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  1. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    The Turrets on all the vehicles need to be fixed too. They move way too fast and need weight and momentum to them!
  2. Regarding V.12

    I know this isn't the place for bugs, but I'm not on the official Discord. Anyways...I saw this in the Firing Range in Yehorivka at the airbase on Wednesday for the V.12 playtest. Also, the rocks and roads on Talil were all black as'well for one time but the other times I played on Talill they were fine in Firing Range.
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

  4. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    How do you clear your cache outside the game? I only know how to do it ingame. EDIT:I got it to work!
  5. Regarding V.12

    There is also this as'well!
  6. Regarding V.12

  7. Regarding V.12

    Remember when we were waiting for V.10? Yep, this is how it feels for V.12, but will definitely be worth the wait!
  8. Regarding V.12

    Squad Dev Renn working hard to squash those pesky bugs in V.12!
  9. September 2018 Recap

    1.0 aka Final Release
  10. September 2018 Recap

    You can hear the tank sounds and weapons in the previous recaps.
  11. September 2018 Recap

    Looking HOT!!! I'm really in love with this Recap and truly look forward to V.12 even more!
  12. Regarding V.12

    From Discord!
  13. What is really going on with Squad?

    I trust the devs will continue to work and support the game after it's release. I put in tons of hours into Project Reality and Squad with each update gets closer to the devs dreams coming true to having a game as great as PR or probably even better. I believe Squad will be around for a very long time due to it's uniqueness and patience of the devs to put in those details of what makes Squad so great. Once the V.12 and eventually release with all of the assets to make this game complete this game will be a drool fest. Heck it already is! It takes time and patience to make an amazing game and sadly most of us don't have the patience "me being one of them". It's just this game is so unique and amazing that we just want to play it so bad. V.12 is looking to being amazing and I believe the devs when they say it's going to be badarse when it's ready!
  14. What is really going on with Squad?

    Thanks for answering, but I would just like to know if we got a matter of days or weeks until at'least a playtest. Personally, a lot of us thought it would of been out July, first week of Sept., or at'least had the playtest this week and V.12 by first week of Oct. Now it seems like it may take longer. I trust and support you guys are working really hard on getting it out and I've been with you since the beginning, but it seems most people are losing there patience.
  15. What is really going on with Squad?

    Is there an estimate of when we might see V.12 Playtest? It doesn't have to be exact, but just an estimate like this week or early next month. A'lot of people want to know and have an idea of how long this might be. Not trying to rush...I know a work of art takes time and patience.