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  1. hey guys my new video will be up today, i just wanted to get you guys a good laugh and see what you guys think of my content
  2. cops and robbers

    will do im gonna start with a map and go from there tahnsk i will keep this thread updated i kinda wanna do a coastal town rp map with a highway system and different roles maybe ems as well
  3. cops and robbers

    hello all i was thinking of a modded game mode, cops and robbers on a small city map with a bank. i know the game is supposed to be a military simulator but this engine would be great for cops and robbers. police models and you can use regular models for the robbers. what do you guys think? i know the game is far away from this type of game mode but maybe in the future you can have one. I was thinking of hosting my own rp server with white-list so you dont have to worry about idiots that break rp.
  4. My founder tag

    i had purchased the game way way back when it would consider you as a founder. Also why is it that when the game was first being tested i was able to use the tan m4 now i never get it... :'(
  5. Medic System

    I would love to see if they allowed you to drag your teammates and carry them. What do you guys think?
  6. Weapon suggestions?

    That would destroy!
  7. Weapon suggestions?

    Hey guys, i was wanting to start a thread of weapons that you would like to see in the game. Don't suggest weapons that don't fit into the time era. I would love to see a m60 for the us, and maybe a magpul m4 would be pretty cool to use.
  8. Ranking system

    i was wondering what the community thought about having a ranking system? I feel like i need to see a xp pop up on the screen make me feel better about murdering helpless towelheads:P
  9. I'm not satisfied

    I had purchased the rifleman teir about two weeks ago and then 4 days ago I had upgraded to the squad leader hopefully trying to get to play. I havent gotten any emails for my key, I had sent a message to someone I was told to get help from, still haven't gotten any word back. If anyone can help me please do I really want to join the squad to take names and kick ass