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  1. Linux/SteamOS?

    I tried running wine with 64bit with experimental Direct3D support, but wine Direct3D port does not support the "Threaded mode", (what ever it was ...I dont remember)... and I tried to run the Squad in -opengl launch parameter but the game engine is not "cooked" or "compiled" with opengl support enabled, so that is no go. So waiting for a Native client :ph34r:
  2. Linux/SteamOS?

    I'v been waiting for any kind of news from linux related development, and all I can find is 6 months ago of one M4 related bug fix :wacko: When can we have the game we kickstarted for ? :angry:
  3. Squad For Linux

    Do you mean The Liquorix kernel? http://liquorix.net/#features Yeah it is neat :3
  4. Linux/SteamOS?

    Could you give a hint of the status of maybe-upcoming Linux / OSX test-build ? Does it build? Does it start? Mean time between Crash To Desktop? seconds vs minutes? Number of things not working out of the box? Only minor issues?Since UE4Editor provides a button to build for Linux, it should be easy to provide a hint where we are at :rolleyes: Will there be a test-build for Linux / OSX on launch? -- would totally understand if it was a "assumed broken" -tagged. But nevertheless it would be a gesture.
  5. Linux Users Report in here!

    I currently use only Linux operating system. I just wonder if I am totally alone with this, or is there any other Linux users out there? :rolleyes:
  6. Remake

    I am terrified to see all most boring maps having most votes