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  1. Solid Game of Squad.

  2. When I become SL, my skill increases by like a factor of 20.

    I get you! Probably because you know what's happening whereas if you join half way you aren't on the same page as everyone else.
  3. Solid Game of Squad.

    Just had an awesome game. Other Squad leaders were awesome. Comms were awesome. The team I was in was awesome. Solid. I'll let the rest of the numbers speak for themselves: See our scores here. Other images: Cheers to you all who played. Loved it! Best one yet, by far.
  4. NO Perks on Steam

    Legend! Thank you, sir!
  5. "Registration Info" removal?

    Ignore me, i've since checked the FAQs....
  6. "Registration Info" removal?

    G'day all, On my profile it has "registration info", in my case, "SquirrelTV Streaming the game" - can this be removed? It isn't really relevant to my profile, other players or infact the game. Only really, i'd have thought, between me and devs/analysts of the game who look at insights? Thank you, Dorset_
  7. NO Perks on Steam

    Thanks for this. Glad to see I do have them. How do these features appear in game? Are weapon skins automatically used? Is the Founder Patch on our skins? Regards
  8. Glossary for new players.

    Ah I see ;) Not to worry -- it makes it more prominent! :)
  9. Glossary for new players.

    Haha, I can add NATO Standard if you want? (White w/ two sugar) ;)
  10. Fire Control Orders.

    Your point is valid however a well drilled Squad would do this instinctivley. I suppose GRIT etc are more for Squads who always play together rather than randoms with randoms. But yes, tracers, use them! :)
  11. Glossary for new players.

    Precisely - somewhat better worded than mine. I made another post on "GRIT" (Fire Control Orders) for that initial feed of info to the SL / Rest of Squad. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9481-fire-control-orders/
  12. Glossary for new players.

    One probably wouldn't label friendlies as 'contact', rather, 'friendlies' or 'locals' for civvies.
  13. Glossary for new players.

    Updated and further added.
  14. Fire Control Orders.

    LMAO! Yeah, be careful. In terms of enemy hearing you, that's interesting, I was told otherwise. But I guess for us it's good! Cheers for letting me know that one! :)
  15. Glossary for new players.

    Ok cool! I checked the version in your signature (1.0); do you mean that one?