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  1. The Coalition has been threatening the Opposition for to long and they are now mobilizing their forces. We cannot let them attempt to rule the middle east any longer it is time for the Opposition to get ready for battle! We will not take these threats lightly! Join us on our website and sign up! https://squadfrontlines.com/ Once you have signed up join the discord https://discord.gg/vrqpdnY and type .iam OPP in chat. Join the 6th Armored Brigade today! Message [6AB]Gen.MrChaggy on discord or reply to this forum post with any questions.
  2. Hey so I just decided to post this that I am back from my break from Squad since vehicles are in and ready to game everyday again. As I say this I will be gone until the 11th because camping Anyways feels good to play Squad again
  3. Fubar May Tournament!

    Welcome clan leads, clan members, and people of the forums to the beginning of the Fubar May tournament! First off I would like to thank all of you for taking interest in our little tournament! This is going to be a blast. Tournament will start May 7th featuring 8 clans and will be doing 25v25. Most clans will probably have to "merge" together to make the 25 player cut. We decided on 25 members because we do not want to be restricted to Skirmish maps especially with the possibility of vehicles being added into squad by then. We will also keep 5 or so Fubar members on standby for every match to make sure we can fill in no shows from other clans. Rules behind that will be Fubar members can't be squad leader and Fubar "top fraggers" will not be able to sub in. Top fraggers - A fubar member that could change the course of the battle alone. Here is the bracket (Sorry for the small image. Just have this here in case anybody doesn't know how a normal bracket works) We will have a loser's bracket so that every clan can play at least twice and not just be wiped out week one that is no fun as Fubar has experienced personally. We will stream every Saturday and stream it on the Fubar Twitch stream <https://www.twitch.tv/squadFubar>. Round 1 will be May 7th. Round 2 will be May 14th Round 3 will be May 21st Grand Finals will be May 28th The team that goes 3-0 will only play one match on Finals day but the team that does lose one match along the way will have to play 2 matches back to back. We decided this because a team that goes 3-0 should have a slight advantage on finals day and the team that goes 3-1 will need to work a little harder to win. Match times will vary from 3pm GMT to 11pm GMT We will try our best to get EU clans earlier and US clans later but can't promise anything If you have any questions or you are a clan leader / representative wanting to join us hop on this discord <https://discord.gg/0uksvNYQNSTUbXiw> and ping @MrChaggy for any questions you have! One last thing This tournament IS NOT trying to compete with Squad League we just want to fill in a gap that is in May for tournaments and such. Thank you for taking the time out of you day to read this and hope to see everyone May 7th!
  4. Hey guys I just wanted to start a discussion about the US ACOG sight in V5 after my 24 hour play session. So all the patch notes mention new/more sway added to the guns and that's fine I thought it was a little OP how all the optics shot like laserz, but they didn't mention recoil. The US optic now have a crazy high jump. Feel like I am shooting a shotgun and I am also a 5 year old. Here is were I started shooting from. And here is me trying to get a screenshot of how high the gun kicks. Also keep in mind this is at 10 meters Is this legit?! This is just one shot of a M4 while standing. That is a solid inch , if not more, of recoil. That pretty much means you have 3-5 seconds before you can align your next shot and the M4 takes 2-3 shots to kill. The enemy would need to stand still for 10 seconds for you to kill them with 2-3 clean shots or you better be extremely good at leading moving targets. Now imagine they are at 50 meters or 100 meters. Good luck shooting them. Now for the average player this might not affect them just a whatever missing some more shots isn't a big deal but for me my clan participates in Squad League matches and we want to win and now the best weapon on the US side just got botched. Everyone in Fubar now uses the aim points on US and now in every Squad League match Militia/Russian factions will be at the advantage since the AK is so much better then the M4 aim point/iron sights. Also going prone helps a lot and going crouched helps a bit but here is my point. In a match were both teams are extremely good it is all about the tempo of the match. Whoever is on the offensive and makes the other team defend is the team that has the tempo is winning so Fubar and a lot of other clans play very aggressive like they should. The old acog was perfect for this it was extremely effective at medium range and while on the move so you could shoot and move but now you need to stay still and align your shots. This may be the devs way of trying to slow down the game play of squad and cool I totally respect that and would love some slower game play so that Squad League matches aren't just based on what team puts the other on the defensive but this isn't helping with that. The AK optic and AK iron sights along with the M4 aim point and iron sights are not affected by this recoil. You can unload a entire clip with the M4 aim point and hit every shot on the 10 meter targets on Jensen's range. So the only time the acog will be better then the aim point is past 100 meters and you don't normally engage targets that far unless you are playing like a sniper and I think we all know how the devs think about players playing like snipers. So just to recap this the US acog sucks now and I am pretty sure I won't be using it anymore. Also everyone reading this keep in mind I love squad and the devs have made my favorite game of 2015 and probably my favorite game of 2016 too and I will still be playing it everyday. The squad community is also great you guys are awesome! MrChaggy out
  5. Fubar May Tournament!

    Breaks my heart to say this but we are going to cancel the Fubar May tournament due to not being able to fill the 8 slots. If you clan leaders still wish to scrim on the 7th feel free to PM me or any fubar officers and we can set up the Fubar server for you guys to scrim on. We will try to do this again in the future maybe when more clans are intrested but right now it is just to hard to fill a 25v25 will 8 slots. We also don't wish to drop it to 18v18 because we don't want to be limited to skirmish maps since those map layouts aren't nearly as fun. Thanks again for showing interest in this event we will 100% be trying to do this again with more support next time.
  6. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    The increased recoil only affects the acog @Heradon
  7. I could see this easily working with Arma 3. Plenty of Arma 3 clans are planning on coming to Squad in force once vehicles are in. 7th cav. is a good example. Should I make a "Why does every dog on Socrates?" post? I think he is a great dude.
  8. Hello all, we are FUBAR. A group of chill players from all over the world who have decided to make a Squad group of our own. We love having fun and winning but we also do not play Squad like a mil sim. We use our 7,000+ hours of combined playing time to decide the best approach of winning a match, wreck our opponents, and have a great time doing it. At times it goes wrong and that is where the name FUBAR comes in. We are already over 40 members strong and are looking for players new and experienced to join us. Our mission is to be one of the best groups in the Squad community which includes; participating in Squad League, planning clan fight nights, and be the example of how to play Squad. Contact me or any of our clan leaders to get some more info! We would like to play a round or two with you before we make anything official so hit us up and lets play! Steam group- http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SquadFUBAR MrChaggy - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067322098/ Tapdeck - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197967018973/ Aunt Jemima - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982806310/ Kilawok - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011252456/
  9. FUBAR - Official recruitment post

    Please do provide me with some screenshots because yes a lot of the Fubar guys practice and get a lot of kills in random public matches but we don't want to be insulting people and I will talk to the person about it.
  10. FUBAR - Official recruitment post

    If you haven't already make sure you check out the Fubar community tournament! < >
  11. Fubar May Tournament!

    Ohh didn't even know the Forums had a events and leagues section. Thanks moderators
  12. FUBAR - Official recruitment post

    Still actively recruiting! Just add a officer on steam.
  13. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    No. I don't want people joining my squad just to pick the SVD kit and mute me.
  14. FOBs on Flags

    This has been talked about SO much. It is a bad idea. I will keep it short. Why would you want your re spawn point to be attacked as the same time as they attack the flag? Also you might as well tell your enemy "My FOB is right here come attack it" because that is what you do when it is on the flag. The enemy is going to flag no matter what sooooooo Building bunkers normally helps your enemy. Makes it easier to approach the flag because you block your line of sight with sandbags.
  15. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Lets insult each other on the internet sounds like a great idea -.-
  16. Squad Leader

    Could always just join a clan. Plenty of clans recruit brand new players and help them learn. But ya listen to DocEast and Blitza
  17. V5 Nametags

    Just putting my 2 cents in. I would be fine no name tags or to much name tags. Doesn't bug me. I have been playing non stop since October so I just know the character models by heart but the bright green/blue does help at long range. For the "lower end builds" me and my clan mates actually all play on low settings everything is set to low except effects for reasons I won't say. You actually have the advantage playing at all low then at all epic so playing on a low end machine argument is invalid. Also if you have issue seeing the enemy past 70m you need to clean your monitor or something. My clan mates all practice shooting moving targets at 100m no issues and we even push it to 200m no issues. Yes that is in a set up scenario but you can go watch some of the Squad streamers who play extremely well and they have no issue telling the difference between enemy and friendly at 100m. I just post this at the end of all my comments to remind people who awesome of a game Squad is and how great of a community we have to talk about stuff like this. :)
  18. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Also Squad is amazing! I love being able to post stuff like this and have a community actually reply and I know devs are reading this. You guys are the best!
  19. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Ya don't really care about the other discussions going on in here this is about the M4 acog recoil lol. M4 should have consistent recoil with iron, aim point, and acog. Changing the sight shouldn't change anything but it does. If they devs want to make to recoil higher to slow down the game play please go for it but only changing the long range scopes is only going to make game play faster because everyone is going to be playing aim point/iron sights now if they care about playing on that "higher level". Also something to support my statement is the AK optic doesn't have nearly as much recoil and isn't the AK a higher caliber and should have a higher kick? No gun expert just a guy who plays squad and pays a lot of attention to detail. Think the devs are just calling Americans fatties who can't shoot a M4 without stupid amount of kick :P
  20. Is it the horse head bug? The server will load a map with no spawn or anything its a known issue and has been a issue since October. It happens when the match changes to a map that was already played. So You just played Fools road 1 and then change the map to Fools road 1 again. So I would double check your servers map rotation. Maybe just join your server and do the ~adminendmatch command and find out in between what maps when this happens then change that map on the rotation.
  21. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    But you can unload a mag of the M4 aim point close range and with enough practice you can make it shoot like a laser. I just don't understand why you recoil is changed so much as soon as your character looks down the scope of a acog
  22. 24hour Twitch stream for V5.0

    Hey forums! I will be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/mrchaggy when the update goes live for 24 hours. I will be playing with my Fubar clan mates and viewers so if you are interested on what the new update is like come join me! MrChaggy out
  23. 24hour Twitch stream for V5.0

    1 hour hype til the update!!
  24. Me and a buddy seeking semi-tactical clan

    I highly recommend picking a clan from http://squadleague.com/c/clans All these clans are semi-tactical and great guys. Will also help you filter out the clans who aren't as active. Also fubar is recruiting if you are intrested in us add me on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067322098/
  25. 24hour Twitch stream for V5.0

    Sleep is for the weak!!