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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Thanks for the answer IrOnTaXi, appreciate it
  2. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I don't want to look like a dick or anything but I just played a match of Logar Insurgency Night and the technical's were rubber banding on the roads, not sure if its net-code related or what.
  3. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Are vehicles guaranteed for V7? sorry if the question is coming off as troll'y or rude, I have a group of friends that are adamant they will only buy Squad when vehicles arrive even though i've tried my best to convince them with all the current work that's been done on the game. /:
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Cant seem to find the founders skins in game settings...
  5. Wilhelm Scream

    Just noticed the devs cheekily added the wilhelm scream in when you die :P in celebration of the new Star Wars film or???
  6. Squad Reviews on Steam

    It's annoying isn't it and so many people believe what they say, I had a friend say i'll only buy Squad if Frankie1080pOnPC plays this and gives it a good review even though me and some of my friends who own it are begging him to purchase it and forget what silly youtubers think.
  7. Squad Reviews on Steam

    Ive got an AMD GPU and and intel CPU and no problems for me either!
  8. Squad Reviews on Steam

    Some of my mates don't really want to play now because they saw his "video" kind of annoyed me how a troll youtuber with heaps of subs has that kind of influence over people.
  9. Squad Reviews on Steam

    I noticed the Youtuber PsiSyndicate say in his latest video "Insurgency" was better than Squad, what a load of bollocks that is.
  10. Forgot to introduce myself a while back even though I've been playing since Closed Alpha so here it goes, Hey I am Snafu, currently living in New Zealand and 20 years old been playing tactical shooters like PR and Red Orchestra 2 since 2009. Other than gaming I enjoy getting out to the shooting range every now and then and playing airsoft for some exercise haha. I'd like to welcome everyone who is new to Squad and I hope they enjoy their time playing it as much as I do myself. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  11. Congratulations Gentlemen.
  12. October 2015

    That was an excellent read Chuc :)
  13. I'm only 20, I been playing realism since 2001 xD OFP and then the entire ArmA series then I got into PR
  14. They're already punished by going rifleman as it is guys how are you supposed to 360 1km out with only an aimpoint or ironsights :P
  15. probably not, the players that decide they want to 360 no scope headshot across the map usually get alienated from these sorts of games and become avoidable easily, same with asset thieves in PR they get a rep and are avoided and you can still have a good time with teamplay.