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  1. A测9.6补丁发布!

  2. Hacker on Frankfurt GER #2

    We also got a hacker in our server that he used auto launcher and auto grenade launcher as well. And his ID is Fluty_Z
  3. CreateVehicle

    but it still doesn't spawn anything :F
  4. Server Performance

    My clan got a server with i7 4790k and boost to 4.4GHz. But once the server had more than 40 players and server fps went down to 20-30. And the PING of players went from below 100 to over 200 with PACKET LOSS. But I had tried to use cmd.exe to ping the server in the same time, all the parameters are fine. No idea what is going on with the server. Anyone could help? :(

  6. Steam Release Information

    can't waitttttttttttttttttt anymore! But how are the frameworks of interacting vehicles going? :(
  7. October 2015

    Can't wait for next coming updated. Appreciate all works were done which did by DEV teams so far
  8. Feeling that a lot of new players and they don't even know how to play this game in the F*** right way after the Alpha 2.0 updated :ph34r: