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  1. I feel that's so situational, usually I'll talk to the other squad leader to see what they're thinking (if they can take the defensive back, enemy fob?) I'm always prepared to fall back(and hastily do more often than not), but will double check with the other squads before I give up our forward position.
  2. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    "Mag tap" .... after a few hours of heavy use, you almost need to give em a little smack shit gets dirty quick, especially running around in a gunfight. No one wants their mag to fallout I feel like the twist used to check the bolt is a little excessive. When i peek at my bolt before/after reloads its a very short motion, these earlier videos make it seem very drawn out to me for whatever reason. Now, not that its a big deal at all, better to make sure the chamber is clear than jam er up lol Edit: I dont mean to be negative, the game/animations already look great guys, keep up the good work! also, LOL @ charging handle in the KF2 reload video. like, why? maybe 9mm conversion kit has something to do with it? Maybe they just gave no fucks because, ya know, video game.
  3. Why do we always have to sprint into contact.

    I am very guilty of this, I always find myself leading the charge, usually outpacing my squad. I've been trying to get better, often by waiting for my squad instead of trying to get them to "catch up". No ones perfect! lol
  4. RallyPoint ► SquadCast Ep1

    Just sarcasm! I didnt click the link to watch gameplay, i clicked it to hear your voice! ;) I'd like to see "main event" speakers with a twitch-like comment/chat going on from previous/active community members, moderators and even devs!
  5. RallyPoint ► SquadCast Ep1

    God, Iron talks alot lol It was cool to listen to some of the OG's in this game. Guys who have been here since before my time, and whom ive seen active both on the forums and inside my Pre-Early-Access gameplay experiences. I like to compare my thoughts/opinions to others, especially when its members of the community whom i know and/or respect. (respect... thats a rare one for most people on the internet) Edit: I should divulge that i only listened to the first bits about Steam release and hackers! had to go play after only 15 minutes of watching. Will return for more
  6. For me, it really depends what the situation. sometimes i sympathize with them, other times i let half of them go "get in the fight" until i beckon for them
  7. IMO i think the USMC faction would be too familiar and similar to the US Army faction. I would rather see Chinese/North Korea or even Germany/South Africa. Certainly not anything like we already have. I would love some VDV/spetsnaz with some more hi speed weaponry alongside the Russian regulars eventually, much like id love to see some Marine Raiders/SF type units with different weapons, but only after i have bad guys from every corner of the globe to kill first. PS. US Army vet, so please dont roast me on the many obvious differences between the Marines and US Army, my point is i want to see more global sides to this "war" before i see different branches from the same country
  8. This. At the beginning of the round i try to convince the other SL's to send all of their men to what will be the "middle" or first contested flags. Leaving 1-3 people max behind to cap the rear flags while the bulk of the TEAMS manpower moves to the engagement area. Sometimes the other SL's are on board and we manage to get 80% of our team into the first fight, taking early map control... other times, the SL's takes ALL his men to the first flag to build a super fob taking his 9 fighters out of the battle completely, screwing the rest of the TEAM lol
  9. DDoS attack prevention on servers?

    Easy to identify, Hard to mitigate find a hosting company that offers solid Ddos mitigation & protection.
  10. Army Men: Sarge's Heroes..

    So many hours sunk into this as a kid! certainly will have to buy.
  11. Starting a clan?

  12. I think its horrible that is looks that way, even if i come across that way sometimes. PR community vets are who made this community what is was before closed alpha guys like me came along.(i think there should be distinction between guys who "played" PR like myself, and people who were actually productive members of the community) I know i have tried to remain patient while vigilant. However, i still "lose my cool" every now and then. Although i have gotten MUCH better at remaining positive other the 2nd week of EA. TBH im surprised Mr Positive Socrates is finally starting to lash out :P
  13. This game can be very frustrating when the other squads are holed up in a super fob on an inactive flag. Trying to tell them ingame the error of their ways is near impossible because they have no reason to listen to your advise. Founder tags would help with this. The manual is helpful for new players of squad, whether they played PR or not. being a PR vet does not make you a Squad vet
  14. One Week On

    I think it has gone much smoother than i expected Ive seen alot more teamwork than i expected I also think that the fob placement and excessive building will also mellow out soon enough I expected more people to catch onto the purple shield/yellow triangle, instead of defending an old flag for 15 minutes or rushing an enemy uncap. if i had to walk away from the first week of EA with a quote it would be "play the objective" however i do believe that more time will also cure this.