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  1. Having played the game for a while i have frequently noticed a problem with firing positions, I feel like a great addition to squad would be the addition of extra firing positions. Some extra firing positions that could be implemented are... high prone (to see over grass or slight hills), a sitting position, and or a low kneeling position. Other stances could also be added into the game. With that smoothing out the transitions slightly would be nice as well. I would also see it useful to add resting guns on low walls and other supports for reduced weapon sway. Firing positions and resting weapons on different surfaces for support could go hand in hand. Resting weapons could also be used for bipods. Not only would this add more accuracy but could help contribute to stealth tactics as seen when people try to go from prone to kneeling to see over low grass, and getting picked off because they sit up too high.
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I think it worked
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I dont think it worked ;-;
  4. # Of magazines

    just often when i have been playing me and the squad had ran out of ammunition really fast exchanging fire with the other team from long range
  5. OK so i had an idea that i thought could be really cool to add to my idea of med evac. Not only to have the medical evacuation but have a critically wounded state like when someones leg, or arm, etc. would be blown off or any other injury that the soldier would not be able to recover from for a long time, the medics could get them stable while in the mean time there is a medic on a chopper or land vehicle coming to pick them up and take them to the base where once they get there they can re-spawn and your team gets points for that. I think this would add a cool interesting twist and new meaning to being medic. But it was just an idea i thought alot of people would like tell me what you think :D
  6. # Of magazines

    I was just thinking more realistic magazines BECAUSE it will provide for more sustained combat especially when the servers go up to 100 players
  7. # Of magazines

    I think the soldiers have low amount of magazines, from what ive read the average soldier carries 7-12 magazines sometimes more
  8. 10 suggestions, please read! :D (^300 Grim)

    No suggestions are planned they are a suggestion for a reason :)
  9. Hi, having played the game for a little bit now and having had played project reality i would like to suggest some items that I believe would be appealing to have in the game. Feel free to comment what you think! 1. Ghillie suits ("Vegging" up the ghillie suit would be cool as well) 2. Accurate mil dot ranging (As well as use of scope turrets [windage and elevation]) 3. Rope out of helicopters 4. Med evacs 5. Spotter and spotting scope 6. Vapor trail when looking through the spotting scope behind the sniper and parallax settings to see the vapor trail 7. Ballistic calculator and equipment (Including windage and elevation) 8. Range finder 9. EOD squad to disarm roadside bombs and IED's 10. Drag a downed teammate to cover (So you can revive them)