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  1. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    FPS: 45-80 (Depending on map and server population) CPU: i7-4790K GPU: GTX 980 RAM: 8GB 1600MHz Res: 1080p Settings: Epic with shadows on medium
  2. Our thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris. We all stand united against these types of cowardly acts.
  3. Face the Community

  4. October 2015

    A lot of great stuff to look forward too. Thanks for the update!
  5. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Great information Sir!
  6. Insurgent must now apply guerilla strategy

    Simply stated "It's for balance." If there were too many the level of long range suppression would be more than the insurgents could overcome. As it is now with only two properly working ACOG's the insurgents can get pinned downed from range much more easily than before the recent patch. That's not to say they are overpowering with the limits now but strategies and tactics do need to be adjusted for the insurgents to succeed now when the ACOG's are being used in the right hands. The evolution of this game is great! Keep up the great work dev's!!
  7. Please Make the Pumkins only on a bit Servers

    I cant get into a server that doesn't have the pumpkin heads
  8. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    Amazing update! The future is looking good!!
  9. Alpha Steaming Allowed?

    Is it hott in here or is it just me?!?! :D
  10. What games is everyone playing on PC in 2016 ?

    Fallout 4 , Arma 3, Project Cars, and R6S
  11. Your license for Squad has expired

    Can confirm opting out of the Steam Beta program fixes the "license has expired issue" and apparently Steam is aware and is preparing a fix.
  12. Update coming?

    Excellent! Excellent! (guitar jam) Absolutely can't wait!
  13. Worth every penny, great value for money and you will spend a lot of hours playing this game. The game is already optimized really well for an alpha. So if you're into team play, realistic goals and shooting stuff this the game for you!
  14. Are you Land, Sea, or Air Type?

    Love the idea of flying but I'm not very good. Land Vehicles are fun but boots on the ground is where I will usually be.
  15. The role of a vehicle "Commander"

    I think your idea's are great but given the limited player count I think it would take away from the overall experience. However I do agree with Sparcany that a two or three man crew would be good for certain vehicle types.