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  1. nice have you tested with 0? because i see 0 also give more stable and higher fps @IrOnTaXi
  2. I loaded up /Game/Maps/Chora/Chora_AAS_v1 explained in the first post how i do it and see a clear fps gain, i'm pretty sure this map loads up vehicles before joining a team so its a good test map and the before joining screen is identical every time you load it up. I guess you can test on the range map if you t.MaxFPS=300 or more since max is 240fps and if you hit that obv. you can't see fps difference, i dont test on the range. r.EarlyZPass=0 seems to do the same gain to but maybe they both are just removing the z pre pass (or whatever) and 2 isn't, there is deff a change though.
  3. Tested like 5 times on Chora_AAS_v1 offline map and r.EarlyZPass=1 vs r.EarlyZPass=2 (default) gave + 13 fps increase and r.EarlyZPass=3 pretty much did the same thing as 1. So i'll be adding r.EarlyZPass=1 in the post
  4. interesting article @Skul too bad for the broken links in it i've always wondered why r.EarlyZPass=2 is what squad uses but i see r.EarlyZPass=1 in other games and the default i've read was r.EarlyZPass=3 (definition: depth only pass to initialize Z culling for the base pass) I'm guessing 3 or 1 is the best way to run this, its in DefaultEngine a couple times i'm going to test 1 and 3 again as for launch commands i'll look threw some but only one i see working is the switch to dx10 (-sm4)
  5. its fine, 9 times out of 10 when i close my game i get some kind of error idk what causes that
  6. @rapunzel Thats part of the game engine and is normal, only way they could fix it is culling the enemies which should give more fps to. It would have to be some kind of dynamic culling because this game renders all things in the world besides obviously the walls at a distance/some tree's(i think)/bushes/ect. this will have to be tweaked in some areas like CAS video sights ect. and you can already see in scopes the engine will re-render foliage ect. at a increased distanced tied to the increased FOV. Something devs need to look into, for instance ARMA games cull or remove the enemy/ai/players from a set distance according to values like preferredObjectViewDistance and sceneComplexity.
  7. @Arduras oh partical effects are r.EmitterSpawnRateScale= r.ParticleMinTimeBetweenTicks= r.ParticleLightQuality= look in basescalability and defaultscalability ini files
  8. @Arduras not exactly sure but try r.DetailMode=1 or 2
  9. i would report if i found out* this threads about max fps without cheating, active admins have the best position to find the cheaters, my advice would be to somehow let them know when its happening
  10. @scubbo that would be an exploit and i would report it, lowest possible view distance/grass settings are hardcoded.
  11. @SandSukka r.Streaming.MipBias=0 is max but -1 should technically be max i think i notice sometimes my bandage or smoke nade doesn't show high texture i guess its just the streaming texture code, try r.TextureStreaming=False if you have a good rig and let me know, not sure what this will do in squad v8 though @Skul and changing those values worked as intended? thats very interesting and yeah trading kills happens way too frequently since they've added this code, all this needs to be flushed out and forced properly because you can't just let some people have a faster update rate.. NetServerMaxTickRate=50 so maybe set all those to 50 instead of 64 or MaxInternetClientRate=60000 so use 60 for all those values (just throwing out ideas)
  12. always found it interesting that car racing games usually have better foliage and landscape map textures than most fps games its all a WIP though
  13. i really don't know what you are trying to tell me @Saitama Rules on another note, the PPAA's should have a sharpening filter in-game option
  14. i just set it in game, either way you can't turn off t+smaa anymore, i've tested multiple times and yeah i know i just type it fast usually @Skul