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  1. Pretty sure this is a limitation of the engine. It's supposedly fixed in the new upcoming audio engine for UE4, so if we're lucky we might see this feature in Squad in a few months.
  2. Direct x 12

    While DX12 is implemented in Unreal Engine 4.16, the development seems far from finalized. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like Epic Games will be pursuing DX12 that heavily in the near future, opting for Vulkan instead (according to their roadmap). If Squad does keep updating their engine until Vulkan or DX12 is a viable option for rendering, it should (in theory) not be harder than just choosing the API in the game engine.
  3. You've both made your cases. Binaural audio is obviously superior to HRTF. It is also, obviously, not suitable in a standard FPS game. HRTF is much more suitable for games and if OWI can implement it easily there's little point not to. With the option of using a traditional audio configuration of course. I'll go out on a limb here and say that OWI likely haven't used HRTF thus far because UE4's current solution hasn't been viable. Some searching around the UE-forums will show you that. I've seen efforts to modding it in but with no success as well. However, UE4's new audio system that's recently started rolling out has a supposedly good HRTF-solution. It's currently being used in the VR-game Robo Recall (another UE4 title) if I recall correctly. So hopefully it shouldn't require too much effort for OWI to implement it.
  4. When will squad devs start optimizing ryzen for more fps

    The general consensus seems to be that it's Unreal Engine 4's audio engine that isn't coping well AMD CPUs multithreaded nature. Epic Games have released info regarding a total rework of said audio engine, due to it being lackluster in several other regards as well. According to their old, deprecated roadmap on Trello it was slated for release in May. Epic Games have now made a new roadmap which makes no mention of their work on the audio engine, however small parts of it has been released, although marked as experimental, in Unreal Engine 4.16. So it does seem like there is still work being done. Another question is whether Offworld Industries will incorporate the new audio engine into the game, as they have stated on their Subreddit that they will stick to UE4.15 for now. They have also said that it is possible for them to integrate parts of newer engine iterations, so hope is not lost on that subject. So to summarize, it's not as much Offworld Industries' job to fix the audio engine as it is Epic Games', the provider of their game engine.
  5. No. At this point in the development, your hardware is likely not enough to run it absolutely maxed out. 1060 is not sufficient to render games at near 4K resolution with high graphical fidelity. Assuming you're running a 1080p monitor and running 1.75x super-sampling, you are effectively rendering the same amount of pixels as three 1080p monitors. Your CPU is also getting some age on it's back. Couple those factors with the fact that the game could still use some optimization, you are not likely to be running this game maxed out at this moment.
  6. Squad not support 7.1 Audio?

    As far as I remember, Unreal Engine only supports 5.1 sound at most. However, if you check out Epic Games' roadmap, they are rewriting their whole audiosystem (probably to support bigger surround-systems and fix AMD CPU bottlenecks). Their current estimate is being finished with it at the end of february, it just got postponed from the end of december. Let's hope Squad still updates to newer engine-iterations at that point in time!
  7. I am absolutely certain that this game will be a letdown The first game was good though, this probably will be too. But it will absolutely be a let-down.
  8. Multiple FOV sliders

    I didn't quite get that analogy. Or rather, I understood it but didn't see why it co-relates to this matter. Anyways, the argument stands that there should be only one FOV slider in order to put a certain limit on players. Having more sliders, as in one per "stance", would remove certain limits on every player, making every player more efficient at all combat-ranges. This would in return give the game a lower skillroof, making the differences between good and bad players less apparent. With only one slider, you force the player to work around his limits which is a much more difficult task. He now has to choose whether he wants to be most efficient at close or long range. This kind of player-limitation is also reflected several other places in the game. The stamina and jumping system, fixed maximum rotation speed for vehicle turrets, slowed movement on hills and heavy sway when moving. Having only one slider does also add to the realism of the game. Keep in mind, Squad is not a simulator so realism is not first priority. However, OWI has on many occasions stated that it is their second priority, falling right behind gameplay.
  9. Multiple FOV sliders

    Your real eyes do not zoom in any way, why should you be able to do so in-game? This was an example of a bad argument. My first argument was a very serious one. And as far as I know, it's the one the developers would give you as well.
  10. Multiple FOV sliders

    It's purposefully designed this way. You only have one FOV slider so you must always decide whether to have the extra zoom or situational awareness. If you had more, you could have one ridiculously high FOV and one ridiculously low one in order to take as much advantage out of the system as possible. This is so that people who adjust their FOV in order to make the visuals feel natural won't have as much of a disadvantage against those who try to exploit the system to perform better.
  11. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    Looking really good! I see you've made yourself a little slope and height-blend for the texture-material! Looking great! Is the slope-blend currently using linear blending? It looks so atm, but I didn't find any close ups of that blending. Have you considered using heightmaps for the textures in order to make the blend more natural?
  12. I think shadow-casting grass would help alot. UE4.14 has a new shadow-casting feature which might help with that, at a low performance cost.
  13. Civilian AI

    As far as I know, this isn't planned by the developers at the moment. That might change, but I think some features including this is fit for a modding community.
  14. Community content WIP thread!

    Maybe increase the roughness on those arms? And slightly on the faces. The arms look like plastic or glass with those PBR-settings.
  15. [Mapping] Lighting Your Map

    I noticed that he spent alot of time having to place the Sphere Reflection Capture Nodes in a grid all around the map (Not during the stream, but when working apparently). Would it be possible to write some piece of C++ code to do this automatically?