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  1. New Powerline component

    woah woah woah..... not a narrow back here. Im a lineman
  2. New Powerline component

    Lol ya all those Flux capacitors speed up the power
  3. New Powerline component

    Ya like I said that would be a messenger or neutral not so much another phase. if it were stacked in that way. In that picture the top is not a phase. And the zig zag you speak of is used in transmission, its used instead of H frame structures, mostly on lower voltage transmission lines or sub transmission lines. But yeah your pretty much right. Powerlines are just giant erector sets anyway, so much fun
  4. New Powerline component

    You'll never have single phase with no neutral, You need a path to return the current. You can have 2 primary with no neutral because that would be delta, where commonly here at least is 4800 volts or 5kv, Current flows out on one leg and back on the other. Also could be 3 phase the same idea, no need for a neutral because of that, but at the same time just because one line is say broken doesn't mean its dead, it back feeds itself. You can also ground one leg of 4800 delta and be perfectly safe, but ground that other leg and you'll be seeing spots. 6 lines would be 2 different circuits most time in a distribution setting, or in transmission would be double bundle conductors. Instead of installing a huge wire, you save cost by splitting the load between two small conductors on the same phase. In the states I belive our largest line is 750KV, which is not very common around here at least, Im pretty sure in europe that is quite common. Here in my state we have more voltages then any where else in the country.
  5. New Powerline component

    Damn the devs! Next thing your gonna do is bring doors into the game with no hinges!
  6. New Powerline component

    Ya but that first picture is 3 phase with a neutral or messenger on top. which is common in transmission but in a distribution setting the neutral would not be on the arm normally. and that bottom picture is mostly communications, Lol Ztrooper just looking out for you guys
  7. I saw the monthly recap and figured I just put this here the power lines I know are not a huge deal when it comes to details but you wouldn't have 4 wires on the cross arm. It would either be 2 for a delta system or 3 on the cross arm and 1 about 3/4 up the pole for a neutral. Just my 2 cents, also the wire running up the entirety of the pole (the down ground) wouldn't need to be on every pole or any pole really without equipment on it.
  8. V5 Map system

    My 2 cents but the new map system is much to cluttered, I think the old way was perfect. I loved the dots. this new way is impossible to see when you have more then one person close. It just looks like a mass of color shifting. I much perfer the old way of the map. I never had a problem with the old map at all. The Medic map is much worse then even any others class. That flashy icon is distracting in general. Thank you but I just hope we can go back to the old way if possible.
  9. V5 Medic UI

    Being one of the main medics in the redcoats I have to agree fully with Rossy, I do not like this flashy icon in the map, Its just to distracting, I feel the whole new map system is much much worse as a whole then the old way. But the medic way is the absolute worst of it. I really feel go back to the old way is much better off.
  10. The Clans will not be the death of squads game play as you noted, I can speak only speak as a redcoat in saying we welcome public players into our server to play with us. You are welcome to jump in any time and play with any of us. And I can almost guarantee that another clans are the same way. also Many clans are just easy going, they are groups because they are people that enjoy playing together, that is all.
  11. Great game boyz, I cant wait to do the next one
  12. Regarding the bans of players

    I cant justify this with a answer, but I had to post on it just because. :ph34r:
  13. Options screen information

    Thats a good idea duck
  14. Medic and Optics issue

    Lol At least give us some holy water to throw on the dead. :D