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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Just recently... like the first reply to this topic, I have inserted my name for in-game credits-
  2. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Is this still going on? I missed the deadline last year cause I had a mandatory military for one year.... Just curious If it is still possible
  3. As the title says, I wanted to change my forum name i couldn't find the option to do so on the profile management, so i decided to check on the FAQs on the Forums And i found this: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7359-common-faqs/ Forum name change? Please Inbox -Steve- --> 'Here' And when you go into his profile he says he is no longer a Forum Administrator Is there another way to change my name?
  4. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    I request the UAE Flag, and i love it! thanks man!
  5. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Hey man i would appreciate it if you would make a squad logo for the United Arab Emirates flag! Thanks!
  6. Can not download game from Steam (missing executable)

    Just verify game integrity or something
  7. 10 ww2 soldiers who pulled off amazing feats

    I really think the soldiers in WW2 were the bravest soldiers! they have great feats and their actions are always badass!
  8. "Founder Patch" for purchases after the 15th of DEC ?

    They dont sell it anymore
  9. About the founder skins...

    As we have all seen the founder skins of the M4s... it has a sand terrained skin, there is a forest map in the game, my point is here is that will we get different camo'd skins depending of the map in the game, because the sand camo doesnt not really help in the forest map
  10. So whats the best game recorder?

    Thanks to everyone to posted in this Topic i have learned stuff about video recording settings that i never knew like "bit rate" and setting up the 60 fps in sony vegas manually! i really appreciate it!
  11. So whats the best game recorder?

    Yea,sorry about my bad english :/ i tend to try my best :P
  12. So whats the best game recorder?

    I actually used it i set the bitrate like 110 (Maxed out) rendered it on 60fps on sony vegas uploaded it to youtube the quality was horrible.
  13. So whats the best game recorder?

    Do you have any recommendation if you send a picture of your settings i would greatly appreciate it! :D
  14. So whats the best game recorder?

    I have been trying to search for a good a Game record,Fraps uses alot of GB on the computer so i tend to ignore that program, So... lets look at the Alternatives i used OBS but the video quality is not THAT good, shadowplay for some reason is not doing good of a job, so please if anyone has any knowledge of game play recording give me some recommendations! Thanks!
  15. OBS Recording settings NEED HELP

    I will do that as soon as i get home! and thanks for the answering of my question!