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  1. The tandem round should have way more drop, now it seems to be the same as a normal HEAT round. Getting a hit with one is way too easy currently. Strykers on sumari against hat's is just ridiculous.
  2. The reason bullet drop doesn't seem accurate is because of the elevation bug, which will hopefully be fixed in v10.
  3. Get a better CPU.
  4. - Steam - Settings - In-Game - In-game server browser max pings / minute Try lowering that to 500-1000
  5. Rapid single shots are always better unless you're in really close quarters such as inside a building. Although if you are for example wiping out an enemy FOB by yourself, you might want to conserve your bullets and take precision shots on semi. FOV 90.
  6. Thats what the bolt release is for. And it is included in the animations.
  7. There is no such thing as fake reloads.. You were just too slow, lol. Or it could have been another player reloading and his buddy covering the corner, simple as that. Its ridiculous to presume that he's somehow cheating you. There is no need to use the charging handle as the bolt is locked open when the last shot is fired.
  8. People crawling under enemy vehicles to flip them over..
  9. excessive teamkilling

    Autoban system already exists.. Atleast on our server. Maybe you just need to find an US server with active admins and no toleration to teamkilling.
  10. I'd imagine static Igla's and Stingers.
  11. And your CPU is? Bottlenecking af?
  12. You can make that jump ingame easy...
  13. I've surely had no problems in mumblerines with their permaban for intentional tk system.
  14. It works if you're playing AAS with a single capture point line.. That way you can enforce the flag and barricade it to prevent attackers. If there is a FOB on a CP it should be on the active one that is being defended, do not place a fob in every CP. Do not abandon a CP with a friendly FOB in it, if the CP is no longer cap-able then remove the FOB with SL. That way if the enemy flanks around they wont be able to take those 20 tickets from your team. Although i say "do not" i simply mean that is my opinion on this matter. I'm not telling you what to do, just what i think you should do and not do.