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  1. Not responding on start up

    every time I start my game it plays the intro it goes to a black screen and stops responding, does anyone know how to fix this? I have already tried verifying cache
  2. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    as you can see here, the adler is available in Australia. https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Shotguns&Brand=231
  3. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    actually they just legalized the addler, not vice versa, and yes that's not entirely true, we get lever actions, semi auto pistols, double barrel shotguns, and, as in said before, now the addler. Also if you get a class D liscence (only very few have these and can afford it) you can own semi autos
  4. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    http://www.wikihow.com/Fire-a-Steam-Locomotive Start it up alright!
  5. Friendly Fire in Main Base

    Teamkilling everyone was a childish response, I think you need to rethink your actions, locked squads could work but might be abused, but just because you came up with a cool little solution doesn't change the fact you teamkilled 10 people who may or may not have shot you
  6. Trying the game?

    like some one already said play project reality for free then get squad if you enjoy it
  7. I fully agree however these mod teams are not creating reskins but entire factions with unique weapons, not reskins. Of course the small modders who are just making reskins, there mods would not be added
  8. also remember that high quality faction mods could get added to the game officially by devs if they are good enough
  9. Russian optics (Kashtan 1p78, PO 3,5x21p)

    definitely think there should be more variety o optics for all factions. Nice guns btw, to bad in Australia all we can get is some ****ing bolt actions
  10. im no expert, but would this be too hard to implement? and what would be the purpose?
  11. The Military Media Thread

    can it fly or only on sea?
  12. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    id really like to see bipods in the next major update
  13. The Weapons Thread!

    **** yes, id love to see the FAL
  14. Kingdom Come: deliverance

    I agree, it is fairly choppy but I can run medium 30 fps on a decent pc, I cant wait for full release