if a single feature will be brought into Squad. With many weapons in PR such as the L85A2, and the Russian AK74M, there was an ordinary battle scope (3x/4x) although they were great at long range engagements they did become a hindrance during room clearing and CQC. These weapons were fitted with a backup option, for example - The L85A2 and the ACOG on some the American M4's had a backup red dot sight seated on top of the scope itself (Cycling between sights would of been used with "C" - Cycle camera" and the AK74M basically utilized its ordinary sights, since the scope is side mounted. I do hope this idea will be hard thought through as i hope to see that element of diversity and realism between long and close range engagements within this game. Please leave feedback below, as i am always interested in what others may think.
  3. Acog feedback

    I did search for similar posts before posting. Unfortunately I used Acog instead of scopes. Because I simply thought that would be useful since that is the only scope currently in - game. Thank you for your reply and answering! Have a nice day.
  4. Acog feedback

    Hello fellow players and staff, just wanted to input some feedback regarding the positioning and zeroing of the Acog. If this feedback/issues has already been brought up in a previous post I apologise, I did search for said post. Positioning - Yesterday it came to my attention that the positioning of the Acog on the M4 is off. Whilst using the role as a marksman and attempting to engage targets at a distance I find highly difficult as I am unable to compensate the drop of my rounds as the front sight post blocks the use of further range posts within the Acog eg. 400m, 600m and further. Zeroing - I also have issues concerning the zeroing of the Acog. Upon using the Acog I noticed off the bat that the sight within the Acog is slightly to the left. I also noticed that when engaging targets my rounds are landing down, and to the right. When engaging targets at 100-200m or so there is a considerable gap between where the Acog is aiming and where my round is landing. Please if anyone has similar issues, comment and if not please let me know. I appreciate your reading and enjoy your day!
  5. Signing in with Steam

    Thanks alot guys for your assistance! Much appreciated!
  6. Signing in with Steam

    So i have been away for a while from the updates with Squad and my PC. I recently returned to find Closed Alpha has been released, and i search it up in my email for the download. But there's an issue, it requires my to sign in through steam, but it does not allow me to. It either gives me an error when clicking the link for steam, or it allows me to input my login details and then loads forever... literally, i left my PC while i went out for dinner and i came back to it still attempting to login. Any else had these issues, if so... Any help please fellow gamers? Here is the error for reference - An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.976a1db8.1444858028.996f0f27