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  1. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    convoy threw the mountains anyone? lookin good @CodeRedFox
  2. Reshade ban

    Now OWI make a vibrancy slider a real sharpening slider and good SMAA, FXAA, TXAA settings with low/med/high/ultra for all of them PPAA's.. ^i don't see this happening ever Maybe EAC can scan the shader.fx and kick the guy using the "cheating" ones?
  3. Optics ballance

    eye relief* but you can point shoot with both eye's open... except point shooting in squad has insane recoil. again i'm on the opposite side of this argument shooting whether point shooting or not needs to be less recoil not realistic but tweaked a little more recoil than realistic so its a little harder to learn and creates skill gap
  4. Optics ballance

    @kerry that's not called jitter, you are talking about a sight or a reflex causing the operator to not be focused perfectly zero while moving, yeah obviously but you can still be pretty good shot with it, and if you guys are saying this game is easy to shoot, scoot with acog out when you are forced to walk anyway while shooting i just fully disagree with your assessment there, i'm on the opposite side. I think the recoil is too much, i'd rather have stove pipes/failures/overheating barrels less ammo or something than laying prone or not and not being able to shoot a m4 ect. auto (controlled bursts) stable than having to roll play as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich shooting a gun imo
  5. Optics ballance

    "irl jitter" what the f did you just write, anyway the acogs had lots of bugs with the looks and effects with the reticle ect. balance eh there is always too much of that in games, they made the acog single and 3 round burst now which is terrible considering we can't even use the top of the scope as a reflex yet. When i say balance is already too much just watch a riflemen shoot an m4 and even with the 3 round burst (personally don't like 3 round burst at all) but the recoil is very manageable and if you are getting IRL jitter shooting a gun you need to work out more or take a break from holding the gun up. It would be nice if the guns and recoil were properly animated and then since everyone loves balance we could make it kick or even sway ect. more so skill is learned since this is a game and its meant to be fun and skill to be learned. In v9 the recoil is too much and who knows what the cpu bullet particles are thinking when you shoot full auto controlled bursts, in v10 there was still too much recoil and then the player would start to shoot uncontrollably to the upper left and felt weird and too uncontrollable. Can't wait to see what offworld has been doing with v10.1
  6. Alpha 10 Public Test

    gib pls
  7. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    this is Feedback & Suggestions section not hey let me criticize this guys thoughts section, its ok if you do but this is not the section for what you are implying me to do the people who know me know i love squad and want it to be the tits
  8. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    randomly worded... full auto recoil needs to be better (less recoil) please no 3 round burst single and full auto only walk function makes no sense still, it should be slow walk when pressed like half the speed of normal walk and half the sound of footsteps chromatic aberration on mestia map in like a cone effect in players perspective you notice it on trees needs to be off chromatic aberration effect when taking damage/suppressed needs to be lower r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0.5 is fine any more and its overdone alt/free look should be same sensitivity depth blur on gun is too pixelated and needs an off setting sunshafts have laser beam rays and good rays but the laser ones kill the effect quality maps need more atmosphere wind sounds and rain effects on fools road and others, dust/partical effects on others, the sky is frozen maps feel dead, ground textures on kohat and others need more realism and shades of colors it looks like one giant turd where the shades of green in the lush hills and snow on mountain peaks vehicles need more sounds brake squeaks ect. and volume adjustments i'll edit this if i remember more feedback edits below: (my post was moved here this post was more of a all around feedback of squad not just v10 test i have a shit ton of hours) anyways forgot to add this feedback: All conventional forces should have side arms
  9. Korengal Valley 4km [WIP]

    i don't know anything about the progress on this, but would like to know
  10. always found it interesting that car racing games usually have better foliage and landscape map textures than most fps games its all a WIP though
  11. Help :)

    take out r.SceneRenderTargetResizeMethod=1 this is just so its rendering my screen res 100% 1920x1080 only idk why i have it in my config i guess i was just testing stuff because you can change your render res in game i'll remove it from my config so nobody gets confused
  12. Stupidly low fps

    this might help
  13. Cant set process priority to "high" anymore

    process hacker has a save priority function, you can try that for now