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  1. @Arduras oh partical effects are r.EmitterSpawnRateScale= r.ParticleMinTimeBetweenTicks= r.ParticleLightQuality= look in basescalability and defaultscalability ini files
  2. @Arduras not exactly sure but try r.DetailMode=1 or 2
  3. i would report if i found out* this threads about max fps without cheating, active admins have the best position to find the cheaters, my advice would be to somehow let them know when its happening
  4. @scubbo that would be an exploit and i would report it, lowest possible view distance/grass settings are hardcoded.
  5. @SandSukka r.Streaming.MipBias=0 is max but -1 should technically be max i think i notice sometimes my bandage or smoke nade doesn't show high texture i guess its just the streaming texture code, try r.TextureStreaming=False if you have a good rig and let me know, not sure what this will do in squad v8 though @Skul and changing those values worked as intended? thats very interesting and yeah trading kills happens way too frequently since they've added this code, all this needs to be flushed out and forced properly because you can't just let some people have a faster update rate.. NetServerMaxTickRate=50 so maybe set all those to 50 instead of 64 or MaxInternetClientRate=60000 so use 60 for all those values (just throwing out ideas)
  6. always found it interesting that car racing games usually have better foliage and landscape map textures than most fps games its all a WIP though
  7. i really don't know what you are trying to tell me @Saitama Rules on another note, the PPAA's should have a sharpening filter in-game option
  8. i just set it in game, either way you can't turn off t+smaa anymore, i've tested multiple times and yeah i know i just type it fast usually @Skul
  9. ok looking into everything now, they set lowest to 2 in 8.1 seeing +25 fps my lowest compared to default in game lowest offline Sumari_aas_v1 thanks for help @LeSavior as i'm just looking into my config right now also SMAA is still a TXAA/SMAA mix, i can't find a way to just use SMAA anymore
  10. @Skul i tried adding it in manually and it didn't work, i'll try again and yeah all i would do is r.SMAATemporal=False and SMAA would be only SMAA like it is in any other game that uses SMAA. @Saitama Rules Ultra playable is highest quality settings (imo) and lowest viewobject/foliage settings. i'll look into changing the name maybe
  11. I used to use plain SMAA but they removed r.SMAATemporal=(so i could set False) and i can't find how to disable the TXAA+SMAA that they used that is mis labeled by saying its SMAA. On another note yes TAA or TXAA mixed with SMAA isn't too bad but a bit tough on the eye's at a distance, but i'm using it right now because on my monitor i can adjust sharpness and really fine tune it a little more. So i would first look at your monitor set up, get a good gaming monitor i would recommend benq. I've also read that SweetFX has settings for just SMAA and sharpness so you can look into that but this might take some fps away from lower end gamers and not be worth it not sure. This alpha game is just still working on its graphics options and they just can't be simplified in in-game options that's why making your own config like in original post is still the best option.
  12. take out r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod=1 this is just so its rendering my screen res 100% 1920x1080 only idk why i have it in my config i guess i was just testing stuff because you can change your render res in game i'll remove it from my config so nobody gets confused
  13. yeah 0, i'm guessing R41N is playing and thats good
  14. this might help