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  1. AKs are inaccurate? Are you kidding me? I will pixel headshot people with the ones on Al Basrah. BUT.... That AK74SU, that one is definitely all over the place. I can't seem to hit anything with it and hate going HAT. But I have never had any issues with accuracy on the other AKs. I love playing Insurgent and taking out entire squads with them. This is from me never using the scoped AK. I can't speak for that weapon. This is based on my 200+ hours and 100+ of those hours being on Al Basrah alone.
  2. I can hear enemies easily around me 360 degrees, but you need a good sound card. I think the range is a bit close though and players could be louder but only when sprinting or if they are carrying heavy gear. I think we need to soften the sounds if a player is using the walk command, because when it is just me and one other player in a room with no nearby firefighrs going on, you can VERY EASILY hear when they are moving. We need both louder sounds for sprinting and softer sounds when slow walking.
  3. 187th SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND STEAM PAGE 187th Special Forces Command (Airborne) The 187th Special Forces Command is modeled around the 1st Special Forces Command and is a reserve unit. This means we actively play but you are not required to be at weekly training events and exercises. Officially we get together 8 pm EST on Saturdays which involves some light training at the start and then fighting as a squad or controlling a few squads in official public servers. We also get on whenever we please throughout the week. Our mission is assembling a group of highly trained individuals who can operate in a variety of roles from air, land, and sea, as well as in conventional and unconventional warfare missions. This means taking on standard combat roles like, infantry work, logistics, combat engineering, recon teams, and coordinating both direct and indirect fire support. The unconventional warfare aspect covers us working with foreign allies (pubbies) and coordinating an entire team against the common enemy which is what special force units commonly do in the real world. While we are an MILSIM unit, you will find it fairly different from the others. Each individual has great value to this small team, and we recognize this by focusing only on the roles necessary to successfully wage war with that being a soldier or team leader. This is shown with our core ranks of Specialist, Corporal, and Sergeant that have no requirements and are based completely on whether you like fighting or leading. While special force units traditionally have only sergeants, we recognize that some players have no interest in leading but are nonetheless very valuable team members. Just like the Spartans of the past, and Special Forces today, there is no need for numerous ranks. Your time-in-service isn't the focus of our ranks, it's working in a team. If you think you suck, that's okay. The only requirement to join is to be a team player, and have a great time while you're at it. You may contact me on Steam by clicking here if you'd like to join.
  4. Coming from PR, I can agree with the driver getting the TK. No matter what, friendlies will run over mines by mistake. There are so many things happening, that many people forget about them. The rule is this; the closer you place a mine by a friendly spawn, the more likely it will be hit by a friendly and not an enemy. The miner should be aware of this even when they make chat announcements about a mine, and people driving around should be aware there may be mines in the area that will TK them. I don't think either party should be harshly punished. The only time it calls for that if a mine is in your main base entrance. However, having the driver get the TK points helps make them take a minute to look at the map for mines. EXPECT your team to run over them. Even 10 years later, people complain in PR about friendlies running over mines. "You placed it by friendlies!" "I marked it on the map!" and so on, and back and forth. Neither party is really wrong. Don't focus on the SHOULD or SHOULD NOT, focus on how you handle it. You have to balance the RISKS of where you put mines, and where you drive. It's part of war. But I definitely think drivers getting the TK points is a step in the right direction as drivers have much more motivation to look for mine markers.
  5. The fall can easily be added in the game by making fall damage give you slow movement and take away health without bleeding. The medic can have a splint option to fix the slow movement. But the devs have bigger fish to fry at the moment.
  6. Ticket bleed encourages your team to be aggressive. We can't spend the game sitting around. Once you have a majority of objectives, that is all you need as you've said. But many times the enemy likes to keep going and take more objectives. If your team is slow and they capture more than the basic majority, you can easily win the game by combining your forces as one and capture their objectives one by one. Becaise you didn't own the objectives in the first place, there is no penalty for you. Even though they had a majority of the points, the action of capturing their points penalizes them greatly to push your side to victory.
  7. The guy who focuses on what others are doing wrong.
  8. An SL vote system? Are you serious? Most squad leaders think the only way to play the game is be directly on the objective and put a spawn point on it. They don't know you can have a big impact by focusing on their spawn point and cutting their reinforcements to objectives, or that you can have two to three spawn points next to an objective by building around it. Most do not understand that a squad can easily be caught and slowed down by contact. Even one MG can tie down a whole squad. You think that's ridiculous? We're operating squads of random people who don't train togeter. You can very easily slow down squads by doing hit and runs, and popping smoke, and making them think there's many of you while there really is only one. But squad leaders love looking at their minimap instead of what their squad is doing, and critizing how SL 2 hasn't moved from the Gas Station in 10 minutes. People want to get rid of squad leaders, but they're not even in their squad and have no clue what that squad is doing or engaging. Yet they're qualified to be judges. Fog-of-war and infantry squads who can't maneuver because they are committed aren't just real war problems. They happen in every Squad match, but are commonly seen as incompetence. A squad vote system just allows squad leaders to kick SLs blindly. But most importantly, it lets people kick people for not playing the game the way they think it should be played. If there's an actual trolling problem, leave it to the admins.
  9. Think about it practically. When you find a logi ready to be tracked, where is it? It's already parked by the FOB. And if you're hoping to find the next FOB, it's going to be a looooong time before a squad decides to build a second FOB when most squad leaders only focus on being in combat. It's a non issue. I've yet to see any team mates telling me we got a tracking IED. If it's tracking, most of the time it's going to be tracking a parked vehicle.
  10. What's the problem? I love when the enemy mortars my position. That means enemy infantry can't move in! It's like having a nice invisible shield protecting you! What's that? You keep dying? Don't you know what cover is? Double stack those sandbags and make yourself a fighting hole!
  11. mortar

    This is awesome. Can we get estimated travel time as well?
  12. I've never had an issue with the Refinery objective. When I am an insurgent squad leader, I always send the majority of my squad there in an MG techie to push back any American forces. As long as that MG covers the open area, and you have most of your squad there, the Americans can't take it. They'd have to send two full squads to overwhelm my position and that's something they just don't do. The only times I've seen issues with that flag is when insurgent leaders think that having one or two men there is enough.
  13. Restart Steam if you're having trouble downloading the update.
  14. You asked why the claiming system is great, and I've told you. You seem to think that because you don't like the system, and that your way of thinking is right, how could anyone else like this system? I've told you why, and you still don't understand why people support the system. All I could tell you is that people like the system. If you want to know why, I think it's better you don't ask. You won't like the answers. Let me take the opposite viewpoint. Why solo claiming is great. Well, that means I can claim any vehicle I want at anytime. I can take it without consequence. I can spawn at the main base and take a vehicle solo by myself and not have to wait for others. I think it's great because I don't have to consider how it will affect other squads or people. The important thing is, I get what I want when I want it and don't have to wait for a squad mate to claim it for myself. And when I need it for my squad, well so what if i'm by myself? It's their fault for not sticking with ME. Why should I stick with someone because I want to pick up a vehicle? I'm picking it up for THEM! This is a very special situation in which, all other 8 squad members were unable to move with me to pick up this Stryker that holds 11 people.
  15. Aw, damn. What's the bug?