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  1. Khamisiyah Remake?

    You never know... but it's a possibility once we have a larger contingency of vehicles and helicopters. Btw, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad to hear you liked it!
  2. This was likely due to the invisible boundary wall. If you placed a FOB next to it, it's possible the engine placed a spawn location on top of it. The FOB code should have prevented it but thanks for letting us know.
  3. Thanks guys. We're looking into the cache spawning issue and the rock bugs. The field exploit has been fixed with the new "fields v2" introduced at the end of January, since they now conform to the terrain.
  4. It's actually called "eye adaptation" and is supposed to simulate walking from a dark room out into the bright sunlight. Personally I think it's too powerful on the Unreal Engine so it was tweaked way down on Sumari AAS. This video is of Territory Control and it still has it enabled for now. Starting with alpha_v4 we gave the player control over eye adaptation, so you can play with the settings now that you know what it's called. Unfortunately it's tied in with the "Bloom ON / OFF" setting in this version, but that might change as well.
  5. Please post screen shot and description with location. This is not a discussion thread. Thanks!
  6. The premise of the map will remain CQB, even as it grows 3-4 times larger, but we will likely add humvees, technicals, and trucks to specific layers. However, the terrain around the village area will be mostly out of bounds so the vehicles will have the extremely dangerous task of driving down the narrow roads within the village. Now... back to bug reports and feedback. :)
  7. Is this some kind of a sick joke?

    ButterflyCar is correct. It's a sign for a population where many can't read.