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  1. Will motorcycles require vehicle claiming?

    That's like a #1 Recipe for Cancer. I think even motorcycles should require vehicle claiming, as anything - anything - that doesn't will be grabbed by random players and used stupidly.
  2. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Better than Squad? You do realize that PS is basically just Squad with WW2 stuff, yeah? And imagine how crappy it would be if rifle caliber rounds were one hit kills in Squad like they will be in PS; the only role whose primary doesn't use rifle rounds is the Raider with his PPSh-41, meaning effectively every time you took a hit you'd be dead. IIRC they said in a Q&A video that SLs will be able to use radios among themselves, but everyone else is limited to local. I really hope this is the case. Who cares if some people will turn to TS, the vast majority of players in public servers are randoms.
  3. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Developer's interests change Especially at the behest of the community.
  4. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    1. Google "define complaint" then Google "define suggestion", and compare the differences. 2. By your logic we shouldn't even have a Feedback & Suggestions subforum... because you know, the devs are just here to make the vanilla game that brings people in; anything the community wants should be left to modding. 3. With all due respect, telling people to "quite there bitching" and "shut up and learn ue4 and the sdk" are probably two of the most senseless things you could post on this subforum. If all you have to give to this thread is to say that people should shut up and mod and not suggest things you disagree with, why even comment? If you have some actual dialogue to add to the discussion I'm all ears.
  5. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    The OP's suggestion was for Mech Inf (APC), IFV, and Tank. Logie and mortar squads were not part of it, and yes, those would be unnecessarily specialized and complicated for Squad. But when it comes to tanks? People will create squads called "TANK" and lock them anyway, why not make it that much more easy and fluid???
  6. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    My only advice to people with that attitude... play PR
  7. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Haha yeah... it would suck if it took two hits from a bolt-action rifle to take someone down
  8. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    I've thought about dedicated Mortar Squads a bit, and to be honest I think it's better to leave it to regular infantry; if there's a squad that'll want to use mortars it'll probably be the infantry squad that built the FOB anyway. Heavy assets squads absolutely, but at least IMO I think Mortar Squads would be getting just a bit too specialized.
  9. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Well I think it should really be at least two, so that there has to be a level of teamwork involved. Which by the way is the number it currently is, the amount of people required to have next to a vehicle to claim it got lowered from 3 to 2 in one of the last updates.
  10. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Again, I think you need to thoroughly read the posts at the end of the last page because I'm not sure you even have a proper understanding of what's being suggested. Let's not resort to insults.
  11. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    It does nothing to organize anything? I think you need to read some of the posts above this one...
  12. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    In Squad right now, the vehicle claim system does exactly what is was designed to do; stop any player from just grabbing a vehicle and driving off. While I agree that vehicle claiming wouldn't be necessary for heavy asset squads, I think it absolutely needs to be kept in place for Infantry Squads. The only reason randoms lone wolfing a vehicle is Squad right now is rare is because of the vehicle claim system, even if it can be annoying at times.
  13. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    You need to reread his post, because he didn't say PR itself has such a system. Now, if heavy assets and crewman kits were implemented tomorrow, consider what could happen: 1. Any squad with an open vehicle slot could claim a heavy asset. 2. With the above point in mind, any player in a squad that's claimed a heavy asset could request a crewman kit and operate said heavy asset. 3. Any player could join a squad that's dedicated to using heavy assets and lone wolf with a kit of their choice. All three of these points are prevented in the proposed system. Restricts strategic, tactical, and organizational structure? Those are some big words that really come down to nothing. I can't imagine what kind of "gameplay variety" you're looking for if you want any squad to be able to grab a heavy asset. There is nothing, nothing, to stop a player from using any kind of asset wastefully, or to stop a random player from joining a squad using assets and grabbing an asset. How would only dedicated squads being able to operate heavy assets versus any squad being able to operate heavy assets make the issue worse? Regardless of the fact that it's overwhelmingly more common in PR for CAS to rely on SLs rather than integrated recon elements to laze targets, if that's something that turns out to be truly worth implementing, it would be dead easy to allow CAS Squads a spotter role. Do you think it's better to have AT in an armor squad that's already more than capable of dealing with enemy armor, or to have AT in an infantry squad that isn't? Logies in Squad don't have repair stations like logies in PR, but regardless, I don't see why there'd be anything to stop for example a Tank Squad from requesting a logie. That's not an answer, give a few examples of strategies where someone who's not in a heavy asset squad should be able to use a heavy asset. You do realize that that's something people get banned for in PR, right?
  14. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    +1,000,000 I love the sound of Infantry Squads, Mechanized Infantry Squads (Infantry Squad w/ APCs), IFV Squads, MBT Squads, and Helicopter Squads. You did forget one vehicle type, that being AAVs like the ZSU-23-4; I would rename IFV Squads to AAV/IFV Squads, and make AAVs available to them. This would be sooo much easier for players and admins alike than the DIY rename squad system as in PR, and would ensure that certain vehicles and certain kits are limited to the correct squads.
  15. British Army DPM camo

    You said the US faction uses M72A6s, which is wrong. Furthermore your initial post doesn't make sense in the first place, as M72s have seen lots of use in the Army and Marines over the years and have nothing to do with British camouflage patterns.
  16. You actually don't? If it happened during the round sure, it'd be annoying, but it doesn't; the teamwide mic bullshit occurs during the 20-odd seconds of the round end screen, and it's often quite hilarious. Take off your headphones next time it happens if you don't like it.
  17. Loading Animation BTR

    Look, there's no point in making things complicated... just make it so that when the BTR gunner presses R, the turret automatically elevates to +60° and then stays locked for the duration of the reload (or if it's already elevated to at least +60°, it just locks). When the reload is complete the turret is unlocked, and the gunner can move it again. Don't know why you even mention automatic reloads considering all reloads in the game are manual, for small arms and vehicles.
  18. End of round mic spam is like comic relief after a round of Squad I love it. Also, not sure how one person clogging up comms at the end of a match - note end of a match - ruins it? Don't you think you're being a bit dramatic? If it annoys you that much I'd suggest removing your headphones or going to take a piss the moment the round ends
  19. Please up back blast damage!

    I agree, especially for the LAW whose backblast feels almost nonexistent.
  20. What happened to bending leaves/gras/flowers (foliage)?

    I already see the bending foliage in-game...
  21. Please Change the Medic M4A1

    No thanks, the Aimpoint is easily the best sight in the game, makes for quick target acquisition. However when we get CoreInventory and start to see limited customization, I imagine you'll be able to give your M4A1 ironsights.
  22. Give the AKS74U back to the Milita Medic!

    The AKS-74U does less damage than the AKS-74 and the latter has almost twice the range effectiveness. Not that poor performance should stop a weapon from being used, but the Militia LAT already usesit and there are other AKs to represent, so I'd rather Militia medic gets the AKS-74. Play Militia LAT if you want to us an AKS-74U https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/5ocam8/comprehensive_data_of_weapons_in_squad/
  23. British Army DPM camo

    Of course it's out of use in combat theaters, not to mention MTP has been issued since 2010. Giving the British faction DPM would be ridiculous honestly... and MTP, like Scorpion W2, is specifically not intended to be theater specific. Your basis for DPM being reissued is hypothetical and your opinion.