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  1. My proposal is that Americans and Russians should be given full access to optics on every kit on maps where they fight each-other exclusively, I feel that this could make engagement ranges much higher and change how the game is played for the better. Also I believe that Grenadiers, Medics, and Light-AT should all have access to frag grenades promoting an all out what if scenario where each side has the best equipment and top of the line weaponry. Thoughts and ideas on how this can improve or be detrimental to gameplay?
  2. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    Is there no feasible way to implement occlusion culling for interior objects?
  3. Steam Audio

    Steam Audio was just released royalty free for any developer to use, my question is would this benefit Squad or does Unreal Engine already use a proprietary 3d audio system. http://steamcommunity.com/games/596420/announcements/detail/521693426582988261
  4. As it stands now using Iron Sights against an Optic wielding player is pretty-much impossible, my proposal is that Full distant foliage is rendered on whatever an optic users scope can see. This will help give players sneaking around in grass and behind bushes a little more cover as the optic user will have to reallocate his target before engaging effectively. Now I'm not tech savvy and I don't understand the performance or requirements to have this feature work in-game but I think it would definitely help the meta game causing engagements to last longer as-well as promote more flanking and team-play. As it stands now if you look at any leader-board after a match players with optics have at-least 10-25 kills while Iron sights wielding player have 1-10. Now this isn't always the case but I've noticed it enough for it to warrant my attention.
  5. Feedback on Squad’s Meta Game in v7.5

    I like this, random flag cap zones would certainly help as-well.
  6. The Maps Poll: Please Vote

    Least Favorite: Operation First Light Reasons- Not enough cover, uninteresting environment to fight in, if it was a fall forest or had a much denser foliage with lots of cover/camouflage I think it would be better. Favorite: Sumari Bala Reasons- Interesting mix of close quarters combat with long distance street engagements.
  7. Feedback on Squad’s Meta Game in v7.5

    If rally's worked by allowing 9 Re-spawns but only 1 re-spawn for each specific member of the Squad it would stop ticket bleeding players from constantly spawning, running out into the open and dying again. This would slow game-play down, but players without a FOB nearby would value their "life" more if they could only respawn once, they might just hesitate before spawning and try to get a medic to revive them. Another idea is to have Squad leaders only be able to place 2 rally points and they have to be "recharged" at a fobs ammo-crate or main base, I think this would help keep players going in and out of friendly fobs and fortify them properly instead of the "gamey" sneak fobs people throw down left and right.
  8. IKinema for UE4

    Would love to see this implemented in-game.
  9. Tired fighter

    IMO the movement speed update was a step backwards, the game feels really clunky now the removal of being able to look left and right while sprinting is annoying as-well. I'd prefer it if the INS forces had the old systems movement to simulate their lighter gear while Americans/Russians are sluggish thanks to the Rucksacks/Platecarrier.
  10. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    My face when driving the Humvee
  11. Perhaps this should be saved for the Civilian Class if it returns but I think it would be a cool alternative to the binocs if Medics or the SL used a camcorder with variable zoom. Just something a little different that would diversify the factions a little bit, also I'm not saying remove binocs completely but have the option to use it if you'd like.
  12. If the map takes place in a combat zone where the weapons were featured I see no reason that it wouldn't be considered authentic. Every insurgent wouldn't be running around with a captured weapon. As the poster above stated only around 6 were captured, how many squad leaders are there usually on an INS Map 4 maybe 5? Sounds about right to me.
  13. Looted from the Uzbin Valley Ambush Would be cool if Operation Septentrion was added to the game, coalition retaliation against the attack. Ins Squad Leaders could have looted French Equipment on the map. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Septentrion
  14. Replace Insurgent Medic Binocs With Camcorder

    A guy running around with this doesn't seem too immersion breaking to me, now those old chunky ones on the other-hand are a no go.
  15. Replace Insurgent Medic Binocs With Camcorder

    I think that's a little too much for a small feature ,having a bit more zoom than binocs but heavier bitrate on the feed would be fine. No need for giving your position away and other things like that. It's not like you can shoot while looking through it anyways. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a8c_1317856339 I think the link above is a good example of how it should look.
  16. PKM all the way baby Another thing I hope they add is wood variants.
  17. Minor graphical Gripes.

    1) Vaulting is being added to the game along with weapon resting which will mitigate any problems with walls being to high to vault/shoot over. 2)If you notify one of the devs I'm sure they'll research it and add it in 3)Coming sooner than you think. 4)The bullets don't move currently but I believe they are revamping all weapon animations.
  18. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    ACOG was great before the Russian Optic Fix, now the recoil makes it almost impossible to use without getting destroyed by enemy Marksman/Optics users. Pre update recoil was fine IMO and should be reverted.
  19. The Military Media Thread

    It looks like Squad's game-play isn't that far away from reality, the video even has a noob who doesn't know how to fire an RPG.
  20. The Military Media Thread

    Al-Shabaab overrun Kenyan army outpost, over 200 government troops KIA/captured. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/4ChAB1WD/hcca3arakat-al-shabacc84b-al-mujacc84hidicc84n-22the-raid-of-shaykh-abucc84-yahcca3yacc84-al-licc84bicc84-storming-the-base-of-the-crusader-kenyan-army22_dvd.mp4 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d1d_1447245369
  21. Thoughts on implementing the Euphoria Physics Engine for death animations by explosions, gunshots, ect? While it has mostly just been used in third person games I think it can be implemented to great effect in Squad. For instance, realistic player reactions when getting shot in the plate carrier by getting jolted back, or getting knocked over by an RPG going off in-front of you would add another sense of realism to an already cutting edge game.
  22. Euphoria Physics Engine for Death Animations?

    I suppose Red Orchestra has some interesting death animations without the use of any proprietary engines and all done in Unreal Engine. I assumed since the devs have a partnership with True-sky other sources of content wouldn't be out of the question.
  23. US soldiers - First look at player models

    My guess is Squad Leader based on the pistol mags.
  24. Yep because he's posting in the feedback and ideas forum for no reason? Please don't right off excuses for the devs, put off ideas or pull the old "it's alpha be happy you have anything blah blah blah, It makes you look like an imbecile. Now back on topic this is a great idea and I hope it gets implemented in the future. This is actually implemented on Fool's Road atm, just noticed while playing earlier today.
  25. FutureProofing The Graphics

    How would everyone feel about an "Advanced" Graphics list of features that will keep squad looking cutting edge for years to come like Crysis. A list of graphics settings I could think of right now is -Uber-sampling AA settings -Extreme Tessellation (Coal currently uses it as-well as rock walls I believe) -Phys-x Clothing/ Rifle Slings/ Ammo bags(Check Uncharted 4 for Sling Effect) -Facial Animations for Commo Rose/Blinking/Death Moans Ect -Foliage that moves when you walk through it -Blood pools/footstep trail when you walk through it -Wetness effect when you step through a creak your clothing becomes damp and you have a waterline up to whatever part you submerged -Hair-works for glorious Insurgent and Militia beards -Phys-x cloth for clothing lines/ it rips when shot -Bullet holes through thin metal sheets with light piercing through it (maybe a transparency decal would work?) -Mud/Dust accumulation on knees, elbows boots when walking through the terrain or crouching down. Thoughts? Of-course all these thing should be added after the base game has been finished, but it would keep the game on the cutting edge for many years to come. Of-course all options will be disabled by default and turning them on shouldn't offer any advantage to the player with the effect enabled, such as the moving foliage would make you easier to spot compared to someone who doesn't have it turned on do to performance loss.