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  1. [iB] Relaxed but effective.

    Hey guys glad you posted - keep playing on our server and we can figure it all out. Patchals I recall you - ty for moving with me to set rallies.
  2. [iB] Relaxed but effective.

    Mite b cool ?!?! IS mofo! :P
  3. Amazing video - great job during the match btw fellas.
  4. Amazing Grenade Kill!

  5. [iB] USMC-Vicious - a few vids thus far.

    Hah Thanks Defi - I'm a fucking derp. Should work now. great start so far :P bahaha
  6. [iB] USMC-Vicious - a few vids thus far.

    Hey all - pretty new to this since I just got my new rig - Anywho - here's the channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/03walshy11 EDIT BECAUSE I'M DERPTASTIC!
  7. Bleed is too harsh?

    Hence the importance of creating fobs and treating them like they matter.
  8. Bleed is too harsh?

    You are rewarded with 10 tickets per cap? I thought?
  9. Bleed is too harsh?

    I'll agree to disagree on the above.
  10. Bleed is too harsh?

    it CAN be too fast if you get a bad team... but that's the point of the game - to struggle.
  11. Bleed is too harsh?

    *blushing* awesome communication from the mother base. shit was ON POINT!
  12. Bleed is too harsh?

    I had a lot of fun today - and was filled with hatred and rage during the first play through... went 4/10 got shit on so hard.... Who ever was attacking Riverside... You destroyed my butthole multiple times. Well played to all the clans involved. iB - HSG - REDCOATS (thanks for the MASSIVE fucking save at river...) FUBAR - CML - GHOST - 303RD - RIP - great game - had great fun. Well played to all - good line up. Cheers.
  13. Where are the players?

    The division beta was over the past few days too
  14. [TAW] The Art of Warfare

    yeah... US #1 gg to that shit... even after the name was switched