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  1. Separate aim and look mouse sensitivity

    Uh... no...
  2. It's still just PR modernized though But yes, I get what you're saying.
  3. Forgotten Weapons

    Says the OP. Why create redundancy then? Don't we have enough?
  4. couple of questions

    Jesus, you really want a sniper rifle No offense or anything, but this is the wrong game for that. However, rest assured - for better or for worse - I can 100% guarantee that there will be sniper mods. "More explanation" is not needed, snipers simply don't pertain to the gameplay style Squad tries to achieve, one of squads - note squads - communicating and using teamwork. If snipers were implemented, do you honestly think that reliable, talkative, teamwork-oriented, mic-equipped players would be the ones picking up that kit most of the time? No, it'd be people that like to sit on a hill and headshot from hundreds of meters away. If you play Project Reality, Squad's predecessor, you should know that 98% of the time mic-less lone wolves pick up the sniper kit at round start. Furthermore, asking a dev why they didn't follow through with a feature put out on their kickstarter really isn't cool (I honestly don't remember anything about a sniper on the kickstarter, but I'll take your word for it). Come on...
  5. Forgotten Weapons

    Optic-equipped 249s have already been confirmed. Search. Function.
  6. Implementation of mortars

    What did you say about my M1937 82 mm, comrade?
  7. Separate aim and look mouse sensitivity

    Absolutely! Currently for the sake of ranged engagements I have it set on the lower end of the spectrum, which means that to do a 180 I have to swipe my mouse practically across the whole desk
  8. Implementation of mortars

    They did
  9. Without comment , photos talk

    And yet you feel the need to reply.
  10. Funny Ragdoll Moments

    Always funny to see a body get launched 20 meters in the air And then, those majestic moments...
  11. please change militia colour uniform.

    Militia uniforms could certainly be a little more imaginative, in the near term perhaps colors could be made a bit lighter.
  12. Ladder climbing animation

    Eventually we're getting portable ladders for breachers, so I'm sure the climbing animation will get some love down the road.
  13. Faction concept: Nondescript Caucasian Army

    It's a neat concept, but I'm against this just because I personally prefer full-out realism; the Militia faction is about as generic as I'd like to see Squad get.
  14. Without comment , photos talk

    My, some disgusting replies to this thread. Making a Turkish language squad is racist? The OP is somehow an asshole for sharing an instance of either people ****ing around or people actually being racist? Think before you comment.
  15. How to join a multiplayer game.

    You have 666 posts, GG Nah but honestly, the above has confused the **** out of me since the beginning. I mean I've been able to join games that will say something like 72/72 (+4) - shouldn't they be full? - and sometimes I can't join servers that say like 64/68 (+2). Makes ZERO sense, annoys me to no end, and means that when I hop into Squad to play a few rounds I have to try a few servers until I get one that has space, I can't just look and know that a server has space.
  16. Graphics setting changes need to restart?

    Honestly changing foliage from low to medium to high to epic, I've never really noticed much of a difference. I think I have it set to low or medium to save me a few frames. Sorry I can't exactly answer your question.
  17. Merry christmas guy!

    Merry Christmas
  18. +1 to having your primary slung from the shoulder when selected on something else. I'm fine with having a dusty/burned -ish texture (I know the one you mean) like in Insurgency, just as long as the devs are fine with it.
  19. Nordic Front!

    Some inter-Scandinavian rivalry going on here lol...
  20. Ambient sounds?

    Some maps already have a few ambient sounds, like near villages on Kohat you'll hear the call to prayer (the actual call to prayer recording they have is meh IMO, but whatever), and on one map - might have been Logar - I've heard dogs barking a few times. But yes, fully agree that there could be a lot of ambient sounds added to the game, everything from rustling leaves to wind to birds, etc, etc, etc. Would definitely benefit immersion. I'm sure it's eventually planned, just not a priority right now.
  21. Trenches

    I like the idea of trenches for unconventional factions, but they'd be harder to implement than you think as they require terrain deformation. Something for the devs to think about in the future though!
  22. null_value

    Already planned. You want "experienced players" (not sure how the game would define that) to be able to solo vehicles? Not. Happening.