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  1. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    It's not as active as it used to be, but you can still play it.
  2. Bring back Russian Ironsight rifleman.

    IMO they should just allow for minor gun customization, limited by what is used by the represented countries IRL. So you can pick whether you want to use the gun with a scope, reflex sight or iron sights, when available. I don't like the current system that limits what you can pick and that cripples you depending on what you choose, for instance how scoped rifleman kits gets less grenades (or at least they did last I checked).
  3. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    IMO Devs should only add another OPFOR faction (so MEC or China, or whatever else they may come up with), and leave all other ideas up to community modders to develop and if they are good enough they can be added to the main game as stated above. The French Forces mod is shaping up really nicely and I can see it being one of the first such mods to be incorporated into the base game.
  4. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    I think a good example to show what I think Daniel means is how ATGMs work on ACE 2 for Arma 2. You can see an example with the TOW on this video at 04:17 The TOW keeps pretty much centered at almost all time, which makes for shooting targets far away or that are moving fast much easier. In Squad (and PR) ATGMs aren't this agile and will take some time to line up with the crosshair, meaning you have to lead the target in order to score a hit, while in ACE 2 you just needed to keep the target centered. But I'm not sure which system is more realistic as I've never fired an ATGM IRL.
  5. LSW is a marksman?!

    According to Wikipedia the big issue was that it was unable of providing actual sustained fire due to it being magazine fed and because you can't change the barrel on it. The RPK has these same issues, not sure why the Russians never went for a light-weight belt-fed MG, but instead kept to the RPK and the PKM.
  6. Do you think there will be new faction

    PR isn't the best example considering that many of the factions you mentioned were community made and later added by the Devs, I don''t think Squad Devs will take their time to make Germany, Canada, etc., but perhaps if someone can make those factions up to standard then the Devs might have them included.
  7. when the crewman roles will be added?

    IMO both driver and gunner should have the crewman kit. IMO, not having the kit makes the gameplay more careless, you can rush the APC and lose it but don't worry, you got a LAT or AR so you can just get out of the vehicle once things get ugly and keep being a killing machine. The crewman kit would (IMO) limit this behavior as it would only have a rifle, some few magazines and some smoke grenades, so it wouldn't be a very effective combat kit, so you either go down with the APC and spawn back at main to get another one or spawn at a FOB/RP to play as INF while another one spawns, or you get out when there's nothing you can do at all and try to get back to friendlies to switch the kit.
  8. Mouse lagando no menu

    He says that he can't play the game because he gets stuck on the menu, he can't move his mouse. He tried reinstalling the game and verifying integrity through Steam but nothing solved it. Pra você eu recomendo paciência, você postou o seu problema 6 horas atrás e em português ainda por cima, ninguém do suporte deve saber português. Quando tiver algum problema pelo menos use o Google Tradutor pra postar aqui, se não ninguém vai poder te ajudar.
  9. Possible Expansion ideas?

    The game shouldn't make "adaptations" for anyone. Squad is meant for a very specific target audience, and I don't think that the Devs will, nor should they, add new aspects to make it more appeasing to people who would otherwise not be attracted to the game. The only thing I can see being added is a Skirmish mode once vehicles are in, which would be exactly how Squad plays now, infantry focused rounds for smaller player counts. But no "Special Forces"/CS money system/frenzy/exotic weaponry, it's just stupid, your "choice" is in whether you play Squad for a more tactical play, or COD/CS for a frenzy play, adding such thing to Squad would attract people not interested in the tactical aspect of the game, and it wouldn't be good. If someone can't play Squad because it doesn't offer this "choice", this person shouldn't be playing Squad anyway.
  10. IDF, Gaza Strip?

    The Devs are probably more worried about fixing current issues before going ahead putting even more content, plus I don't believe they'll be making much more factions for the game, the next faction added should be the British (if they do follow their Kickstarter goals), and I don't see them working on any other faction beyond that point, maybe only China or some other OPFOR faction. They did however, say that if a high quality faction mod is made, the mod can get included in the main game, much like it works with PR (the IDF itself was a Community Faction, much like many other factions that are currently included in PR), so if someone makes a good quality IDF mod, with uniforms, weapons, maps and vehicles, all up to standard, then the Devs will very likely include the mod in the main game itself.
  11. Canadian Armed Forces - Suggestion

    Dude what? First, that's not even how the Canadians look like in PR anymore, this is how the look like now: Secondly, none of the weapons (maybe only the LAW) were in PR before the Canadians were released, your own image shows that they were released in v0.9, that's about 6 years ago, the Dutch were only introduced with 1.2, 2 years ago this month, so get your facts straight. Some of the weapons might have been made with basis on existing models and maybe even reused animations from existing weapons, but they're definitely not reskins.
  12. Battlefield 1

    This thread feels like the Dead Sea with all this salt. Did OP make this just so he could hate on the game? Grow up please. Really guys, stop, you don't like the game? Cool, no one cares. Spreading hate doesn't make you a hardcore-old-style battlefield fan, that makes you a jerk. And you know what's more interesting? Most of the people who are hating this didn't even play any BF game prior to BC2. I'm not saying this is the case here, but it's very common, and to be honest, the gameplay from BC2 and BF3 onward is nearly the same thing, not even close to the difference to what changed from BF2/2142 to BC/BC2, and people are all like "MUH OLD TIMES". They did great with BF4, and I'm expecting they'll not let us down with BF1. It's a fresh take from a time frame that is very underrepresented in games. Really interested to see how this will play out, many different mechanics will come hopefully. BF isn't nor ever was supposed to be a realistic shooter. But hey, haters gonna hate, right? This could have been literally any time frame, and the same people would still be talking shit.
  13. But PR devs didn't randomly make new factions, the factions were done by people of the community, common players that decided to get into modding, once the work was good enough the Devs would give a final push for it to be integrated into PR, that's how most of the factions were done. I believe that instead of requesting the Devs to do lesser known scenarios people should work on it themselves and put enough effort so that the devs notice it and help finishing it.
  14. Bundeswehr - German military

    People should stop with these faction suggestion threads, if the Devs want to do a faction they'll do it, be it asked for o not, but right now they're already with lots of work to do and people request something that can be done via mods. If you want your country's military to be featured in the game, get a team of modders together and work on it, the Devs said that if the content is of sufficiently quality it can be added to the main game, that's how it works in PR and that's how I think it should work here, after the British are done it would be interesting for the Devs to focus only on fixing bugs and adding content to existing factions, new factions should be done by community modders and if extremely needed the Devs can help bring it up to standard.
  15. The thing is, do we really need to split the factions into different branches? What is the purpose of making the VDV besides visual changes, really? Make some changes to the player model and... BOOM... VDV. And it wouldn't need to be a new faction, just a Russian reskin to be used on paratrooper maps. Not something very crucial nor that I would like to see modders waste time on, but that's their choice. My personal choice of factions would be (in order of relevance): 1) ANA2) Ukrainian Army3) Iraqi Army4) IDF5) SAA For irregular factions, a reskin to the Insurgent faction would be enough, no need to make YPG/ISIS/Hamas/Taliban/FSA/Al Qaeda since they basically use the same equipment. I don't know how Devs are going to handle the skins, the current ones are placeholders (IIRC), but something cool would be having different skins for different situations (just like having VDV skin for the Russians on paradrop maps, etc.), so in Afghan maps they would have traditional Afghan clothing, much like the Taliban, in Iraq/Syria maps they would wear more western clothing (jeans, hoodies/t-shirts, sneakers) along with the keffiyeh, etc. Of course this is all would have to wait, but it would be worth it. Also... Brazilian Forces, pls? Zeno's thread is this one BTW: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7904-mods-suggestion-thread/#entry126650it could indeed be used for these situations.