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  1. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    lol maybe focus on the important stuff first... plenty of time for destroyers and aircraft carriers much later EDIT: And why are the comments automatically strikethroughs...
  2. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    ... why not? Market Garden was a huge operation, it would be realistic and immersive to have such things sounding in the distance.
  3. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    I'm not going to tell you how to run your project (don't call it a mod if it's going to be a paid standalone, it's very misleading), and you're absolutely free of course to do whatever you like, but a) wouldn't this just be Squad with an OP JC reskin? How many people will pay €30 for that? and b) is this just a budding idea or have you worked on/finished any content yet? I'm sorry to see more "mods" follow Post Scriptum's lead with this paid standalone path... it's really killing Squad modding before Squad modding even becomes available. But in any case, best of luck.
  4. My hopes for the Tank-Gameplay

    Well of course they will come, no news though. Probably not any for some time I mean we'll probably get IFVs and maybe even helicopters before tanks.
  5. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    I love this idea Personally, I'm a huge fan of the 80s-90s era in US warfare; Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm, you name it. It seems like a fairly enormous task, however. My advice would be to work with the ESC85 team because they're basically doing everything you just listed in terms of common US vehicles/weapons, and even for the same era (just four years before Panama). They already have a lot done. If your plan is to go full Post Scriptum with this and make your mod an individual paid game (a €30 one at that), I don't know what to tell you though.
  6. Al Basrah Squad Remake

    Awesome job! Yeah I think the palm leaves are too bright... if you're able you really need proper date palm models, because those are coconut trees
  7. While I don't think snipers will be added, I can guarantee you that they will come to Squad anyway in the form of mods
  8. I've been here since 2015 as well, and it's been out there for a while that snipers are probably a no-no. Without snipers, spotters with spotter scopes are useless, and in any case I'm pretty sure Squad doesn't take windage into account in its ballistics.
  9. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    That pertains to your suggestion, which is not what he was talking about.
  10. What does this have to do with the thread... there probably won't be snipers anyway. To the OP, I'd love to see adjustments when it comes to range but nothing further than that; that's why we have simulators, which Squad is not even if it strives to be realistic.
  11. Free look & weapon rest position

    Well animation system will be in V10
  12. Free look & weapon rest position

    Holy shit that will be a thing?? God damn, V10 can't come soon enough
  13. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    While on principal I like this idea as well, for PS I'm just not sure it's worth the effort of implementing, considering it's way easier for the player to lie prone or find some small structure to deploy on, rather than coordinating with another player and then having that player taken out of action because he's supporting the MG.
  14. Weapon suggestion: PKM for insurgents

    Does nobody on this forum know how to use the search bar. There have been dozens of threads asking for PKMs.
  15. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    PS looks outstanding right now, but honestly I'm so excited to see how it changes when it's brought up to vanilla Squad standards in terms of animations etc, and especially to see PS after the animation update, and tracked vehicle support, and all that comes with it So much hype!!!!
  16. no squad leader menu in firing range

    Report bugs on the bug tracker.
  17. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    One of the few parts of PsiSyndicate's stream I enjoyed (that guy does not know how to play Squad lol) was when he was on a second or third floor in a town looking down at the street, hearing the clank clank clank then seeing a Panzer IV roll by below him. Tank sounds are hugely immersive, good to see that you guys seem to be doing them well
  18. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    You're talking about real life. Squad does not represent what would actually happen in real life. In real life, even if a round failed to penetrate your bulletproof vest, it could cause internal damage and would certainly knock the wind out of you. A bullet in the right place could pop an artery, and a .50 BMG to the leg wouldn't just destroy your femur, it would probably detach most of your leg from your body. Squad is a game and is not intended to represent such things, even in a gamey way, and for gameplay reasons it makes sense to allow players to survive one bullet (assuming they have bandages that would be able to stop the bleeding or aren't already wounded). Gameplay in general would be less enjoyable if one bullet from basically anything killed you. Furthermore, there's a ton that's yet to be added in this department; an overhauled medic system, localized wounds, hit reactions, dragging, etc. Be patient. At this point we are purely derailing, so unless you want to continue this somewhere else I'd ask that it stops here and the PS thread can go back to actual PS stuff.
  19. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    1. Tell me honestly, do you think it would be fun or balanced to play as the Insurgents when you could be one hit killed with rifle caliber rounds, while the factions you're fighting take at least two? 2. The M4 and AK-74 can already drop someone in two hits. 3. Hit reactions are planned... I'm not sure why you brought this up anyway considering hit reactions aren't different in PS. 4. An AKM round has a base damage of 71, while an M4 round has a base damage of 62. 5. .50s already drop enemies with one hit. Basically everything you're saying is kind of ridiculous... The Squad devs have also been hush about... oh wait, everything. Come on...
  20. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Would you like rifle caliber rounds to be one hit kills in Squad as they will be in PS, especially considering that basically everyone in Squad uses a fully automatic assault rifle? Do you know why PS is making rifle caliber rounds one hit kills, and why Squad does not? Are you familiar with the term "bullet proof vest"? I'm 1000% behind rifle caliber rounds being one hit kills in PS, I wouldn't have it any other way, but calling PS more realistic than Squad because of this is simply fallacious. And could you explain what you mean by PS having different flinch/hit reactions, because I'm unclear on that.
  21. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    A few suggestions for the team: Stielhandgranate were designed as concussion grenades; unlike other grenades like the British Mills, whose explosive was housed in a cast iron "pineapple" casing, the Stielhandgranate's explosive was housed in a thin sheet steel casing, the intent being to stun enemies by the sheer force of the blast rather than kill enemies with shrapnel. In keeping with historical accuracy, this could be represented in-game by giving the Stielhandgranate a fairly small damage radius and some kind of concussive effect, be it ear ringing, brief disorientation, whatever. Another aspect (and coincidentally one that helps balance the aforementioned suggestion) is the Stielhandgranate's stick handle, which provides better leverage to the thrower allowing it to be thrown further than contemporary grenades. Stielhandgranaten could be thrown 27-37 meters, where the Mills bomb could be thrown around 14 meters. Another suggestion is manual bolting, which I feel is pretty important in a World War II shooter. Lastly would be limiting anyone using an MG34 or MG42 to hipfire unless they're prone or deployed; I can understand not having that now as bipods have yet to be implemented, but when they are it'd be nice to see German machine gunners have to prone or deploy on a surface to be able to ADS and accurately engage. I don't think this should be the case with the Bren, which is just in general a smaller and somewhat lighter weapon that doesn't have the capacity or the high RPM of the German MGs. Going ADS with a Bren while not prone or deployed should incur a lot of sway, though. EDIT: Also, just thinking out of the box here, but the British smoke grenade - the No. 77 - is a white phosphorus grenade, so what about having it apply a small amount of damage to anyone touching the smoke from it? During the war, such grenades were often used in an anti-personnel role given that the white phosphorus used to create the smoke also burned skin and started fires fairly easily. No. 77 grenades in FH2 do this, it's a nice little effect. It's these kinds of little things that make games/mods stand out as being truly unique
  22. is the m9 gong to disappear?

    Giving the US faction the P320 makes about as much sense as giving the Russians the T-14 Armata.