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  1. Thank you comrade, I would also like to see more unorthodox & 'forgotten' factions like the FARC, IRA, RAF or whatever. Let us just hope the Dev's hear our prayers. ;)
  2. Outfit Customization

    I hear you mah frend! It seems to be pretty popular overall, havent heard anything from the devs though. We'll just have to hope & see if they answer our prayers. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5660-restricted-uniform-customization/
  3. Favorite Inspirational Quotes

    "A man is not a man unless he knows how to shoot!" - Governor Ratcliffe
  4. Restricted uniform customization

    Thanks Comrade, yeah I thought about that & drew up an example of it in post #12.
  5. Halo insertion and parachutes

    If they ever implement paratroopers, please make it so that the whole team consists of paratroopers & not just a few randoms. I fear it will break the game otherwise with random paradroppers jumping out everywhere & taking sneak-peaks everywhere. If the whole team paradrops then most of them will land on the same place & even if they take casualties they will still have some way to regroup & counterattack or whatever.
  6. # Of magazines

    I must ask, from where did you get this info? I hardly belive that the avarage soldier carries more than 7, that including the one that is already in the magazine. Surely there are instances where soldiers would stock up magazines, for example before a major assault or something similar. 12 magazines as standard is just crazy. Do you know how many bullets that is? 7 magazines gives you 210 bullets, averaging a magazine-size of 30, you ought to be able to make due with that. If not, then you have no sense of fire control. The one who sprays & prays in the field will surely be known for it & have his NCO come up his ass & give him a good beating for it.
  7. Ranking system

    Yeah this sounds reasonable. Maybe adding some sort of medal, patch, ribbon or other recognition for some sort of tremendous feat, such as an anti-tank-ribbon bronze for destroying 5 in 1 match. The ribbon will be displayed (if one wish to equip it) on your person or in your squad, this might entice players to leave their role as Anti-Tanker for someone that clearly have more experience in the role of tank hunting.
  8. Oh God. The fact that it is labeled the "Great Emu War" is reason enough to add an emu faction.
  9. Emu's? Is EMU short for some government/insurgent body or did you mean... the birds? :huh:
  10. Are you Land, Sea, or Air Type?

    Jackboots on the field with a sharpened shovel in one hand & satchel-charge in the other! Orah!
  11. Do you find this justified?

    "Well ofcourse his words were justified Comrade Coward! One must always give 110% in order to guarantee victory for the Rodina! You see, in order to be bulletproof, one must run like the wind straight into the enemy for doing so will scare the enemy with your superior ideological motivation & make his weak mindset tremble before your glorious assault therefore making him miss all his bolletz! Always obey Comrade Commander, no matter what!"
  12. Combat Loads (Ammo)

    I have a question I'll drop here instead of making a new thread if thats ok - Will there be a possibility for SL's to make some sort of 'squad-support-weapons-crate' where individual soldiers can pick up support/auxiliary weapons such as disposable AT-weapons like AT4/RPG-27 (maybe RPG-2 or some other shitty version for insurgents, the shittier the weapon, the more rockets?) or landmines? Like a +kit that once used wont be resupplyable & will disappear.
  13. Combat Loads (Ammo)

    Instead of an MG-gunner having 1000 rounds of ammunition on him, they should do like Red Orchestra where the squad-members have 1 box of ammo each & needs to resupply the gunner.
  14. Restricted uniform customization

    Havent they already? I belive they have. Although not chooseable.
  15. How do you keep your squad together?

    Cheers! I've got some examples of what you can get your team to do if you are good at being a SL/TL. Here's me & my platoon take a group-photo at the Bridges of Druzhina after kicking some Soviet ass: Although some times we might have gone somewhat overboard. The pictures beneath show another time when the Soviets got their asses handed to them & only one Ushanka-carrier remained & we told him that we would treat him nice & not shoot him (lol, such lies, much trickery yes). Anyways, I get him to come out of hiding & tell my team not to shoot him yet but to line up for an execution. Then Mr.Hammerstout decided to fuck up my plans by stabbing the commie in the back as the firing squad was taking aim, I instantly yell "FIRE!" & the firing squad starts shooting everywhere & takes out both Hammerstout, me & the others that broke the line at the same time.