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  1. -USASOC- Tactical Mil-Sim

    If your looking for a small unit and working on getting bigger we would love to talk to you. i have a few members that already bought the game but cant access it till Dec. I am in game in the next few hours (I hope). chat me up or send me a message and ill get back to you ASAP. for any questions please pm me and we will get everything sorted out ASAP. Please keep in mind that we are a new group and only have a limited logistic support. If you are willing to be a essential part of our team every position on the team is available. WE are the United States Army Special Operation Command, USASOC. Requirements for joining: -16 years of age or older - working mic and teamspeak 3 (USASOC-Arma3.enjinvoice.com) Warning trolls will be banned without questions. - Fluent in English (both being able to understand and speak) Commanding Officer of the United States Army Special Operations Command -USASOC- CPT M. Coxit -USASOC- AKA: Toxic_Acid
  2. Sprint while crouched!

    So would all the mil-sim REAL Arma players and in arma 3 the 6 different stances was helpful too
  3. USASOC Looking for member and new to Squad!!!!!!!!

    ts and web site is back up. come and check us out. we are still recruiting..
  4. M4 Vs AK74 recoil Build 2003

    the ak47 and 74 is a 7.62 mm fires round
  5. USASOC Looking for member and new to Squad!!!!!!!!

    We are still looking for member to join us. we have 1 medic and 1 squad lead position filled at the moment we are trying to get at least 2 squad filled for matches under the USASSOC clan tag please if u are looking into squading up with people give us a go. Our web site should be back up this week or next. usasoc-arma3.enjin.com is our web site please contact us if u have an interest or any questions. CPT M.Coxit -USASOC-
  6. Squad only For 64bit version

    I have a friend who bought the game and cant run it cause its only available to 64bit OS's. If this is a fluke please let me know. if there is a fix also please let me know. we are trying to fix this issue so please let me know any suggestions.
  7. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Other with an island map and water and helis and ship where we can fight and capture different ships, island bases, and Ports. we would be fighting against say Somali Pirates.
  8. Full Medic round! - won by 3 tickets

    i know bro im trying to be patient and look forward to running games and making videos TOO. USASOC style LOL
  9. hybrid sites

    i would hope to see hybrid sites available like the EOtech G33, and the DMIS ( Diagonal Mounted Iron Site), and more hybrids sites are out there but just a thought.

    they would give a sense of emmersion as well as movement in the distance, so people dont just shoot anything that moves cause that would be a waste of ammo.
  11. Full Medic round! - won by 3 tickets

    great video excited to get in but still waiting
  12. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    in my opinion the empty mag should drop and hit the ground just me tho
  13. Animation Update - M4 mag change

    yes its standard to make sure the magazine is seated properly in the magazine well
  14. Anyone Still Recruiting

    We are at USASOC
  15. Terrorist Vs American Calls

    Army = Hooah USMC = HOORA USAF = Hooray