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  1. Thowing knives

    So if they aren't still standing you don't need throwing knives. But if they are still standing then you need to change your tactics ahah
  2. I have noticed so many duplicate posts and so many different people suggesting the same thing but on different post. My point is not to rant on any one. I know I have myselft duplicated a post accidently. Part of it I think is because there is no sorting of posts, so the Topic Titles are more superficial. So I wan't to suggestion a simple idea to organize all posts. By having different folders named after the main topic, so regardless of what a person wants to suggestion on his post about a given topic they all go in the same folder. For example a greatly debated topic is the Medic. If we could have all these post in 1 folder named Medic. Then we could have a more in depth title to each post. Making it much more pleasant for the devs to look up for posts and even decide if they are interested in the post or not, by reading the title. We must take into account they are very busy developing the game itself, lol, moreover it will make it easier for us also. If many agrees with this idea maybe we can ask the devs to create folders e.g. in these order; Squad Forums > Game > Suggestions > Medic So I would like to know y'all opinions. Tnx
  3. E-tool melee..

    Reasons why I think a secundary use (striking) to the shovel should be implemented. For example it would be useful in these following situation: If the buddy who was watching your back, while you was building, got killed by a rush. If you somehow happend to run out of all bullets. Yes these are very rare situations but nonetheless, it is possible. Probably you would still get killed but taking one enemy with you is the goal here. Another thing to point out is that adding this secundary use to the shovel has no bad repercussions. It wouldn't bring any type of imbalance to game and it's not a big work for the devs. I say go for it.
  4. Thowing knives

    If the whole squad runs out of bullets for not only rifles but pistols, then you are doing it wrong.
  5. E-tool melee..

    Not bad idea. What about kits like Grenadier and Auto rifleman.. Or maybe only optional for Riflemen?
  6. Interactive Kit-Model System

    Picking up patches from dead enemies besides sharing them between any team member. And for common mags sharing from any alive or dead team members. Would be a good middle ground. Running out of ammo is part of the game and it gives an exciting experience of vulnerability. Besides if the whole squad keeps running out of ammo your doing someting wrong lol
  7. AR with spare STANAGS

    Getting the most of a role/kit is sometimes not ideally in games such PR and Squad, you need to rely on your squad for everything especially covering fire and direct fire. Kind of why you get a 20 bullet mag for DMR instead of 30 like Riflemen. Besides you can alway have 2 automatic rifleman and cover each other that way. I think it's a No go.
  8. Interactive Kit-Model System

    I think being able to share patches and common mag when alive with squad memebers. And when dead also including grenades, is all what's needed. Because honestly anything else would implement some farming for items in game. Squad members would inevitable distant theirself from the squad looking for items. This would really mess the game up. Thus that's a no go.
  9. Heavy Grenadier kit

    Actually I am inclining to think that any of these weapons don't fit this game. Kit nor emplacement. The thing with Squad is that grenade is already over powered. So there Must be a line between automatic fire of bullets and semi automatic fire of grenades. Any automatic system of grenade launcher would cross this line and throw the game in a totally different direction. Not really unbalanced because both teams would have it. But the game Squad is in an awesome direction already so changing this is a no go. Only solution I personally see to this matter is a faster reload time for the m203.
  10. Heavy Grenadier kit

    Yes I like the idea. But NOT as a kit, rather it should be just another Fire Support Asset (emplacement) much like a Heavy Machine Gun. The correct name for these weapons are Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL), most fire 40mm grenade. They are belt-fed and deployd on Tripods. Go for it!
  11. What if Squad Leaders could organize their squad into different Fire Teams with a simple drag&drop feature. Giving the SL the option to create 2 or 3 Fire Teams might result in an easily organized and unified squad. Because it is much easier and efficient to give an order to Fire Team Alpha and Fire Team Bravo, instead of naming all the member one by one throughout the game. Additionally with the option to modify the Fire Teams in game by drag&drop or completely emove the Fire teams. What do ya'll think?
  12. Ranking by votes

    Ranks might spoil games. You will find a group of people playing just to rank up and others even looking for ways to cheat or hack their way up to higher ranks. That is the reason I never liked ranking in the first place. But moreover it's useful to be able to know some kind of score of the players so you can decide if you want to play with them or not. But maybe the least risky method is just the Amount of hours played and Specific banned record if any. I honestly think this is the path dev's will take.
  13. Ranking by votes

    As the title suggests. Ranking by means of votes. At the end of a round squad members will get a simple quiz regarding their SL. SL Leadership: bad-average-good-excellent SL Mission success: bad-average-good-excellent SL Decision making: bad-average-good-excellent And on the same token SL will get a short quiz on the performance of each individual squad member e.g. (enter name) 'Rifleman' Role fulfillment: bad-average-good-excellent (enter name) 'Rifleman' Compliance: bad-average-good-excellent Average score will dictate how fast the player gets ranked up. Keeping the ranks at a minimum will also help avoid ranking competition which might spoil the game's sphere. Here is a real life adaptation of military ranking that could be used. For SL/TL: Officer Cadet - Second Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - Captain For SL: Officer Cadet - Second Lieutenant - First Lieutenant For Squad members: Private - Private First Class - Specialist
  14. Preset Squads for Specialized roles

    Actually this is what sets Squad or PR appart from other streamline games, being able to create your own game. Much like a real warfare nothing is preset. Using 'preset squad roles' means your success is dependent by a predetermined role. This will make the game predictable also cutting on creativity. First thing that will happen is people trying to invent more 'preset squad roles' merely because it starts getting boring. Being able to plan and excute your own missions or complete deviate from it, while not knowing what to expect, is what will keep bringing players back to the game.