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  1. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    bump no reply or fix good job on v13, slowly but surely we'll be wheels up
  2. Muzzle flash

    this game needs a huge dose of atmosphere that the unreal engine is capable of without losing lots of fps but they will prob just add more r.fog=1
  3. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    got a response email that reads: "Please make sure it is still set on your steam profile and we will look at pulling a new list in the future." First off you guys said type the In-Game Credits Name in the forums on your profile before the deadline, it was, you guys can confirmed that by seeing when my profile was updated. Also you might even find when i was removed from the file its still a possibility. Maybe some of you guys can see why i was interested in this when my buddy told me i wasn't in the credits when i said i backed the game and he should buy it and play with me and he did.
  4. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    yeah i think my name got turned into "Smoot" instead of SmoothsChannel maybe not sure though aight i'll send another email hopefully it doesn't melt the inbox
  5. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    i sent them an email 6 months ago about this, no reply guess the next step is giving up
  6. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    Yes of course and a forum admin/mod should even be able to see when it was updated, i don't know how many years its been since but i was definitely removed, if anyone has old credits.bin i would be in there, i'm sure someone could find the file before and after i was removed if that stuff is logged somewhere.
  7. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    In-Game Credits Name: SmoothsChannel https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995232842/
  8. Haven't been able to get anyone to help so i'm trying the forums. The issue is i was removed like few months back told to me by a friend and would like to be put back in since i'm a backer for life.
  9. October 2018 Recap

    "Suppression will affect the way you take incoming fire now. When being shot at, incoming rounds will interrupt your aiming by increasing the amount of sway you experience. The more rounds fired at you, the more suppression you will experience. Larger caliber rounds will generate more of a suppression effect on you. You will not experience suppression if the fire is coming in from less than 10m away. Friendly forces will not be able to suppress you." Oh no not the suppression aim punch that's in post scriptum? That is the worst game mechanic i've ever seen in a game. The only time this ever made sense in gaming is when CSGO made aim punch a thing and it still was a pretty bad game mechanic at the time but makes sense when a bullet hits your vest you obviously move, but this.... style i'm guessing from post scriptum is a dumb idea and makes no sense but I've yet to test it so obviously i don't know exactly how dumb it will be. So the counter argument here is people think when you get shot at in real life that you move your body around uncontrollably even if the bullets miss you. My response to that is yes you would also probably shit yourself start crying or praying but not a trained rifleman or even a more advanced trained person but even then if that person is caught off guard without ear protection on they would probably flinch but then muscle memory would take over and they would start clearing and thinking/moving tactically to take down the enemy. So really think about the idea of having someone shoot at you in a game and miss... and you can't quickly react because you lost your aiming skills. tldr; Suppression aim punch is a bad mechanic. Aim punch from a bullet hitting you and moving you (non-vital) would be the only way to make it a valid mechanic if you still had the ability to counter aim so that the shooter/gamer wouldn't feel useless. The best way to do this would be realistic damage simulation and physical movement to counter if your arm or leg got grazed/shot or your gun got shot in half (this would also be possible). This we wont see in games for awhile because it would take a lot of work just saying.
  10. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    convoy threw the mountains anyone? lookin good @CodeRedFox
  11. Reshade ban

    Now OWI make a vibrancy slider a real sharpening slider and good SMAA, FXAA, TXAA settings with low/med/high/ultra for all of them PPAA's.. ^i don't see this happening ever Maybe EAC can scan the shader.fx and kick the guy using the "cheating" ones?
  12. Optics ballance

    eye relief* but you can point shoot with both eye's open... except point shooting in squad has insane recoil. again i'm on the opposite side of this argument shooting whether point shooting or not needs to be less recoil not realistic but tweaked a little more recoil than realistic so its a little harder to learn and creates skill gap
  13. Optics ballance

    @kerry that's not called jitter, you are talking about a sight or a reflex causing the operator to not be focused perfectly zero while moving, yeah obviously but you can still be pretty good shot with it, and if you guys are saying this game is easy to shoot, scoot with acog out when you are forced to walk anyway while shooting i just fully disagree with your assessment there, i'm on the opposite side. I think the recoil is too much, i'd rather have stove pipes/failures/overheating barrels less ammo or something than laying prone or not and not being able to shoot a m4 ect. auto (controlled bursts) stable than having to roll play as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich shooting a gun imo
  14. Optics ballance

    "irl jitter" what the f did you just write, anyway the acogs had lots of bugs with the looks and effects with the reticle ect. balance eh there is always too much of that in games, they made the acog single and 3 round burst now which is terrible considering we can't even use the top of the scope as a reflex yet. When i say balance is already too much just watch a riflemen shoot an m4 and even with the 3 round burst (personally don't like 3 round burst at all) but the recoil is very manageable and if you are getting IRL jitter shooting a gun you need to work out more or take a break from holding the gun up. It would be nice if the guns and recoil were properly animated and then since everyone loves balance we could make it kick or even sway ect. more so skill is learned since this is a game and its meant to be fun and skill to be learned. In v9 the recoil is too much and who knows what the cpu bullet particles are thinking when you shoot full auto controlled bursts, in v10 there was still too much recoil and then the player would start to shoot uncontrollably to the upper left and felt weird and too uncontrollable. Can't wait to see what offworld has been doing with v10.1