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  1. Thank you, changing that value to 500 did the trick. It takes some times to load all of servers to appear on the browser, however, I'm happy I managed to fix this.
  2. Hello, I've have problem with in-game server browser. It barely shows any servers, sometimes I may see few, but usually none of them. Sometimes few server appear on the server list for like a second and it vanishes. It doesn't matter whether I switch so see full/empty servers. I'm having this problem as long as I remember (probably since appearance of private servers, (more than a year)) I rarely use in-game server browser. I use steam browser instead. In there I can see pretty much all the servers and can refresh them pretty quickly, however, Steam's queue doesn't work so It's impossible to join a queue of particular server. So I can play only server with free slots. I basically play not the servers that I wan't but servers that I can connect to.Does this problem occur only to me? Do you have any suggestions? I tried to search the forum with something similar, but couldn't find a topic with exact problem. Thank you for your help in Advance.
  3. test
  4. From Rhinocrunch's video in Youtube.
  5. I've got the key approximately 24 hours after I've upgraded to Squad Leader, but I realized It only three days after the purchase when I found my key in Promotion section .