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  1. Hey guys glad you posted - keep playing on our server and we can figure it all out. Patchals I recall you - ty for moving with me to set rallies.
  2. Mite b cool ?!?! IS mofo! :P
  3. Amazing video - great job during the match btw fellas.
  4. lmfao!
  5. Hah Thanks Defi - I'm a fucking derp. Should work now. great start so far :P bahaha
  6. Hey all - pretty new to this since I just got my new rig - Anywho - here's the channel. EDIT BECAUSE I'M DERPTASTIC!
  7. Hence the importance of creating fobs and treating them like they matter.
  8. You are rewarded with 10 tickets per cap? I thought?
  9. I'll agree to disagree on the above.
  10. it CAN be too fast if you get a bad team... but that's the point of the game - to struggle.
  11. *blushing* awesome communication from the mother base. shit was ON POINT!
  12. I had a lot of fun today - and was filled with hatred and rage during the first play through... went 4/10 got shit on so hard.... Who ever was attacking Riverside... You destroyed my butthole multiple times. Well played to all the clans involved. iB - HSG - REDCOATS (thanks for the MASSIVE fucking save at river...) FUBAR - CML - GHOST - 303RD - RIP - great game - had great fun. Well played to all - good line up. Cheers.
  13. The division beta was over the past few days too
  14. tactical

    yeah... US #1 gg to that shit... even after the name was switched