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  1. Founder skins

    I am also having some trouble with this. I'm looking in my Squad Settings (in-game) and I see that I have everything selected (https://imgur.com/a/sqciC), yet in-game, I can't see any of that stuff, aka the M4 with the desert paint. I can't even see them in the firing range, let alone in any servers. Is there something that I'm missing? Thanks.
  2. Hello guys and girls, My name is G10rgos, or George, or whatever you feel like calling me. This is a message towards the Project Leaders, Managers, Developers, Forum Moderators, Animators, Sound Designers, Producers and everyone who actively supports this ambitious Project. I've been playing Project Reality for the past 7 years, I've met a lot of people, some of which I consider very good friends. I've had a great time, a lot of fun and some truly memorable moments. I've had to deal with the good and the bad, as most of us have, but overall it was an amazing experience. Since I discovered Project Reality, I've been saying that it's one of the best, if not the best, game I've ever played. The mod itself is fantastic, it's well made and it gives you countless hours of fun. Unfortunately, the past year, Project Reality has been in a bit of a downslope. I've noticed that some major servers (see ]CIA[, =]H[= etc) have gone down. I've also noticed that the player base in Project Reality has dropped dramatically, compared to two years ago. All this has made me stop playing this game and just wait patiently for PR:2. But then I stumbled upon this, thanks to Bluedrake42's video. I've had a thorough browse through your two YouTube videos, and through your forums. I've seen most development posts, most progress update posts and I have to say that this is what I dreamt Project Reality would be. I think I speak for most Project Reality veterans when I say this: Thank you guys. You have created something amazing, something that will undoubtedly bring even more people in this community, something that Project Reality has desperately needed. I am grateful for all you guys who put so much effort in this, without really getting anything in return, for the fun of us mere players. I thank you for this and I hope that you meet your every goal. Hopefully, Squad will explode when it reaches the Alpha and Beta stages and it will again be filled with people that appreciate and enjoy tactical and realistic shooters. Hopefully you'll have the donations web page/mechanism ready soon so we can all support you as best we can. I wish you all the best and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, G10rgos
  3. From An Old Project Reality Fan

    Thank you Nate
  4. From An Old Project Reality Fan

    I am currently waiting till January/February until I buy my new PC, for which I am extremely hyped. After I get it, I will most definitely be back in PR. What servers are usually popular these days? I assume Free Candy Van is still up and running. What other servers are popular amongst the player base?