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  1. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    i don't know anything about the progress on this, but would like to know
  2. always found it interesting that car racing games usually have better foliage and landscape map textures than most fps games its all a WIP though
  3. Help :)

    take out r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod=1 this is just so its rendering my screen res 100% 1920x1080 only idk why i have it in my config i guess i was just testing stuff because you can change your render res in game i'll remove it from my config so nobody gets confused
  4. Stupidly low fps

    this might help
  5. Cant set process priority to "high" anymore

    process hacker has a save priority function, you can try that for now
  6. Anonymous liking

    you can call me a jedi-like ok i'm done...
  7. Stuttering/INSANE CPU Usage

    97 processes WOW do a hold windows key then press R and type msconfig Turn off everything you aren't using in the startup tab, also check the services tab and check the box hide all Microsoft services, disable all the services you aren't using when gaming remember if you are using a wifi adapter it will have a service in there so try not to turn it off. You sir are using too much of your random access memory as far as i can tell
  8. Mouse sensitivity config & AA / Scaling

    costed me around 2-3fps, worth it though
  9. graphics

    https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/unreal-engine-4-12-released some of these things, fxaa isn't that bad its just not adjusted right try r.PostProcessAAQuality=1 right now they have low and high in which low is r.PostProcessAAQuality=2 but should be 1 otherwise wait for the SMAA or TXAA/TAA will really fix the aliasing but cost fps so you need a good GPU and try upping the resolution scale if you can
  10. Upgrading my PC

    Overclocking is easy i'll give you simple guidelines Find your CPU's max Voltage online. Don't go over it and try to stay under it. Use hwmonitor to monitor temperatures, find safe operating temps for your CPU. Research a safe overclock for your CPU. After you apply your overclock and restart pc open up hwmonitor and keep a look at the temps, run PRIME95 for 30-45 or so minutes. If you haven't got errors in prime and the temps are good looks like you have successfully overclocked. If you try this and your PC blows up well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ jk just make sure you double check the voltages.
  11. Mouse sensitivity config & AA / Scaling

    I can't believe i didn't notice that..... @Pvt.Chill try my ultra+ config settings in there to, might help you see a little better with r.MaxAnisotropy=16 r.Streaming.Boost=2 (1 is default, i think this goes up to 4)
  12. Mouse sensitivity config & AA / Scaling

    np my little 960SC 4gb vram has a mere 128bit bus so it doesn't like more texture samples, it's like nope but i'm fine with 100% until i upgrade down the road
  13. New Gorodok and Chora Lighting

    chora night looks pretty good sick of seeing a year 1999 resolution skybox in a 2016 alpha game
  14. Mouse sensitivity config & AA / Scaling

    http://www.geforce.com/hardware/technology/dsr/technology ^ resolution scale things, you will lose fps because of GPU memory bandwidth but the cards with higher bandwidth usually don't have a problem with DSR or lower type stuff and enough vram to keep in GPU's memory of course this might help with the config stuff