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  1. We're aware you don't, however I do. Being a squad leader that has a communicative squad as well as communicative squad leaders on your team makes it difficult to filter your comms. Having subleaders organizing and leading their own teams within your own squad will just add even more noise to the SL's radio. Either way, I am very glad to see Ross' answer on how fireteams will take shape.
  2. So people want fireteams, but I think the implementation is not so simple. You have to consider how they will communicate. Some people want an extra fireteam chat button. Do we want more complexity? I do not think so. Some will say, "it's only one more button", but it isn't the button that is the issue. It is the principle of keeping this game simple and easy to use. On the principle of being simple and easy, some people rather just have one big squad that moves as one. A lot of firepower controlled by one leader. Besides, where exactly are we supposed to find two fireteam leaders? It isn't like every player in this game is a team leader. A lot of times, we have a lack of team leaders just for squads. So let's do this: have squads have the option to be turned into a fireteam-able squad. A button changes the color of the squad name or an icon shows up, and the squad leader now has fireteam capability. You can see which squad you can join in which you have the chance to be a fireteam leader! Or one you want to avoid because you don't want to be assigned as a leader. How about fireteam comms? Well, make it so that the "squad chat" is now your own fireteam chat. When a fireteam member uses his squad chat, it is actually to his fireteam. When the fireteam leader uses his squad leader chat, it is actually chat between the SL and two fireteam leaders. For the SL, his squad chat only goes to the fireteam leaders while his squad leader chat remains the same. "But I need to be able to talk to all my squad members!" Then use your local chat. If you want fireteams, that means having two leaders to lead them for you. It is leading through delegation. This is how platoon leaders lead. If you do not like this, you have the option to stay as a normal squad. What makes a fireteam isn't weapons or equipment. What makes a fireteam is how you organize and communicate.
  3. Who are you to be calling 90% of squad leaders ineffective and idiots? Here you are, surprised at the "blatant lack of teamwork", yet this game is famously known as being one of the BEST for teamwork. You just want all the other leaders to be meeting YOUR standards of what YOU think is a good squad leader. This game is filled with people from different backgrounds, education, ages, and opinions whom ALL have different standards of what they think is a good squad leader is. Your definition of good teamwork and leadership skill means the guy knows how to start a car. I can tell you that starting a car, is not a fundamental principle of leadership. I challenge you to find that in any leadership training in the world. Never run in a straight line? The fastest way to the enemy is straight. Sometimes you curve, sometimes you go straight. While starting a car doesn't indicate how great of a leader you are, having a violence of speed certainly can. You don't make choices based on a rule, you make choices by keeping the big picture in mind and weighing your options with each other. You think the leaders here suck, you go ahead and find any other game that has more than the measly 10% good leaders we have here.
  4. It prevents solo blueberries taking your vehicle. 'Nuff said.
  5. Being a medic means avoiding getting into a firefight.
  6. I don't think making the healing process longer is going to make the game fun. But I think if you add other things that have nothing to deal with the healing process, like if a player falls from a tall building and survives, he moans in agony every few seconds unless a medic gives him painkillers or "applies a splint" to him which stops his annoying sounds. I think that would be cool and add ambiance to the game. Maybe you can also have a "medical locker" you can build on a FOB that only medics can set up by applying their medic bag to it, and it lets players heal at the FOB. All this leaves the healing process alone, but adds depth to the game in the form of extra things you can do.
  7. The claiming system is great, I only need a locked squad to run logistics successfully. You never want to run logistics alone, and having three players is a good number for running logistics.
  8. I don't kick players for not using their mic, only for not working together. If you get TKed for not having a mic, you need to report that player to your server admins. That is unacceptable. And if the admins don't do anything about it, find another server. I enjoy the consequences of a team not placing FOBs, or placing them too close to hot areas and leaving the team without spawn points. You get what you sow. I enjoy the vehicle mechanics. If players don't want to run from the main base for 15 minutes and then get shot, then they need to set up a FOB and use cover more. All those changes you suggest would make the game less enjoyable for me. I like being rewarded for playing strategically better than my enemy.
  9. I can agree with downed players being arrested and therefore being 'killed'. It would take a bit of time just like it takes medics to revive players a bit of time, but would take the player out of commission. I think that makes sense and adds some good gameplay depth. It would need to be long though like you're simulating searching the enemy for any weapons or bombs like a real detaining situation. This also adds importance to the future planned dragging your wounded buddy away mechanic. There you have a good reason to drag squad mates away, because then the enemy can secure them.
  10. Letting players build boxes which you can place SPGs or .50 cals on top of, allows you to fire behind sandbags, low walls, and windows. Players can also use these to fire from windows at higher angles or fight behind tall walls. Normally you'd be able to make .50 cal and SPG fighting positions inside buildings by creating some holes, or you'd be able to put sandbags in front of your crew-served weapon to give some frontal cover. With this, you have a simple method for being able to do this.
  11. I've recently joined They just moved from ArmA 3 and still play it. The command staff are very mature and conscious about behaving appropriately and friendly. I wanted something tactical and professional, so here I am.
  12. You can make an apartment base permanent by placing enough sand bag defenses. The trick is to build a double pillbox sandbag on top of the stairs as well as a inside the room the stairs leads into. You make sure you can still walk past the sandbags, and you make this for the bottom floor and top floor. The bottom floor I build a double sandbag pillbox before you even get on the stairs. This provides bottom floor defenders a lot of cover. Setting sandbags every few floors helps to protect every floor very well. Having multiple sandbag fighting positions surrounding a stair entry gives too many possible corners and holes for tangos to watch out for when coming up. Also, you want sand bags around the walls to stop penetration from .50 cals. You do this in real life combat when fortifying a building to protect against heavy machine guns. It's beautiful!
  13. It's great gaming with you Socrates, thanks for the good times!
  14. Very interesting beginna. Good to know there is an option for it.
  15. Are there commands where I can build stuff and test things with FOBs and buildings by myself on all the maps?