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  1. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    Devs don't do recaps for December, you know, because holidays and stuff.
  2. Night operations?

    It can be balanced, if INS/MIL get access to flashlights they could be used to potentially blind people with NVGs, the blindness effect could last for a few seconds, kinda like the flashbang effects in most games. Flare guns could also be used by the INS/MIL forces to illuminate an area for a distance, and also to blind people. Some NVG models also make it impossible to use scopes while wearing them, so Squad could make it so that kits with NVGs can't have scopes, or if they do, you can't use the scope with the NVG on.
  3. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    You don't have to follow the Commander's orders if you don't want to, or if you think they are unreasonable, just do what you want. If it's anything like PR, then the Commander will be there to provide intel through the UAV and give fire support, he may suggest a course of action but there's nothing saying that you have to do what he says. Your complaints sound more like "These changes have ruined the game even though I haven't played yet"
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    The game is never going to get done if they have to keep adding new stuff because it's being adopted. The Devs opened a whole can of worms when they decided to give the US Army their new pistol instead of keeping the M9, and now everyone is asking for new gear and vehicles for every faction currently in-game. AK-12 when, T-14 when. IMO they should have stuck with a clear date like 2014 and based the gear used by the factions on that.
  5. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    The Osprey is used by Marines, which aren't represented in Squad, though it could fit Squad if Marines are ever made a thing here. Besides that, my point remains, there's no ground attack prop driven aircraft (unless you count drones and the AC-130, which is outside of Squad's scope) currently in use by the US. This might change if they go ahead in adopting either the T-6 Texan II or the Super Tucano for counter insurgency. At the moment, however, pretty much all the US's prop driven aircraft are either transport, trainers, or other functions not directly related to combat, and thus, not fit for Squad gameplay.
  6. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    Such as? The only country currently represented in Squad that might adopt propeller aircraft is the US. It would be completely anachronistic to have old propeller aircraft in a present day scenario just so that people can have planes to pilot.
  7. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    Transport helicopters are definitely coming, and attack helicopters are likely to come as well. Jets are the issue though, as with the map sizes in Squad the Devs would need to make heavy compromises to make them work. They could have a low top speed as they do in PR, but most Squad maps have pretty much unlimited view distance, which PR didn't, so slow jets would be extremely vulnerable and quite ineffective, as people would be able to see them coming a long way. There was the idea of making maps with jets divided into two sections, one smaller area for infantry, ground vehicles and helicopters, which would be about the same size as current Squad maps, and a larger area which would have the airfield(s), but only jets can move inside this area, possible performance issues could be dealt with by making this outer area of the map less detailed, which wouldn't be a problem, as you'd be seeing it all only from inside jets moving at high speeds anyway. The problem with this is that apparently UE4 isn't capable of map sizes that would allow this to work, or so I've read.
  8. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Unless I'm reading this wrong BF2 Revive didn't need to close down, it clearly states that it wanted them to stop distributing the game copy and using official artwork, it doesn't mention stopping to host the servers (i.e. the same thing that bf2hub currently does). In any case, if you really want proof, you can get it from the horse's mouth. Check the replies to the first comment on this video from one of the developers. EA won't close down VU, same as it didn't close down BF2Hub, PR:BF2 or FH2 (PR doesn't even require you to have BF2 installed anymore).
  9. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Things are building up slowly but I can see it working. VU is working on a terrain editor that will allow for brand new maps to be made. Also remember that PR:BF2 doesn't use VOIP either, despite BF2 having it by default, it uses Mumble which is a third-party software. Mumble also works with BF3 so that won't be a problem. And could you please stop thinking that BF2 Revive was shut down by EA? It seems wherever I go I have to make this point: EA requested them to stop distributing the BF2 client, and using official BF2 artwork and logos, as to avoid it being associated with EA/Dice. They didn't have to stop providing the service (check BF2Hub), they shut down because they wanted to, and EA's email just gave them the perfect opportunity. If EA had shut down BF2 Revive themselves, they would have done the same to BF2Hub, PR and FH2.
  10. July 2018 Recap

    Can you guys make the recap videos available on YouTube? I don't know how it is for other people, but Streamable takes too long to load here, and video quality is often poor and I can't change it to a higher quality.
  11. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    It's not as active as it used to be, but you can still play it.
  12. Bring back Russian Ironsight rifleman.

    IMO they should just allow for minor gun customization, limited by what is used by the represented countries IRL. So you can pick whether you want to use the gun with a scope, reflex sight or iron sights, when available. I don't like the current system that limits what you can pick and that cripples you depending on what you choose, for instance how scoped rifleman kits gets less grenades (or at least they did last I checked).
  13. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    IMO Devs should only add another OPFOR faction (so MEC or China, or whatever else they may come up with), and leave all other ideas up to community modders to develop and if they are good enough they can be added to the main game as stated above. The French Forces mod is shaping up really nicely and I can see it being one of the first such mods to be incorporated into the base game.
  14. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    I think a good example to show what I think Daniel means is how ATGMs work on ACE 2 for Arma 2. You can see an example with the TOW on this video at 04:17 The TOW keeps pretty much centered at almost all time, which makes for shooting targets far away or that are moving fast much easier. In Squad (and PR) ATGMs aren't this agile and will take some time to line up with the crosshair, meaning you have to lead the target in order to score a hit, while in ACE 2 you just needed to keep the target centered. But I'm not sure which system is more realistic as I've never fired an ATGM IRL.
  15. LSW is a marksman?!

    According to Wikipedia the big issue was that it was unable of providing actual sustained fire due to it being magazine fed and because you can't change the barrel on it. The RPK has these same issues, not sure why the Russians never went for a light-weight belt-fed MG, but instead kept to the RPK and the PKM.