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  1. Goodbye Medic Spotters (No Bino's!?!)

    There is no need to hurry as a medic, the bleedtimer gives you the time to smoke/secure the area! Let your teammates, if they are still alive keep some suppressing fire going and pop a smoke, then get to work
  2. big update = retarded players

    This has been the case with all the updates, players find their way back and not all of them are looking for teamplay! ;-) Give this a few days for people to adapt or find servers that are moderated
  3. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    I think that´s a good thing, then you know when you have downed and enemy there will be a bit caotic on the other side! I play medic most of the time, and I kind of like the chaos that erupts when someone gets downed... I think that fading the icons from 100m or so would be a nice thing. Then you have control over the nearby area, that good. I don´t see the use for all medics to see downed teammates on the other side of the map?
  4. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Good job! Really nice to get some info from "behind the scenes"! :)
  5. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Compound rakt av är väl inhängnad... men det blir ju fel, bebyggelse? Men det är inte helt lätt i detta sammanhanget :) Man får helt klart tänka om lite när man ska prata svenska, men jag föredrar nog svenska före engelska iallafall. Så ser fram emot fler kvällar mer svenskarna där ute på fältet :)
  6. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Spelade en sväng igår med Pr0duc3nt, 6|10 och Gimpfarfar. Kom kanske in någon till, men jäklar vad roligt det var! Dock fylldes det på med engelsktalande (eller iallafall folk som inte pratade svenska) så vi fick övergå till engelska. Men ser fram emot att få till en hel svensk squad lite då och då! Var helt okey med folk igår också som faktiskt kunde spela spelet, det kommer ju vara lite trail and error nu med så mycket nytt folk som ska lära sig, men vi får helt enkelt föregåt med gott exempel! :) Verkar vara många som har ambitionen att göra bra ifrån sig, så man får försöka få fram dem och peppa dem :)
  7. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Ikväll kommer alla in och kan spela, hade varit riktigt roligt om vi kunde skramla ihop tillräckligt många svenskar för att köra en hel squad nån kväll!
  8. Hoah!!!

    Welcome! The game is more than playable and every update is like a brand new game... Atleast I feel that way! There is a long way until it´s finished, but everyone is enjoying it as we go!
  9. Thowing knives

    Why don´t implement a bow as in Crysis or COD while we are at it...? :ph34r: Please... please... a sidearm is fine for me, if there is gonna be anykind of knife-thing, make it possible to hit someone with the buttstock or the weapon?
  10. Hey everyone

  11. We do have some people who can´t behave, but they won´t be here for long or they will adapt! I would say that the way the game is played is a big factor... in all other games (almost) you can lonewolf and it´s all about K/D and stats. Here it´s about teamwork, teamwork, teamwork :)
  12. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Välkommen, hoppas du skall trivas! :)
  13. K1ckstand - Checking In

    Welcome! :)
  14. 3 things - Blood, Death & Dust

    3. Dust & particles I think that there is alot of dust and particles flying around when you hit the wall... or when you are standing at a wall and taking fire. But sure there could be more dust on the ground! Otherwise good points!
  15. Version 2 First Impression

    Any screens on the aimpoint for the M249 out there...? :)