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  1. Couldn't have said it any better.
  2. Of course, but i imagine we'll also have thermal optics for heavy vehicles.
  3. If you think the stryker is too weak then you're just not using it properly. I see members of my clan get +50 kills with it daily. 3-4 RPG hits already makes it the toughest vehicle in the game, giving it more armor would make it indestructible, unbalanced. I've also heard devs are working on an ammunition system that would prevent spamming grenades and such.
  4. If used properly they're worth using.
  5. Oh no the shovels will ruin the whole game! Stop crying about nonsense.
  6. Taking out an enemy FOB with a single IED seems pretty OP, doesn't give them a chance to try save it. If this would be a feature then other factions would need to have their explosives as well, like C4.
  7. The purpose of that is for the RPG's to ignite prematurely so by the time it makes to the real armor it will be ineffective, won't penetrate as much. Again lets remember Balance > Realism. Gameplay > Realism.
  8. We're sorry to hear that. Please direct your complaint on the admin towards Nordic or Von Snoe. You can also find us on our discord at:
  9. The pistol recoil feels awkward af as well..
  10. So taking out your magazine and trying to weight it or someshit, is easier than looking at the bottom right corner of your screen? I'd prefer we just go back to the color system that went from Green > Light Green > Light Yellow > Yellow > Orange > Red > Black. Whatever it is that we had in V8.
  11. *Cringe*
  12. Only if your GPU is running on 100% usage which i seriously doubt. a 1070 should be able to run 1.5ss on 1080p without a trouble. Only vehicle zoom or binos makes my GPU usage 100% with 1.5ss. Also which 3D mark test did you run? Firestrike?
  13. Hello there. My specs here: GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 X CPU Intel i5-4670k 3.40Ghz < OC'ed to 4.30Ghz Ram: Hyper X DDR3 1600Mhz 16GB Resolution: 1920x1080, 60Hz Settings: All Epic, supersampling 1.5 I use NVIDIA vsync so my FPS doesn't exceed 60. While playing in a full 80 player server on mumblerines i keep a fps of 45-60. Depends on the map and location.
  14. CPU usage is irrelevant, if you have a stronger CPU the single core that squad uses will also be stronger. Thus you get more FPS but usage stays the same.
  15. They're probably going to give the M110 a better scope yeah. M16 if they impliment USMC perhaps.