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  1. Please, please, PLEASE make mouse sensitivity for aiming down sights and mouse sensitivity for just looking around separate. Currently I can either set it higher to be able to turn better but aim for shit at range, or set it lower to be able to aim better but have to swipe my mouse all the way across my desk to turn around.
  2. We were defending Hilltop yesterday when I noticed there was an empty 30 mm BTR sitting just outside the walls. It continued to sit there, unoccupied, for 20+ minutes before we were attacked and a LAT destroyed it easily. Tired of seeing random squads grab APCs/IFVs and misuse them. I hate not being able to get on SL comms and ask an APC squad to support our advance. Need those dedicated squads...
  3. ak

    Actually that's incorrect, it's a common misconception that any form of optics are rare in the Russian Ground Forces. "There are 2-4 1P63 collimator sights per squad. It depends on commander how they would be distributed along the men (e. g. 1st and 2nd patoons consist most of the contract operators, means they’d get 4 sights per unit, rather then 3rd platoon with recruit men, who get 2 sights per unit). There are units fully complected with 4 sights per squad. Usually, there are 25-40 sights per company."–-beta-battle-report-russian-side/?page=14#comment-1564057 In Squad, I can see the SL and rifleman roles having access to 1P63 optics. Also incorrect. In Squad, the M4A1 does more damage, has longer range, and has a higher ROF than the AK-74M.
  4. Then why the hell did you create a new thread.
  5. +1 to remove it completely. At the very least lower the generation rate dramatically.
  6. LAV-25s are used by the Marine Corps, not the Army, so unless a Marine Corps faction is implemented you won't see them.
  7. Of course I can. It doesn't matter what you use them for, in the end they're just magnified optics.
  8. Because someone disagreed with you? I hate to break it to you, but the internet is a cold hard place. If you think you can say things without any negative feedback, you're in the wrong place. No, what you did was say that the transition animation between a primary and a sidearm is too long, that the devs' choice to leave true first person is unrealistic, and that the devs aren't interactive with the community. I did not twist your words, and I did make your point invalid. I would be very interested to see where I twisted your words given that I responded to direct quotes. If you have further arguments to bring up I would be happy to hear them. How does the time it takes to switch from a sidearm have anything to do with the time it takes to lie down? Even so, do you realize and quickly people can lie down? Maybe get out of your chair for a moment and hit the deck as fast as you can. Then imagine yourself doing that while people are shooting at you. And wow... this is a big claim here. I "can not say that SQUAD is in any way realistic"??? With all due respect WTF? Sorry, I didn't realize that the devs were only allowed to be interactive on their forums? Who cares?! You cannot say which suggestions they devs won't look into and even possibly implement because you have no idea.
  9. Wow, looks excellent! Well done Have you thought about eventually working on it and making it a full 4x4km in the future? Because wow would it be a hit!
  10. I disagree, because this is where asymmetry plays in. INS/MIL having a scout role is great, and the binos are well suited to it. RUS/US don't need a scout role and they certainly already have a lot of aspects (i.e. two riflemen per Squad with scopes) that make up for it.
  11. The duration of the animation to switch between your primary and your sidearm is something like 2.2 seconds exactly. Furthermore, when your character pulls the sidearm out he flicks the safety off, and when he holsters it he flicks the safety back on. If anything all of that in 2.2 seconds, in the heat of combat, is a bit fast. Except the "true first person" we have right now isn't too realistic. It attempts to portray through a computer screen a feeling that's only possible through the human eye, and in general is visually displeasing. For example, your weapon is too far from your face when in ADS; this is especially noticeable on weapons with small fore sights like AKs, where the fore sight is barely visible. And when running for example, how you don't see your arms or your weapon; in-game this means that your view looks like nothing more than a panning camera, where IRL you have a very acute sense of your own movement that can't be reflected in-game. Dude... are you joking The devs are hugely interactive with the community, just go to the Squad subreddit. I don't know another dev team that even gets close to the level of interaction with their community that the Squad devs have. They answer pretty much every gameplay-related topic and have discussions. What are you on about with "not interested to interact with the community" lol
  12. But I don't wanna wait for V9 anymore
  13. lol why do people always say "Have patience" as if the OPs never have any patience, he's just putting forth a suggestion and furthermore not requesting his suggestion be implemented at a specific time. Anyway, would certainly love to see this, especially if we had different wreck models/effects dependent on how the vehicle was destroyed (so tying into the vehicle localized damage system).
  14. Alpha is just a term. Does it play like an alpha? Of course not
  15. lol would love to hear your reasons for this, because it's doing just the opposite. Small arms penetration hype!!
  16. Look two posts above yours I was kinda hoping we would use shovels as melee instead of knives, though I guess that could be hard because LMB/RMB are already used for building. This is gonna be fun
  17. There will doubtless be other WW2 mods that spring up given that PS won't be a mod anymore... if you don't want to buy PS wait for those.
  18. Post Scriptum will be paid standalone. Escalation 1985 will be paid standalone. It's like Squad modding is being killed preemptively. Who knows what future mods will follow their path. Are there any total conversion mods to look forward to now? Because after the ESC85 and PS teams dropped those little "oh by the way" bomb shells it seems Squad doesn't have a World War II mod or any other total conversion mod in development right now? I haven't heard anything from Fallen Heroes in a long time and I haven't heard of any other such mods.
  19. Well I probably worded that poorly and I apologize for that, I was a bit disappointed when I saw that PS is going paid standalone, so I started to pay more attention to ESC85 and got hyped for that, but hey-ho turns out they'll be going paid standalone as well. First and foremost, I should clarify that I was directing this at total conversion mods. Not a map mod, a weapon mod, or some mod bringing a new feature. I am looking forward immensely to all of those. I was directing this at total conversion mods, and that fact that ESC85 and PS have potentially effectively started a chain reaction. Other mod teams developing total conversion mods could and will look at that and say "Hey, I want to get paid for this", which is not remotely unreasonable except when you're using Squad and the Squad community as a vehicle to build up a following and a lot of excitement, before suddenly dropping the "You'll have to pay for this" bomb. If ESC85 or PS had marketed themselves as standalones right off the bat this thread wouldn't exist.
  20. lol maybe focus on the important stuff first... plenty of time for destroyers and aircraft carriers much later EDIT: And why are the comments automatically strikethroughs...
  21. ... why not? Market Garden was a huge operation, it would be realistic and immersive to have such things sounding in the distance.
  22. I'm not going to tell you how to run your project (don't call it a mod if it's going to be a paid standalone, it's very misleading), and you're absolutely free of course to do whatever you like, but a) wouldn't this just be Squad with an OP JC reskin? How many people will pay €30 for that? and b) is this just a budding idea or have you worked on/finished any content yet? I'm sorry to see more "mods" follow Post Scriptum's lead with this paid standalone path... it's really killing Squad modding before Squad modding even becomes available. But in any case, best of luck.
  23. Well of course they will come, no news though. Probably not any for some time I mean we'll probably get IFVs and maybe even helicopters before tanks.
  24. I love this idea Personally, I'm a huge fan of the 80s-90s era in US warfare; Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, you name it. It seems like a fairly enormous task, however. My advice would be to work with the ESC85 team because they're basically doing everything you just listed in terms of common US vehicles/weapons, and even for the same era (just four years before Panama). They already have a lot done. If your plan is to go full Post Scriptum with this and make your mod an individual paid game (a €30 one at that), I don't know what to tell you though.