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  1. FPS Issues on Multiplayer but not on single player

    Just got and installed a i5-4590 and new mobo. Game is at a consistent 70 plus frames on epic all settings. So if your having bad fps get a better cpu and or graphics card.
  2. FPS Issues on Multiplayer but not on single player

    Thanks for the replys, Yeah I know the CPU is crap. I just bought a i5-4590 that should clear my bottle neck right up and give me an FPS boost. But I still posted this just to see what might be happening. But your right the sever side has some issues being that it is a pre-alpha. I cant get a game going if there's more then 30 people. FPS just drops and this seems to be an issue with a lot of people.
  3. OK so I have been looking all around forums to resolve my issues with FPS and I noticed a few differences. On single player I get 70 to 120 fps average inside compounds which is fine but when I go to a mountain top of a hill and look into the distance it drops to 30 to 36 FPS which is understandable. Also the settings are at High for distance, textures and effects everything else on low. But here's the kicker, on multiplayer I play with the same settings or DROP everything to low and I can never get past 19 FPS. The best part is when I change the settings from epic to low the FPS stays at 19! Doesn't go past that. Now my computer isnt the best but its also not the worst. I can run every game at about high to medium settings and get 50 FPS. Ex: BF4, Insurgency, Red orchestra. Also I noticed my CPU runs at about 50 percent... SPECS: Windows 8.1 AMD A4-6300 APU with integrated graphics card. (Dual Core) Nvidia Geforce 960 GTX 8 GB Ram Internet speed 60 mbps So if anyone can give me any insight on why the big fluctuation especially Devs.