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  1. February 2016 Recap

    For all the "They reload this way... NO they reload this way.." -- There's ALWAYS a TRADOC/Standard method to something in which they train the masses with but the reality is simple. 99% of the time you do what works for you. Unless you are in a training scenario with a DS/DI breathing down your neck telling you to do it a certain way.. you adapt and utilize the method that's most effective for you. Prime example in the videos below-- These are two members of the 45th Guards Spetsnaz (SF) Regiment side by side -- in the first few seconds of the clip you'll see TWO simultaneous reloads from the prone; (@ 0:55 https://youtu.be/R_wZWsrDy3c?t=52 Guy 1 rolls his AK slightly to the LEFT and comes over the TOP of the rifle to charge it... Guy 2 rolls his AK slightly to the RIGHT and comes UNDERNEATH of the rifle to charge it... Spetsnaz etc or someone with a little more leniency in their manual of arms such as SF Instructor Dima Grizdak of Center-T training; Rolls the AK to the RIGHT and comes UNDERNEATH of the rifle to charge it. (@ 1:06 https://youtu.be/MjV-R591Osg?t=65 Classic Russian TRADOC or Basic AK Manual of Arms for the basic Infantryman as shown by Russian Military Firearms Instructor; Rolls the AK to the RIGHT but then he comes over the TOP of the rifle to charge it. (@ 4:44 https://youtu.be/QtoW7RQnHzY?t=282 Different strokes for different folks but my close personal friend with many years "down range" in combat with Spetsnaz trained me specifically on the AK to utilize my RIGHT hand to charge the rifle majority of the time but in certain situations he had me going over the TOP charging the rifle with my LEFT hand. (Think speed/tactical reloads) Otherwise basic reloading and charging occurred with the right hand.
  2. February 2016 Recap

    Sorry only had time to briefly scan the article, love the G3-- But is it being implemented this update or work in progress, apologies if that's been asked/clarified already
  3. "Can I have a rally?"

    It's less about "I need an immediate spawn point" and more just about keeping the flow of battle alive. If you just placed a Rally then yeah they're shit out of luck but more times than not I see SL's waiting til the last spawn on a rally to place one when if you've got the Rally available and you have 5 guys down waiting for a re-spawn and you're pushing an objective or holding one, it's far more tactically savvy to get that Rally down ASAP rather than waiting or finding the "perfect" spot. Especially when that 400 meter run from the fob means minutes until you're applying pressure on said objective. Again..it's all relative to the situation at hand but nothing worse than an SL who wants to play rambo more than worry about supporting his Squad. That said... I'm an aggressive SL and will get in the mix with my guys but you always gotta step back and keep an eye on the map and the situation at hand.. I'm constantly asking my squad "how many spawns left on that rally?" Just my two cents. Your mileage may vary.
  4. Wife lost sister

    Terribly sorry for your families loss. Condolences and prayers at this time brother.
  5. SVD and further Marksman/Sniper rifles one shots.

    I have to laugh at all of the "snipers are the antithesis to the spirit of this game" -- Yes it allows for "lone wolfing" but if he's working in cohesion with the squad and communicating it adds a whole new dynamic to the game and it's risk reward for a squad -- Your squad gonna assault that hill top position? Put your marksman on a high point with good angles on your objective and between him and your support class they can't just sit there and turkey peek your assault to death or stand in a window/bunker and feel invincible. They added scoped weapons and now you see people staying lower, longer. An accurate enemy or even team marksman can make or break a fight-- Exactly why it's such a highly demanded role in the real world. One well placed round can change everything.. At the same time it often takes a body out of the assault. Not everyone with a scoped weapon benefits the squad by having one.. again luck of the draw on who gets the weapon and it sucks if they aren't working in cohesion with your squad however again.. that's advantage to the other team and its their job to exploit that weakness. I find this game having a lot more dynamic ebb and flow since scopes were added ESPECIALLY as an American because I used to be able to prone on a hilltop across the river and fire upon enemy fighters with impunity where as now..I'm taking accurate and lethal return fire from equal distances. YES the 1p78 needs fixed and is OP right now but I would even support a bolt action addition M24 or SV98 -- higher kill probability but also makes you solely a sniper not an assaulter... My two cents.
  6. Disconnected by EAC FIX

    Damn.. sorry to hear that. Suggestion above said it was also possibly sweetfx however I never utilized that so couldn't attest. Maybe consider that as a possibility. But it's worked for half a dozen or so people I am aware of thus far in my community. Hope you get it squared away sorry my suggestion couldnt help man.
  7. Disconnected by EAC FIX

    Hey folks-- so myself and a number of friends were getting disconnected from servers following the update with the following error: Disconnected by EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) The solution is as follows: Go to your steamapps/common/squad/EasyAntiCheat folder there is an Easy Anti Cheat Installer-- Simply Run the installer (Much like you had to manually install Punkbuster for other games) Restart steam and it should be good to go. Haven't received that disconnect error since. Happy hunting! UPDATE: Thanks to all who have been posting and contributing. I personally was able to resolve the EAC issue with this method however I still experienced excruciatingly long Load times in game often causing to miss an open slot in the server and even more frustrating was the inevitable crash to main menu during map change-- Having said that.. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the ground up both my squad and my EAC. NO difference. Still crashed-- THEN I decided hey why not put the game on my SSD I had a few gigs to spare so what's there to lose? Result? Perfection! Fasted load times I've experienced yet, flawless performance in game and map changes were swift and no issues what-soever. Was able to join a few different servers with 71 out of 72 people in them with no problem which before was impossible. Another friend did the exact same thing with the same results. Again, your mileage may vary.. but we've both been essentially unable to play and enjoy the game since the update came out and after we did this it became a whole new game again. Give it a look-- *NOTE* I also reinstalled EAC after doing the steps in the video.
  8. Myself and a few other individuals are getting error: Disconnected by EAC we can join a server for a few minutes then it closes with that error
  9. "Squad League" goes live

    Right on! Loving the ideas floating around- Best of luck DrBigMoney as the more success y'all have with this, I think the better off we are as a community. -- Looking forward to mixing it up in some clan v clan games :-) See y'all on the battlefield!
  10. Future of Cheat Protection

    Option 2 please
  11. What jacket is it?

    Gorka is a solid piece of kit for anybody to own. If you like camo, rock the camo. But Like M81 said it's a solid jacket and you can get it in a few different shades/patterns. Worth the investment in my opinion.
  12. Only 1 Insurgency server in V2.1 right now?

    LOL now the only one insurgency server has switched to AAS so guess we're both wrong :-p oh well it's all good. Would suggest a few 24/7 insurgency servers-- just throwin that out there. Thanks again devs for the quick hot fix.
  13. Not sure if servers are set on rotation for game modes etc. But currently only seeing 1 (one) server running insurgency -- Any chances we can get a few more up? If i'm mistaken on the process of things ignore/delete this thread. Just wanted to double check. Thanks again.
  14. Cooking frags

    SOP mandates when you pull the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend-- You're trained not to try any "Hollywood" BS and to throw it right away. In war... however, situations change and dictate these things. You'll still find more times than not we pull the pin and toss it. Too much can go wrong in those few seconds not to mention the possibility of a short fuse, fumbling the grenade etc. BUT-- I am aware of circumstances where a a cooked nade was necessary and utilized.