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  1. Are you a good shot?

    Ahaha, I didn't even know this was a mechanic! That must be why I have such great aim. I always move slow to scan my surroundings properly and conserve stamina unless I need to cross a street or flank quickly. I'm usually around 75% stamina. This is a very good tip to know, and I didn't even know it was affecting my aim! Thank you. There really are so many factors that can affect your aim from game to game and computer to computer. Sometimes it is very hard to find out what exactly is making someone's aim poor.
  2. Way to train?

    You should join a few groups to see how their training is. Clans usually just get together, and MILSIM units usually have training but they are very simulating of a military environment which doesn't translate completely into the game. You can also try SquadOps. Good training comes down to a good instructor who has a lot of experience and knows where to draw the line between what works in game and doesn't. That will be hard to find though. Your best bet is to find a group you like and over time, playing together makes you into a better team. That's half of training right there. Consistently playing together.
  3. Are you a good shot?

    A rework of shooting mechanics because someone can't shoot? Really?
  4. Are you a good shot?

    You need to spend a lot of time training at the shooting range. You don't want to take too much time to aim and shoot because you will always have some deviation and can still miss. However, you need to know what are the most rounds you can get on your target while being the most accurate. If you really want to improve your shooting, spend more time at the range than you are in servers. That may not sound like fun, but that is the only way you will get better. You can also look into your mouse settings, in detail. Click here and look at this mouse guide. This will go over every single thing you didn't even know about your mouse. You need to make sure your basic aiming tool is perfect for use. Once you are set, do some Russian mouse training. Those guys are hardcore. Click here for the website.
  5. Only on small maps should FOB location be decreased. I've heard many FOB locations be called bad, but I can see the advantages and disadvantages in all of them. Some provide immediate reinforcements to an objective area, Others provide multiple spawn points around an objective area Others provide a backup spawn in case the front line falls Others provide a rear insertion area Some are placed because the convoy team comes under fire and the only good place to set a FOB was their area. Why set a FOB in this situation? Imagine your entire team hasn't had a FOB for 20 minutes and you're desperately trying to get some spawn point up somewhere at least. I really haven't seen a bad FOB. Unless you're actually in the squad that places the FOB, you are not qualified to say if it was a bad FOB. You don't know the circumstances and mindset of the squad leader who is placing it. And unless you're the commander of a team who is keeping track of each squad's situation, you won't know what a bad FOB is. And since we don't have commanders in-game, we really can't claim something as a bad FOB. However, if I could agree on FOB distance being shrunk it would be on the tiniest of maps.
  6. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Logi trucks will always be abandoned on the field. It's up to the team that operates at a higher level to take care of them. This is all fine by me because I can expect the enemy to perform poorly and use this to my advantage. An infantry squad will not be running logistics because people don't want to run logistics in general. Sometimes I can find a person or two or I might have time myself to run them, but in general, a small dedicated logistics team will be a huge asset to the team. I love running a small logistics team every now and then, ever since my Project Reality days.
  7. Do mortars suck?

    I'll use some math myself. You've just called 75% of the player base worst than mediocre. Having 15 kills after a round is pretty good for most players. You've also admitted you'd rather fight against your own team when they're losing, even though you seem to have the arithmetically correct solutions to winning the game. I think you need to start calculating how you can improve your teamwork skills.
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    These are awesome updates! I mean, even a small thing like a rifleman being able to build a fighting position is great and realistic!
  9. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    I love the SPG animation. I never seen this level of detail in any game.
  10. AKs are inaccurate? Are you kidding me? I will pixel headshot people with the ones on Al Basrah. BUT.... That AK74SU, that one is definitely all over the place. I can't seem to hit anything with it and hate going HAT. But I have never had any issues with accuracy on the other AKs. I love playing Insurgent and taking out entire squads with them. This is from me never using the scoped AK. I can't speak for that weapon. This is based on my 200+ hours and 100+ of those hours being on Al Basrah alone.
  11. Steps of the enemy cannot be heard

    I can hear enemies easily around me 360 degrees, but you need a good sound card. I think the range is a bit close though and players could be louder but only when sprinting or if they are carrying heavy gear. I think we need to soften the sounds if a player is using the walk command, because when it is just me and one other player in a room with no nearby firefighrs going on, you can VERY EASILY hear when they are moving. We need both louder sounds for sprinting and softer sounds when slow walking.
  12. 187th SPECIAL FORCES COMMAND STEAM PAGE 187th Special Forces Command (Airborne) The 187th Special Forces Command is modeled around the 1st Special Forces Command and is a reserve unit. This means we actively play but you are not required to be at weekly training events and exercises. Officially we get together 8 pm EST on Saturdays which involves some light training at the start and then fighting as a squad or controlling a few squads in official public servers. We also get on whenever we please throughout the week. Our mission is assembling a group of highly trained individuals who can operate in a variety of roles from air, land, and sea, as well as in conventional and unconventional warfare missions. This means taking on standard combat roles like, infantry work, logistics, combat engineering, recon teams, and coordinating both direct and indirect fire support. The unconventional warfare aspect covers us working with foreign allies (pubbies) and coordinating an entire team against the common enemy which is what special force units commonly do in the real world. While we are an MILSIM unit, you will find it fairly different from the others. Each individual has great value to this small team, and we recognize this by focusing only on the roles necessary to successfully wage war with that being a soldier or team leader. This is shown with our core ranks of Specialist, Corporal, and Sergeant that have no requirements and are based completely on whether you like fighting or leading. While special force units traditionally have only sergeants, we recognize that some players have no interest in leading but are nonetheless very valuable team members. Just like the Spartans of the past, and Special Forces today, there is no need for numerous ranks. Your time-in-service isn't the focus of our ranks, it's working in a team. If you think you suck, that's okay. The only requirement to join is to be a team player, and have a great time while you're at it. You may contact me on Steam by clicking here if you'd like to join.
  13. Remove the bleeding due to falling

    The fall can easily be added in the game by making fall damage give you slow movement and take away health without bleeding. The medic can have a splint option to fix the slow movement. But the devs have bigger fish to fry at the moment.
  14. Change in ticket bleed system?

    Ticket bleed encourages your team to be aggressive. We can't spend the game sitting around. Once you have a majority of objectives, that is all you need as you've said. But many times the enemy likes to keep going and take more objectives. If your team is slow and they capture more than the basic majority, you can easily win the game by combining your forces as one and capture their objectives one by one. Becaise you didn't own the objectives in the first place, there is no penalty for you. Even though they had a majority of the points, the action of capturing their points penalizes them greatly to push your side to victory.
  15. Types of Annoying Players

    The guy who focuses on what others are doing wrong.