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  1. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    I wouldn't see why they wouldn't be added to the Range. Every update/playtest that we gotten, all the features were in the range.
  2. Removed

    I was wondering the same thing. There is nothing different. You literally passed off the devs trailer as your own.
  3. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    Ooh man that trailer was marvelous! I especially love the Black Hawk Down scene. In Alpha 16, will the British, CAF, and maybe even the Militia get some heli love as'well or will they be coming in a future update???
  4. Canadian Armed Forces Free DLC Released!

    Nice work from the Caf team! Are they still working on the Canadian Faction by adding more maps, vehicles, and weapons or is this all we're getting?
  5. Easter egg in v15

    Why do I hear a heli in the background? I was really hoping for a heli to land and take you to a safe zone away from the zombies.
  6. PAX Demo Walkthrough

    The tutorial looks outstanding!!! I hope that will be the new firing range someday! I'm also glad you devs and the folks had a good time!
  7. February 2019 Recap

    Waiting for V.13 or for a recap like...
  8. What is Squad? Director's Cut

    It looks great, but was hoping you would add all of the features that Squad has and will offer in the future in the video. Ex: helis, commander mode and etc. I know you probably don't want to show off to much too soon, but maybe show what you already shown us in recaps in the video that way new people have the whole picture of the future of Squad and not just how it is at the present time. IDK, maybe you already have that in mind.
  9. Helicopters and Jets

    Perhaps maybe in the future we can have manned A10's and manned SU-25's, while the Commander will call in jets like the F35/F18/F16 and SU-27.
  10. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Just checked it out. It's looking really great!
  11. January 2019 Recap

    Alpha 13 is looking to be amazing! I look forward to having air support and better damage for vehicles. Commander mode looks like it's going to be tons of fun. Also, I look forward to testing Falujjah when it's ready.
  12. With the Commander role coming in the next possible update I would love to see this as an option. We already seen a glimpse of the A10/Su25 air strikes, but would love to have more options in kinds of air strikes. Example below. A10/Su-25 Air Strike: Gun Run/Heavy Bombing/ maybe missile strike F35/Su-27 Air Strike: Small Bombing/possible laser designation missile
  13. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    I look forward to it.
  14. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Man, I just got GOOSEBUMPS and a big grin on my face seeing all of this! You devs are the best!
  15. Limited Testing - 10/31

    I guess so.