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  1. Lean toggle cancel

    It just takes getting used to. Its better this way as you now have 2 options. When leaning right you can choose to (press E to return to center) or (press Q to lean left). Making it the way you suggested, going from leaning right to leaning left would just result in painfully waiting for the animation to finish.
  2. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    If removing allchat was to be made an option, it would also need to have an exception for messages sent by an admins. I wouldn't be suprised if we would have options to disable chats/nametags in the future but anything like this and that is very low priority.
  3. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    As an admin you can already limit the use of it. Some new players sometimes ask for help using it which is completely fine. If someone tries to talk about non related stuff or something that doesn't belong in game, its as simple as telling them to go write about it on the forums or cut the chat. Sometimes allchat is used for abit of friendly banter as well. As long as admins do their job and people use common sense, i see absolutely no reason to remove it.
  4. Serious clans

    You're not gonna find any competitive clans via CCFN.. I recommend watching ISKT matches..
  5. Any ETA on V10?

    Official instructions for V10. Step A. When is it coming? = 3 weeks. Step B. If its not released in 3 weeks = Read Step A again.
  6. tactical blind fire

    This has got to be a troll.
  7. Optic vs Non-Optic Mouse Sensitivity

    Magnified optics have a lower sensitivity for a reason... Imho the balance is fine but i don't see any harm in ability to customize sensitivity in your options seperately for hipfire and ADS. You can always adjust ur sensitivity based on whetever you have ironsights, a red dot or a magnified optic.
  8. Your CPU is weak, you'll gain more FPS with higher Ghz. At moment Squad is an unoptimized game, yes. It requires a strong CPU, this is well known info. As far as i know, Squad only utilizes maybe 1 or 2 cores of your CPU, which is why even though your "CPU usage" is low, doesn't mean your core 1 isn't pushing 100%. This is not a finished game, its in alpha and its made by a small developer, therefore its performance cannot be compared with AAA titles. If you don't want to upgrade your rig then wait for better optimization updates. Even with the best CPU you will only get like 70-100fps.

    Down for maintenance untill around 15.00 UK; 16.00 CEST, 17.00 EAST EU / RUSSIA / FINLAND
  10. Wirecutters

    And C4 for fobs :>
  11. Red dots have brightness settings, if its really bright outside you turn it up. If your dot is too dim you can't see it in bright light conditions. Some red dots automatically adjust to the brightness of the environment. I haven't personally ran into problems of losing the dot that much, you can always aim with the center. I recommend turning off eye adaptation on very bright desert maps such as Al Basrah, makes things a little less bright.
  12. Numbers instead of names on Squad members

    Feel free to give everyone in your squad a number, don't expect them to remember it, nor the number of someone else. Useless confusion, just use simple nicknames and its all good.
  13. Banned

    What server were you playing on?..