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  1. May 2018 Recap

    Ironically, there are much more of Abrams tanks in US Army than T-72B3 in Russian Army. But it would be logical to make T-72B3 cost(in tickets) much less than Abrams, as well as Western IFV/APC cost should bt much greater than the cost of MTLB or BTR.
  2. Ok, now it's time to add BMP-2.

    It's not only in use but still is the most mass IFV in our arsenal. As well as in some other armies, including Finland and East European armies of NATO.
  3. The title says it all.
  4. LOD issues in V10

    Ok, i've tried another one time, everything i was suggested in this thread. 1) Updated GeForce driver to the latest WHQL 390.77(via clean installation) 2) Uninstalled Squad 3) Checked for its leftovers 4) Rebooted PC and re-installed the game Nothing have changed.((
  5. LOD issues in V10

    @beginna IIRC, yes - i erased literally everything. The only difference in the order of my actions: first, i uninstalled Squad in Steam and after that i deleted every single of its folders.
  6. LOD issues in V10

    @Psyrus Ok, for "experiment purity", ill do this, one more time. Actually, i have a strong feeling that the problem lies in the tiny videoRAM of my cards, only 1280Mb.
  7. LOD issues in V10

    @LaughingJack With or without SLI, it doesn't matter.( @Psyrus Not only cache. I deinstalled whole v9 and deleted all its leftovers, right before v10 arrival. Looks like it's time to scrap my oldies and buy the new videocard.
  8. LOD issues in V10

    Actually, you're right. My videocard is a SLI GTX570 Potato.(( What's puzzling me is the fact there was no such an issue at Narva in v9. =\
  9. LOD issues in V10

    This is how Belaya and Narva(which, BTW, worked good in prior versions) look like for me in v10.(( Pls, help!
  10. Nope. It's not World of Tanks or CSGO. Each server has its own community and rules and it's you, who choose the community and rules you like, not some stupid matchmaker.
  11. Ideas For New Roles

    Mule That guy who carry your spare ammunition. Might be a regular grunt with the (mostly useless) sandbags replaced with an ammo crate(with 100 ammo points).
  12. BMP-2 for Militia

    Mostly, and originally, MTLB is used as a towed artillery tractor and all-terrain APC/utility vehicle. Its version with a 30mm AC is quite rare and used mostly in the Marine units. After all, it lacks the armor of BMP just because originally it wasn't meant to be designed and used as IFV.
  13. BMP-2 for Militia

    TBH, never understood why Devs implemented MTLB with 30mm AC, which is a quite rare - even in Russian Army, instead of the most numerous and the most spread 2nd gen. IFV - BMP-2.
  14. Alpha 10 Public Test

    v10 is incredible! The most feature-rich update i ever seen in the Squad! Just two questions: 1) Why is the picture at Belaya map looks like this? It seems there is some problem with LOD. 2) Still get very low framerate at Firstlight map.(( Why is that? In v7/v8 this map was one of the most optimized. P.S. I know, my NV GTX 570 is old as ****, but other than these two maps - every other map, including Al'Basra, clearly shows the great performance boost. You did a really great job on optimization!