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  1. Hi there, Long time lurker,first time poster in this section. I would appreciate some more knowledgeable people here,or an Admin/ Offworld-Dev to answer a couple of questions regarding creating a map/mod for Squad. I'm a Environment-Artist in the industry in daily life,and have been for 10+years or so. I really enjoy Squad,and I'm planning on creating an environment/ map/mod for Squad that can be used by all,however i have a couple of questions in regards to the creation of it: -Modding 2.0: -Will the modding 2.0 SDK be based on UE 4.16.3,or are you guys migrating it to 4.20.2? Reason i ask this question is,since 4.16.3, a lot of new features have been implemented,and would be very beneficial to use. The answer to the above,might be a reason for me to withhold the actual creation of my environment for this moment,and await the new version of the SDK. -Will the new SDK have a more standardized folder structure ,and have a general cleanup,since at the moment stuff is all over the place. -Will the new SDK have mods setup as their own sub structures, so people can use can use levels,sub levels,or are we bound to a main folder structure? -I know Modding 2.0 is close to finished,and i'm not expecting exact dates here. However a ballpark bracket would be nice(days/weeks/a month?) -Current SDK: -Do i have to use the content that comes with the Squad SDK,or am i free to create my own: -Substances/Textures -Meshes -Blueprints -Lighting -Material Functions/Materials -Landscape Materials -Physical Materials -Scripts and script alterations -VFX -Audio -Any other functionalities that are available,however not utilized in the engine version currently used as SDK -Etc. Etc. you get the point.. Thanks in advance, Sabath
  2. Can´t log in anymore

    Hey there,can you give a bit more info on the matter. Are you runing fullscreen/windowed/borderless,what res? have you tried logging in at the Squad portal,with the same user/pw ?
  3. Squad League Round 1

    Agree,TvT 's are a huge step towards a strong and growing community.
  4. Squad League Round 1

    Looking forward to this gentlemen
  5. Squad Alpha 2.0 it's here!!!!!

    7.62 all the way baby ^^
  6. Squad Alpha 2.0 it's here!!!!!

    This... ^^ best.update.ever.. This is a game changer.(The M-249 has a very special place in my heart.. ^^)
  7. i can join without redownload..version number is the same as was before
  8. Server status - Currently all offline?

  9. Devs left Int. server .... I NEED MY SQUAD HNGGGGGGG... :wub:
  10. Whats up with the servers ?

  11. 4 peeps on the internal test server ^^,devs double chekkin' ^^
  12. login server back online,portal back online!
  13. reg. server is pingable,yet a tracer is unsuccesfull :)