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  1. I get what you are getting at, leading by example. But to put give this a fair reflection, you also need the leader who can sit back see the big picture and not be the first to die! So IMHO you need to find the balance between bossing people around and leading from the front. A difficult balance to strike, but an important one. If you are not telling people what to do or where to go, then they ain't in your squad and are a bunch of individuals, as a leader you need to provide clear direction to the troops.
  2. Topo Details

  3. RPG Function

    900 m or 950 m is subjective, the warhead has a timer fuze that self destructs the weapon, therefore 900 is approximate as is 950 depending upon the trajectory of the warhead, whether or not it's into a head wind or uphill shot. Generally accepted as 900 m, but more accurately described in time (ms).
  4. RPG Function

    I know as was said by Guacamole that this is a TTP (Tactic, Technique and Procedure) the Taliban used. Once you get hit by shrapnel, I'd say it's slightly more than annoying. But you are entitled to your opinion.
  5. RPG Function

    For info the warhead model in game is the OG-7V fragmentation warhead. Which as the name suggests is anti vehicle or anti personnel
  6. RPG Function

    Not necessarily, you miss the fact that most anti tank weapons have a dual function in that the casing acts as anti personnel. The standard RPG fires shrapnel sideways even if the shaped charge is the AT component. I do agree that mortars are the perfect weapon for this, but it's a feature of a RL weapon system.
  7. RPG Function

    Unless the shrapnel hits you! But I'd have to agree fast moving bits of hot metal really are scary, like bullets are scary.
  8. RPG Function

    The RPG as a weapon has several functions that have been discussed so far, such as the safe arm mechanism so you cannot accidently kill yourself. That said one function missing so far is the self destruct mechanism, whereby the warhead detonates at 900m (time based). The Taliban used this to good effect by lobbing the warhead at allied forces. The warhead then follows an arc and detonates mid flight showering the target with shrapnel, there are some good youtube vids of this being done.
  9. When you are in an injured state, your priority shgould be to stop the bleeding. It is quite frustrating, bleeding out, whilst folding away an AT weapon. Can you please look into the possibility for this weapon, that you can enter directly into the bandaging function, rather than the serveral seconds spent folding away a LAW or RPG which seems to be priority number one when bleeding to death. This can lead to death if you already have low health. Priority should be drop the weapon, stop the bleeding and pick it back up. Thank you for a fantastic game.