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  1. ChanceBrahh: I have no idea why people are hyped for it to be a v9.43442 patch or something. I am finished with basrah at the moment no point me playing around with it till v9 sdk updates. When I finish doing the adjustments with the new sdk then maybe it might be ready for a release IF squad want it for an official map.
  2. It's Sunday 6:25pm in Arizona right now.
  3. It will probably come after release of Squad, but is not a high priority right now.
  4. Looking good! I can't wait for Alpha 9 and see what nice new additions you can place on your map!
  5. They should have a competition for best modder's map and whoever wins gets to have it official.
  6. They just worked on a major vehicle system that is now finished that takes a long time. Now they're making a new animation system and core inventory system that is sorely needed. Once these key features are done, they'll be spitting content like weeds. Plus, were getting a ton of vehicles in A9!
  7. Knife HYPE!
  8. Mmmm yes, this all looks too good!
  9. Yeah, seriously we need some more urban mid eastern style! Sadly though... https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cABascziNXaAhSABEwVC69eyu--9r3nmZXZTVYfsAMcpqc_DivYZS7al93LlOE6xqd8QVWOqd24q4DyHbdmIglvReUIGxy8k8p4drcvqiQO808y5Se36QUQKbEcr5vcHbxYlhw.1Le50AOKX7Tsg7Ppl70GKpf4rTU
  10. That video makes me so happy! I look forward to having long battles on that map!
  11. How about a crater filled with water that became a lake over millions of years!
  12. This makes me so excited when we finally get some real tanks in vanilla Squad! It's going to be so epic! Anyways, this game it turning out real nice!
  13. Definitely has that PR feel to it! Excellent job so far! I can't wait to see battles on this map and how it's going to play out!
  14. the wrench

    Why would you tease us like this?!?
  15. I can't wait to try this mod out! It looks like it's going to be a'lot of fun!