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  1. How will simply making rotary assets really difficult to fly limit the amount of assets lost due to people jumping straight into them on a live server? I would argue that if you intend to make them really difficult to fly, it is even more important that people read or watch a short guide before jumping in on a live server.
  2. Again, I'm not suggestion a complicated simulation style startup. However, I am suggesting a simple startup method that will prevent people who've not spent the two minutes necessary to read the manual section regarding helicopters once or alternatively watched a video guide on how to fly before flying on a live server. A system where the player has to complete some challenges before being able to fly on a live server would be ideal, but it would require a lot of time and energy from the development team, which they probably don't have available in the near future.
  3. The problem is that in Project Reality a lot of helicopters were lost, especially on the more casual servers. This could easily ruin the game for a lot of people on that team. Squad has an even larger influx of casual players and as of that reason a lot more helicopters will be lost due to people entering them without having read the manual and practised first. The 30 seconds for the engine to warm up lead to a lot of lost helicopters due to people simply spamming thrust before the helicopter was ready. A startup procedure would work as a sort of point of entrance. If you don't know how to turn the helicopter on, then you can't fly it. If you take the time to read up on how to turn on the engine in the manual, then you will probably read about other important elements on flying the helicopter in Squad. Is there a 30 seconds warm up? Should you wait before thrusting up to not crash the helicopter immediately? This will ultimately result in a lot less wasted helicopters. The procedure itself doesn't have to be a milsim realistic, it could just be holding down the Q or T button and then hitting two-three commands in a correct order. Turn on primary switches -> Perform engine checks -> Turn on engine. The point is that if you figure out that much you've been exposed to some information regarding the flying. From the manual, from a video or from someone else who knows how to fly it and thus there will be a higher probability that you also know about things like the helicopter having a 30 second warm up time and thus you shouldn't spam the throttle during this period or the helicopter will crash immediately. This will result in a big reduction of lost helicopters for teams on every server and thus improving the gameplay for the infantry and the team as a whole.
  4. Aircraft are relatively complicated vehicles to operate compared to land based vehicles. Despite this a lot of new players are attracted to the idea of operating them, but very few of them take the time to read the manual and practise before jumping in on a live server. Helicopters and aircraft in general are vital for a team and losing them due to new players jumping in, crashing them and then leaving the server will take a toll. You have to wait 10-20 minutes for the next one to respawn, you lose X amount of tickets and you lose the ability to resupply and transport squads around the map. If any of you have played Project Reality you already know this happens quite frequently. But now imagine in a game like Squad where even more casual players flow into the game. We should try to avoid the loss of helicopters and aircraft as much as possible. I suggest adding a startup procedure to turn on the engine of the respective aircraft. This startup procedure will be detailed in the manual along with more information on how to operate the aircraft. If a player takes the time to read this section of the manual, in order to turn on the aircraft he will be a lot more likely to actually have practised and know how to use the aircraft. A better alternative would of course be a sort of 'training' system, that won't allow you to operate a vehicle before you've completed some challenges but developing this would require a lot of ressources and time from the developing team. The start up procedure is a lot more cost-efficient for the team. There will still be people who can read up on the start up procedure without having practised operating the aircraft, but it will limit a lot of cases where people just jump straight into the aircraft. I apologize if this has already been suggested, I tried searching but didn't find another thread on the matter.
  5. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    A commander is a great addition. In PR the commander can help coordinate the team, by talking to the individual squad leaders and take care of coordinating transport, logistics and support when they need it. As of giving orders, in my experience squad leaders are quite cooperative if you give them suggestions instead i.e. Squad 1 is going for that objective, maybe you should build a firebase at this location etc. The commander can further provide more Intelligence to the squad leaders by utilizing the UAV and thus easily tracking enemy armor and firebases.
  6. In-Game Competitive Features

    A skimrish League sounds like a good idea. Also an official tournament like in PR, for everyone out there keep an eye out for the official project reality tournament opening here soon. Everyone is welcome, it's not just for veterans. Squad leaders and command of the team will of corse be very experienced, lots of battle planning, team practise, bonding with your squadies. Not about kill death ratio, more about having a good time. http://tournament.realitymod.com/ However, kill / death ratio, win / los ratio etc. shouldn't be included. It attracts the wrong gameplay. This game is about leadership, teamwork abilities and not a quick trigger finger.
  7. Good unconventional idea, it would also make commanding the insurgents mean something. Commander would be in dialog with the smugglers deciding where the advanced weaponry should be placed etc. Again, the only problem is that you might not have enough people defending / attacking objectives but doing other stuff like this instead. Another thing to decide is how much of a bonus should this give the insurgents. Should it be vital? If the randomly generated smugling point happens to occur in a bad spot, should the insurgent team be doomed?
  8. Could be a fun feature, if oil and wires etc. were placed random places on the map you could have a few guys collecting it. The idea of looting destroyed blufor assets also creats another "mini-game" as blufor can secure the area and make the destroyed asset useless for the insurgents. I guess this would again promote blufor moving in convoys and not just going alone into the map with an apc etc. as the insurgents can build some heavy stuff if they manage to loot it.
  9. I played my first rounds of Squad today and decided to have a go at leading a Squad. We did very well by working together with the other squad and managed to outcap the other team a few rounds. The graphics are stunning and infantry play is fun, as a squad leader I've come up with a few points on managing a squad that I'm sure are already being worked on, but in case something hasn't been thought of, here are a few points: Make the Squad Leaders distinguishable on the map.Make it possible to see what kits the different squad members are using.Add the ability to distinguish different squad members on the map when clicking on their names. (If I want to see where player A in my squad is, I can click on his name and the green dot that represents him on the map will turn white, allowing me se his position.)Make it possible to remove people from the squad.Make it possible for the SL to promote another player to SL, this will prevent the well known problem of everyone needing to leave and then rejoin the squad from PR bf2.3d markers worked well in PR bf2, but any sort of ability to let the squad leader "Mark" something on the map for his squad members to see would be great, doesn't have to be the same system as PR bf2, just anything similar.Being able to lock the squad.Thanks for the hard work by the developers and everyone else, we are only in pre-Alpha v4. but the game is already a lot better than most games out there. The only flaw is that when players don't communicate and work together they have a bad time, so lets work on improving teamwork / communication in the game.
  10. [Squad Portal]Not updating steam-ingame name

    Aight, will do, thanks. Edit: It just updated my name in-game.
  11. [Squad Portal]Not updating steam-ingame name

    I changed it more than 48 hours ago.
  12. Basically I haven't played any games where your steam-name was shown since I created my steam profile. I have a stupid name in-game and want to change it. I've changed my name in steam options - friends - change profile name, but this isn't being updated in-game Squad or in the portal. Is this due to the fact that we are still pre-Alpha and it will eventually be added or am I doing something wrong?
  13. Squad Music

    If you search for Scott Tobin on Spotify you will find most of the PR soundtracks haha. I've got them on an offline playlist as well ! Hope the Squad album gets uploaded there too
  14. Squad Music

    Nice, really like the 0:50 part. Love listening to your PR work as well. Desert sunset always on top 10 most played.
  15. Draw distance and jets

    If jets are added it won't be an F-35. It would be a CAS aircraft like the A-10 or SU-25 at first. If squad becomes able to make 8 or 16 km^2 maps it would really make jets interesting. There's a huge view distance in squad, but things like clouds could be added to prevent AA's simply aiming on the aircraft until it gets within range. PR's current model of Jets needing a lase to use their weapons and AA's to be within a certain range to engage the CAS is really good in my opinion. If you add radar capability jets will just go hunting on their own, we don't want this. Also, how small would an A-10 be on the sky if it was flying on the allowed limit? If it's just a tiny little dot that is hard to notice from the ground then you might not even need clouds.