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  1. BMP-2 for Militia

    Mostly, and originally, MTLB is used as a towed artillery tractor and all-terrain APC/utility vehicle. Its version with a 30mm AC is quite rare and used mostly in the Marine units. After all, it lacks the armor of BMP just because originally it wasn't meant to be designed and used as IFV.
  2. BMP-2 for Militia

    TBH, never understood why Devs implemented MTLB with 30mm AC, which is a quite rare - even in Russian Army, instead of the most numerous and the most spread 2nd gen. IFV - BMP-2.
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    v10 is incredible! The most feature-rich update i ever seen in the Squad! Just two questions: 1) Why is the picture at Belaya map looks like this? It seems there is some problem with LOD. 2) Still get very low framerate at Firstlight map.(( Why is that? In v7/v8 this map was one of the most optimized. P.S. I know, my NV GTX 570 is old as ****, but other than these two maps - every other map, including Al'Basra, clearly shows the great performance boost. You did a really great job on optimization!
  4. November 2017 Recap

    @EA_SUCKS I hope you're right on that. P.S. Nice nickname. LOL
  5. November 2017 Recap

    When? FFS, tell us already - WHEN???
  6. The Military Media Thread

    You will never confuse Grad with any other MLRS. Classic. BTW, in the previous video, "Anti-tank porn", the most interesting thing is NLAW. This is how every other RPG/LAW system should look like in the future.
  7. Release

    three weeks /thread
  8. October 2017 Recap

    Incredible Recap! Thank you, dear Devs! I just wonder, why you prefered to implement the Tokarev instead of Stechkin?
  9. Weapons

    @NotBrad Well, then you should look at the pics/vids of the most modern(at the moment) tanks in our army, T-72B3 and T-90A. How many Kords do you see on them? I'm even not speaking about the older T-72B(A), T-80B(V) etc. NSV is the main HMG in Russian Army. And i really don't see how and by what criteria it's an outdated HMG.
  10. Weapons

    @Chazer How NSV is outdated?! It's still the most common HMG in our Army.
  11. Army jBehind the new frontlines.

    BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.
  12. The Military Media Thread

    Trials of Typhoon-VDV MRAP, designed for Russian airborne troops.
  13. IF

    Logar Valley is about 1800x1800 meters. Nice map, one of the best IMO - full of action and of the optimal size. And i don't think 32v32 number in BF series is related to the technical performance. This is more like a gameplay aspect - the more random players in match, the more enthropy...i mean, the mess.
  14. IF

    I would give it a try, because destructable environment is the only pain in my a$$ in case of the Squad.