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  1. Alpha 9.8 Released

    what's the lodding means? (sorry about bad english)
  2. I saw Android version Mortal calculator in General discussion page, and i wanna PC version Mortal calculator. 'no minimap' version is now complete and it's work great but i wanna make it more easier and intuitive. So i decided to insert minimap in My calculator. this is prototype may i use kind of this stuff and use image of minimap extracted from Squad?
  3. Alpha Version 9 Released

    This is Translate document for all Korean Squad Players http://playgrammer.tistory.com/125 한국 플레이어분들을 위한 번역글입니다. 모자란 영어실력이지만 도움이 되셨으면 좋겠습니다. Thank you for Update! Good work!
  4. 한국분들을 위한 프리뷰 번역글 입니다. http://playgrammer.tistory.com/121 This link is Korean Translate version for all Korean players Awesome work guys this is so cool!
  5. Hello may i download Tutorial series on Youtube and Translate it, make korean subtitle, fix it(old info) and Reupload on my Youtube Channel? I'm Squad player, live in Republic of Korea(South Korea) recently i saw lots of new korean Squaddies (bought Squad in Sale season) but we don't have any korean manuals or tutorials, of course i'm tring to translate lots of wiki pages and old User manual but no other translator in korea, then translate work is very slow i thought we need quick start guide to learn easy Squad, and The Tutorial Series (on youtube) looks good to us before i translate the document guide, they didn't read it, someone talk to me "it's boring feel like reading falcon4.0 manual" so i decided to translate Youtube Tutorial series please allow to me be able to translate tutorial Have a good day, Mandeuk
  6. I just started to learn Photoshop

    Thank you! :D oh! that's good idea Next time i'll make that too ;) Thank you Z-trooper! :D
  7. I just started to learn Photoshop

    I made this image for advertise and introduce to Korea tactical shooter players but it was hard to find someone who like SQUAD I just keep advertising SQUAD in korea and hope many people play SQUAD in future
  8. Wow i really envy the japanese gamer most korean gamers play online arcade FPS(or Hyper FPS) i don't know why they don't like Tactical Shooter I hope korean gamers to have interest in Tactical Shooter
  9. Unified Screen (result, Map Voting And Loading)

    i like it! it is very good idea! if this idea apply in SQUAD, i wanna addition random select button