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  1. Where Did My FPS Go?

    OWI Devs, give me back my frames! - Augustus Caesar
  2. There's a lot of guys who aren't good at dealing with people. I mean even in the military you have leaders that yell at you for little mistakes. Don't take it personally and try joining the teamwork servers that have long queues. They will have more mature leaders.
  3. Free look / TrackIR Support

    In FreePIE after you open the file, make sure you also "Run Script".
  4. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Make sure it's updated. You use it in other games?
  5. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Maybe run them as administrator?
  6. Free look / TrackIR Support

    You might have gotten it to work but didn't lean enough. The default values are pretty high. I had to change the 5 and -5 to 3 and -3. I did so in the green and grey text, but I suspect the green text isn't really code and is just info for us.
  7. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Here you go bud: So just go to the link and what I did was make a new file in FreePIE, I copied the GitHub info on the link and pasted it inside FreePIE. Once I did that, I saved it and then just Run Script on it. Let me know if it works and I can tell you how to add a key and adjust the sensitivity.
  8. I like AK iron sights. M4 with the red dot CCO let's you see your aim ON the target more easily, but the AK gives you a nice open view on your screen. And as a bonus, in v10 the AK front iron sight isuch easier to see now.
  9. V10 weapon muzzle control

    In v9 the whole screen would shake when you fire but in v10 only the rifle shakes. Being able to keep eyes on your target while firing in auto makes it much easier to use, while the increased muzzle sway makes it harder to use semi. I have no issues with it though when firing in controlled pairs (the shooter in you would know the difference between that and a double tap), and focusing.
  10. I see OWI doing a great job. I've played PR for 10 years and I have the opposite opinion. Every few months, the gameplay gets major upgrades. Other alphas I play are the same.game after two years. I played Squad two years ago and it was vastly different. And OWI provides two to three news updates a month. OWI isn't a giant money company like EA who can force finish a game in a few months. A lot of them are former PR devs, and those guys Dev for fun in their free time. Coming together to make a game company, is going to have it's challenges. Especially when you're going against billion dollar companies that have been established for a decade or two. Maybe they did think it would be finish by 2017, but there is a reason why every single developing team's release date is "ready when it's ready". Because when you are actually a developer, you understand why that timeline is the most accurate of all. The only companies that can get a game released at a certain time for sure, are billion dollar game companies who can hire a ton of people who are all being overworked just in the name of getting it out on that date. Just so they can make more money.
  11. Free look / TrackIR Support

    It isn't officially supported, but you can use FreePie with it so you can lean. I use mine to lean like a pro.
  12. Steam Achievements.

    Those hidden achievements have been there for months.
  13. M4 burst mode

    It's that that big of a deal tat. You can hold your mouse button a quarter of a second longer to get a full burst or not. It's nice having the flexibility of single shot available like you have in auto.
  14. FOB = my love

    We don't need a game mode for it. If you want to build FOBs in your game, then that's great. Just make your own squad and name it "FOBs". Tryout different strategies of FOBs such as one big one, a couple of smaller ones, a FOB hidden away as a backup spawn, a FOB that's away from the front lines and is a nearby vehicle repair station for friends, or a FOB right on the objective to fortify and hold on to. One thing I like doing is loading up the Shooting Range, type in a console command "adminchangemap x" and explore maps using the admin cam (shift + p), and finding the best defensible spots that also have great eyes on objectives and is not too close or too far away from it. You can start making your own maps to remember great FOB locations that help you take objectives, kill the enemy, and stop you from being over run.