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  1. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    A vehicle depot? Yes, please!
  2. Hey man, don't worry about those guys making fun of you. I remember being 14 and playing America's Army, the most realistic FPS shooter back then, while using VOIP but I was always teamplay minded and a team player. I was much more serious about playing than a lot of players back then, so I understand where you are coming from man! Stay on teamwork servers like Tactical Gamer or noob friendly ones. I think SquadOps is probably good but they are also competitive so you might have some issues there. The people will be less likely to hate on you. Also, stay away from Doctor's Office. They have a terrible history of salty admins and players. There are plenty of people who don't mind playing with a 14 year who wants to work as a team!
  3. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Have you been using Steam Controller? How well does it work? And how's Egg's profile? I'm just starting to get back into mine after being away for a long time.
  4. How to ping?

    Ah, I see. Thanks buddy.
  5. How to ping?

    The spawn screen? I've tried it as squad leader and it didn't do anything. It just brings up the marker menu.
  6. How to ping?

    I have a custom key bindings and have trouble finding the ping button for the map. Which key is it tied to and how do I do it?
  7. What makes a good SL

    Someone who can communicate well, state an easy to understand mission, have a positive mindset, and guide his team members to work together.
  8. Realism/Milsim Units?

    I've known Hawkeye for 10 years and his group has been around since I can remember. I'd recommend joining his group. I've tried others and they will either go too far with simulating a military unit or disband after a short while. I'm originally from Tiger Platoon and they are a great group as well.
  9. Squad Level Autobalance

    I wasn't aware that this was a thing experienced squad leaders do. I actually prefer going over to the losing side to have more of a challenge. I will recognize squad leaders but I never make an effort to get on the winning side. When it comes to clans then that is different. They always try to get on the same side. But to have random SLs, when it seems half of them are always insulting other SLs, try to get on the same side just doesn't sound like a thing that really happens. But perhaps I am wrong. I just don't see much value in an easy victory and having landslides after landslides are not good for keeping players on a server. As for the original post, that seems reasonable. I think it's very important to keep the teams balanced on a skill level.
  10. The grid calculator is also off when you get to the border lines.
  11. In the video they talk about working on suppression. Now they don't say exactly what will be implemented. They have a page of thousands of ideas on how to implement it and they definitely want it to enhance the tactical nature of the game while not being too debilitating. SgtRoss said it would be kind of like Red Orchestra suppression and I think he also said it would have some physical effect. Which may or may not be flinching or could be to a certain degree. The idea is they have so many ways to do it and are trying to capture the feel of combat. This is understandably not an easy thing to portray in-game.
  12. This is an awesome video. That recon of next objectives idea sounds really good! If the AAS layer is randomized and you can't see the next flags until your own are captured, then it is impossible to rush! All you can do is use a reconnaissance force to monitor troop movements and rush based on that. That would be really interesting!
  13. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    Check this guy out. He is running a squad of two 30mm BTRs but handles dealing with Strykers and an emplacement TOW very well:
  14. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    Ah, I see. The easiest way is to set up a TOW or SPG in a hidden position that covers open areas the vehicle is likely to travel. Use flanking fire on it so it doesn't easily see you but if your choices are limited, set it up behind cover or just around the corner of a building where it isn't standing out in the open. If your position is discovered, you MUST reposition. You can use other tactics as well by coordinating SPG techies, mines, and RPGs. However, to get the best bang for your buck you can have a small 3 man team set up a hidden SPG position on the map. That way you can use your team's manpower on objectives.
  15. VERY Concernd about the TOW missle

    You have to do recon and locate where the enemy may be setting up. You can do part of this by looking on the map and imagine where would YOU put a TOW for maximum benefit? With Squad, it's made easier because you play the same maps over and over again. With that in mind you can predict EXACTLY where they will set up with experience. Besides guess-a-mating where it can be, you work with infantry as a screening force. In open or closed areas infantry act as recon except in the open they would have their own vehicles (armored recon or in our case, MRAP infantry). Now either way rather the infantry are on foot or mounted, they are your protection against TOWs and they can actually handle the TOW by themselves. Once they locate the TOW, a single rifleman can keep eyes on the position and kill whoever gets on it. In real life you can use an anti-material rifle (.50 Cal sniper) to disable equipment. In Squad I think some things can destroy equipment. Maybe .50 Cal's but I'm not sure as people never really cared to "disable" emplacements until now.